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“It had sustenance”, “ ahhh…true love”, “surprising twist”, “very funny”, “had a great time,” and believe it or not…… “a believable story” as the guy who said that told me, “I know a couple of the characters portrayed in the play personally” These were some of the comments I heard around me and my group made as we disembarked from our trip to Margaritaville! Escape to Margaritaville is a romantic comedy in which tiki hut singer and Island pickup artist, Tully, (Dale Obermark) has a new fling with each weekly influx of ferrying tourists. He’s upfront about his wildcatting. Vacation fantasy is his reality, but life gets more complicated when he meets Rachel (Caitlin LesterSams)……… we can’t give it all away yet........... From Island to Bay, News on the Level Volume 7 Issue 20 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 Right... All Along “They’ll come into U.S. waters, they’ll fish, they’ll grab as much snapper as they can and they’ll go head back south before we can detect ’em. The average catch they’ll have on board is 1,000 to 3,000 pounds of snapper,” commanding officer of Coast Guard Station South Padre Island, Lieutenant Commander Dan Ippolito told reporters last year. The station plays a critical role in preventing threatened fish species from being poached by unregulated foreign fishing vessels along the U.S./Mexico maritime boundary line. Traditional Family Or Fatherless Nation? First. a little background about the song Margaritaville. Jimmy Buffett was in Austin, Texas, on his way to the airport, when the idea for the song snuck into his head. Cont. pg 12 You are built almost entirely out of carbon and water. So is all the food you eat. Likewise for all the energy you use moving about and staying alive. Where does Carbon come from? Carbon dioxide! In short, the carbon dioxide in the air is the global food supply. This is why all life on Earth is said to be “carbon based”. There is a lot of noise about too much Carbon dioxide, our air is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% of all the rest of gasses and “stuff”… look at/read that again ! The climate alarmists play a tricky word game here. They call carbon dioxide “pollution” and wind and solar power “clean.” Our food supply is not pollution. Nor is emitting carbon dioxide (which we all do when we exhale) unclean. This is just false advertising. Watching a child grow is watching processed carbon dioxide be reprocessed. Here is how it works. Plants collect carbon dioxide from the air then use sunlight and water to create the stuff they consume to build their bodies and to live on. They also use tiny amounts of vitamins and minerals, just as we do. Fertilizer is like vitamins, not like food. So almost all of what they use is carbon dioxide and water. Animals eat the plants for food, basically reprocessing the carbon dioxide and water. Then we eat both plants and animals. There is a saying that you cannot live on air but in fact that is just what we do. All of our food begins as airborne (or waterborne) carbon dioxide. Cont. pg 10 Farming the Air....................... What? U.S. Pressures Mexico to Curb Illegal Fishing of Gulf Waters The Great Escape: Margaritaville Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com In 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II, there were 2,515,427 babies born in this country. Of those babies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 95,700 -- or 3.8% -- were born to unmarried mothers. The traditional family led by a mother and father was a foundational fact of American culture. In 1945, the percentage of babies born to unmarried mothers rose to 4.3%. But, by 1946, the first full year after the war, it dropped back down to 3.8%. The traditional family survived. Then in the 1950s, the percentage of American babies born to unmarried mothers began to slowly tick upward, hitting 5.2% by the end of that decade. By 1969, as this column has noted in reviewing these numbers before, 10% of American babies were born to unmarried mothers. In 2008, it surpassed 40%. In 10 of the last 13 years on record (2008 through 2020), it has surpassed 40% -- and in the three years that it did not surpass 40%, it never dropped below 39.6%. In fact, in the 13 years from 2008 through 2020, there were 51,138,204 babies born in this country, according to the Cont. pg 12 Cont. pg. 5 The U.S. Coast Guard crew located and stopped four Mexican fishermen engaged in illegal fishing near the Texas coast, seized 200 pounds of red snapper and their gear, then transferred the fishermen to border enforcement agents for processing.

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 A timeless tip but a good one: Always bring reusable bags to the grocery store. According to EarthShare, if you grocery shop once a week, in five years' time, you'll have prevented anywhere from 250 to 1,000 grocery bags from getting into the landfills. But why only bring reusable bags to the grocery store? Use them at the hardware store, when you shop for clothes or at any store where you can opt out of using a bag. And if you forget, ask if the store can put your items in a cardboard box -- there are usually lots in the back -- and put it in the recycling bin as soon as you get home. It's a well-known fact that houseplants are some of the best things to keep inside your home to purify the air. But having houseplants in every room of the house can be a little too much. Here's the good news: According to NASA, indoor plants absorb pollutants through their leaves and roots and make fresh air from it. In just 24 hours, they can remove 87 percent of the toxins in a room. So by moving houseplants room-toroom day by day, you can help purify the air throughout the whole house. Be sure they are placed in a sunny spot so they can thrive as you move them. For many of us, our computer is a necessary part of doing business. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if every computer in the United States were switched to an Energy Star-approved model, we'd recoup about $1 billion in annual energy savings in just one year (and reduce greenhouse gas emission by 15 billion pounds). When shopping for new computer equipment, look for the Energy Star logo on desktops, laptops and small-scale servers to find the most energy-efficient models. Learn more at energystar.gov. EnergyStar Despite higher gas prices, it's always a good idea to maximize the fuel efficiency of your car whenever possible. One easy tip to improve your average miles per gallon is to take a look at your car's owner's manual. Find out what grade of motor oil is recommended; by using the recommended grade, you can improve your efficiency by 1 to 2 percent. Sometimes the recommended grade is actually the cheaper one! And always have your oil changed at a professional service station; all used motor oil is collected and recycled at a refinery. Recomended Grade Collecting rainwater on your own property is illegal in many states. In reality, yes, in about a dozen states, it is against the law. But you have to read the laws carefully to understand that it doesn't apply to smallscale collection at home. The laws simply require water rights permits when it comes to using public water supplies (like waterways), or when it becomes water collection that's done on a massive scale. But if you have a rainwater collection system that simply collects water for your own property use, not only is it perfectly fine, you may be eligible for tax credits for installing such a system. Legal in Florida Many of us are avoiding petroleum jelly-based products when it comes to skin care for everything from lip balms to body creams. We've nearly become experts when it comes to reading ingredients labels to avoid it. But some brands that use petroleum jelly -- a byproduct of the oil industry -- can get around listing petroleum jelly by calling it something else. When reading ingredient labels, be sure to also look for words like "paraffin," "petrolatum" or "mineral oil," which is basically the same thing as petroleum jelly. Danny Seo A Rose is a Rose Fluorescent tube lights are commonplace in commercial spaces, but also in laundry rooms and garages at home. While they do contain much less mercury than traditional CFL bulbs, they still have small amounts. Plus, as anyone who has replaced a tube light has probably witnessed, they are very easy to break. The good news is that LED technology has caught up with tube lighting. There are companies that are now creating LED tube lights that fit in the same fixtures, but have no mercury and last as much as 20 times longer. Search online to find suppliers. LED Tube Lights Moving Plants Reusable

There are only three laws that authorize any exceptions to the ban on electronic eavesdropping by the government. Congress has explicitly stated that these three laws are the exclusive means by which domestic electronic surveillance can be carried out (18 USC, Section 2511(2)(f)). They are: Title III and ECPA. Title III and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act make up the statutes that govern criminal wiretaps in the United States. FISA. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is the law that governs eavesdropping on agents of “foreign powers” within the United States, including suspected foreign terrorists. According to Executive Order 12333 and the Attorney General Guidelines as well as the Patriot Act and all other laws pertaining to wiretapping US Citizens, the CIA is permitted to obtain a FISA warrant that targets a foreign entity ONLY and is prohibited from wiretapping any US citizen in the US and may only obtain FISA warrants on a US citizen under extreme conditions and each must be approved by the Attorney General. The CIA may ask the FBI to obtain a warrant on a US citizen but the same guidelines apply. The safeguards against a FISA warrant on a US citizen, like Carter Page, are extreme …higher than a Title 3 Probable Cause according to the law and not just my opinion! If a US citizen is overheard on a FISA wire, their name must be erased and masked. The emergency conditions that must be present, in my opinion, should be an immediate threat to life or liberty, to the US or an ally, or some other extreme danger to our country. I hardly believe wiretapping Carter Page, who Comey, Brennan or Clapper “believed” presented an immediate threat to the US by getting dirt on Hillary Clinton, would satisfy the degree of probable cause required. In fact, the VERY REASON those severe protections are in place, the very reason that Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and Obama cannot be allowed to get away with it, is what the end result turned out to be…corrupt, high-ranking government officials trying to direct a Presidential election and/or remove the President through the use of the Agencies sworn to protect America!! I’m certain it’s difficult for the public to understand how serious these criminal acts, committed by these government officials, are because, as a citizen, we are not subject to the extreme precautions that Congress set to protect our civil rights against unlawful search and seizure. I doubt very seriously that many “lawmakers” ever applied for a Title 3, Wiretap warrant either. Some members of Congress were USAs who would have been involved in the supervision approval side but not in the “tough” part unless they were Federal Agents. They probably have hearsay knowledge from us complaining about the process, the work, and what we risked to obtain a Title 3 warrant. It is “almost” not worth the risks, the work, the manpower to do it. It is the MOST invasive form of surveillance that law enforcement does, period. But it is necessary when lives are at stake; when major crimes are being committed; when the crime warrants the risks; and all else fails! Then and only then did we ask for Wiretap authority! That’s why we have the safeguards to prevent people like Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey from weaponizing our Intel and law enforcement Agencies. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey weaponized the FBI, CIA, and NSA against the Trump candidacy and after failing, moved their sights about 10 clicks to the left and took direct aim at destroying this duly elected President. That folks is the definition of Racketeering…RICO-Treason, Conspiracy, Obstruction, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, all rolled into one violation! There wasn’t sufficient Probable Cause presented to the FISA court to authorize a plain Title 3, let alone a FISA warrant…and it was not even on the subject that the law is exclusively dedicated to nail, foreign Agents. This warrant was directed at the very person the FISA law is intended to protect from being monitored, a US citizen! I said from the beginning that the crime that will be the undoing of this crime family will not be Hillary’s private emails and all the crimes that go with it. It won’t be Benghazi, nor will it be the IRS Scandal or Fast and Furious, or Obama’s identity Fraud. It will be the Fraudulent Carter Page FISA warrants and I stand by it. The whole lot of them from Sally Yates to the 3 stooges (Comey, Clapper, and Brennan) to Hillary to Lynch and Obama — all had a part in the FISA Fraud; the fraudulent Counter Intel Case; the phony Collusion case; and much more. If all of them are not charged and given a chance to turn on each other, which they will do, there is no Justice! PS…I wrote this 3 years ago! therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 The Right Side When Power Runs Amuck

The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 Cont. from pg 1 FL. Asks for Veto on Bill That Prevents Suing Health-Care Over COVID Mexican fishing vessels now are prohibited from landing in U.S. Gulf of Mexico ports in a U.S. government effort to pressure the Mexican government to take action against illegal Mexican fishing of prized red snapper in U.S. Gulf waters. “Effective February 7, 2022, [Mexican fishing vessels] are prohibited from entering U.S. ports, and will be denied port access and services,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared. NOAA criticized the Mexican government for its, “Continued failure to combat unauthorized fishing activities by small hulled vessels in U.S. waters.” Small Mexican fishing vessels, called lanchas, are sneaking into U.S. waters to fish the productive red snapper and shark fishing grounds off the coast of southern Texas, depleting the valuable and fragile fish stocks. Red snapper are a species of reef fish renowned for their flavor, and shark fins sell for a premium in Asian markets. These species have faced threats from overfishing for a long time because they’re desirable and easy to catch. Only in December 2017 were vulnerable red snapper reclassified from “overfished” to “rebuilding.” Many of these small lanchas are using longlines to catch more fish. Longlining is an efficient commercial fishing method in which a single long fishing line, often many miles in length, is attached to a plastic or styrofoam float with hundreds or even thousands of hooks mounted on the line at intervals. This method of fishing is often criticized for the ecological harm it causes. Longlines catch fish indiscriminately, leading to high rates of bycatch, catching animals besides the desired target species. Unauthorized bottom longlines used by lanchas to catch red snapper result in the entanglement or hooking of endangered sea turtles like loggerheads and leatherbacks. The vertical lines can entangle or lacerate marine mammals. The unselective nature of longlining yields high rates of bycatch of sharks, reef fish, and other marine animals. Due to these dangers, longlines are banned in most U.S. waters and require a limited access permit along the Gulf Coast. Most permits issued for catching red snapper are for less damaging line and reel fishing . There are only 130 active bottom longline vessels currently permitted in the Gulf of Mexico. Susan Murray, deputy vice president of Oceana, a U.S. nonprofit organization working to protect and restore the global ocean, emphasized the downsides of longlining, saying, “Pelagic longlines have been banned off the West Coast for 40 years for good reason. This wasteful, indiscriminate gear catches and kills endangered and threatened species. When pelagic longlines were last tested off California, the outcome was disastrous – more than 75 percent of what was caught was thrown overboard as waste." The U.S. Coast Guard has found that some lanchas even use wall-like gill nets and long trotlines with many hooks, prohibited fishing techniques in the area due to their high rates of bycatch of sharks, endangered turtles, and other marine life. Mexico Takes Action Against Illegal Fishing The fishermen responsible for fishing illegally are rarely caught due to their lanchas’ low profiles and fast outboard engines capable of outrunning many Coast Guard vessels. Even when caught and detained, these fishermen face no consequences beyond having their boats and gear confiscated. Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, UNCLOS, ensures that all foreign fishermen detained are not prosecuted by the coastal country. When they arrive back in Mexico, they face no consequences and according to U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Commander Ippolito, many even buy a new boat and return to U.S. fishing grounds. But that is changing. The U.S. border with Mexico is located where the Rio Grande meets the Gulf of Mexico – with Brownsville in Texas on the U.S. side and Matamoros in Mexico’s northernmost Gulf state, Tamaulipas. In Tamaulipas, Mexican authorities have begun taking action to combat illegal fishing of U.S. Gulf waters. CONAPESCA, Mexico’s fishery management agency, has begun conducting coastal surveillance, instituting vehicular checkpoints, and speaking directly with fishermen and a fishing cooperative in the area to prevent further incursions. These actions are primarily taking place near Playa Bagdad, Bagdad Beach, where many of the fishermen who fish U.S. waters illegally are based. The popular beach is located across the Rio Grande just two miles (three km) from Lt. Commander Ippolito on South Padre Island. “This is all a first phase implemented to definitively resolve this problem,” explains Mexico’s National Commission for Aquaculture and Fisheries, CONAPESCA. The Government of Mexico has strengthened the “inter-institutional tasks of awareness, ordering, inspection and surveillance in the area” through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and through CONAPESCA, and in coordination with the Secretaries of the Navy, Foreign Affairs and Economy, as well as the National Guard and the National Institute of Migration. Mexican authorities have carried out air and sea tours along the border coastline, as well as land tours and vehicular checkpoints in the area of Playa Bagdad. Mexico must act quickly to regain the favor of its most important seafood trade partner – the United States. ENS U.S. Pressures Mexico to Curb Illegal Fishing of Gulf Waters At least 35 organizations have called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto a bill that would prevent patients and families from suing health-care providers over COVID19-related injuries, deaths and lack of treatment. The bill, SB 7014, “COVID19-related Claims Against Health Care Providers,” was presented to the governor Feb. 17. He has until Thursday to veto, sign, or ignore it. By ignoring it, according to the state constitution, the bill would become law, effective immediately. “We know you share with us the core values of protecting life, individual liberty and the freedom of medical choice,” R. Shawn McBride, with the American Freedom Information Institute, who signed the letter, said. “Yet what has happened – on countless occasions – and will continue to happen in Florida if this law is adopted, is that Floridians are being denied treatment, checked into hospitals and cut-off from their loved ones and medical decision makers. At that point the patient loses control and the hospital uses the protocols they decide in many cases not even following the patient's care decisions.” Submitted for consideration by Judiciary on Nov. 22 last year, the bill “extends the duration of liability protections from COVID-19-related claims against health care providers.” According to the bill analysis, the legislature “determined that special civil liability protections against COVID19-related claims were essential for the survival of individuals, businesses, health care providers, and other organizations. In an effort to protect those entities that contributed to the overall wellbeing of the state,” the legislature passed the bill. It passed by a vote of 87-31 in the House and 22-13 in the Senate. The bill would provide liability protection to health-care providers that follow “governmentissued health standards” that “include the CDC's Covid-19 guidelines, which many say aren't working. Some medical professionals have stated that these CDC protocols have led to unnecessary medicines, ventilation and deaths.” If the bill goes into law in its current form, health-care providers “could simply follow the CDC's guidelines against their patient's wishes and re-main free from liability,” they argue. Joining McBride were groups including Freedom Flyers Political Action, Medical Freedom Coalition, Florida Citizens Alliance, among others. They collectively represent hundreds of thousands of members and participants. When asked about the letter, DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw told The Center Square, “The governor’s office has received the letter and is aware of the concerns raised by patient advocates. We will most likely have an update to share with you later this week. Governor DeSantis is working to ensure that patients’ rights are protected in Florida and that healthcare providers are free to use their best judgment to treat patients.” At a Feb. 2 press conference, DeSantis said the legislature would be working on a package to protect health-care rights for patients. In response to a question from a reporter with The Alachua Chronicle, DeSantis said, “COVID cannot be used as an excuse to deny patients’ basic rights. … So we’re going to have some type of Patient’s Bill of Rights… and also, in nursing homes, too.” When asked if he supported “right-to-try” laws, he answered, “Yes–honestly, that should be the law anyway. … I believe in the principle of right-to-try… and our Surgeon General said this too: It’s totally inappropriate to crack down on a physician for practicing medicine." Bethany Blankley The Center Squar

U.S. Senators Introduce TRUCKERS Act to Exempt Vaccine Mandates The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Florida’s former governor and current U.S. senator, Rick Scott, and eight other Republican senators introduced a bill to exempt all non-U.S. citizen commercial truck drivers from vaccination requirements as a condition to transport goods into the U.S. It was filed one month after the Department of Homeland Security’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all foreign travelers entering the U.S. became effective Jan. 22. Canada also began requiring proof of vaccination for all essential travelers, including truck drivers crossing the Canadian-U.S. border, on Jan. 15. “Starting on January 22, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security will require that nonU.S. individuals entering the United States via land ports of entry or ferry terminals along our Northern and Southern borders be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be prepared to show related proof of vaccination,” DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas said when announcing the mandate. “These dated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy.” Before the cross-border vaccine mandates were put in place last month, essential workers, including truck drivers, have been able to transport supplies to the U.S. freely crossing the border during nearly two years of the pandemic. Putting the mandate in place now, amid a supply chain crisis, doesn’t make any sense, critics argue. Todd Spencer, president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said the senators introducing the bill was “an important effort to reverse an arbitrary mandate that has slowed the movement of freight across our borders and made the already difficult job of trucking even more challenging. Truckers are essential workers and federal policies should reflect the critical role they play in our daily lives.” The Terminating Reckless and Unnecessary Checks Known to Erode Regular Shipping (TRUCKERS) Act would exempt non-U.S. citizen commercial truck drivers traveling from Canada or Mexico who are seeking to temporarily enter the U.S. for business through a land port of entry from proof of vaccination Cosigners include Republican senators Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Mike Braun of Indiana, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven of North Dakota, Mike Lee of Utah, Roger Marshall of Kansas, and Marco Rubio, also from Florida. “Truck drivers are the backbone of America’s economy. My dad was a truck driver and I know firsthand how critical these men and women are to getting products flowing to American families and businesses again,” Scott said. “President Biden’s inflation and supply chain crises are devastating so many Americans, especially our poorest families like mine growing up. By pushing these ridiculous mandates, he is only making things worse. “The government has no business pushing mandates on families and our hardworking businesses and my TRUCKERS Act will help stop this nonsense in its tracks,” he added. “Joe Biden would be wise to take note of what’s happening in Canada and see that the top-down, ‘government controls all’ approach doesn’t work,” referring to the Freedom Convoy organized by Canadian truckers in protest of Canada’s ongoing mandates. Scott also urged Canada’s government “to drop its ridiculous mandates on foreign drivers.” Instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Services Act for the first time in Canadian history. The government also began freezing protesters’ and supporters’ bank accounts, prompting several U.S. attorneys general to take action. “When I ran my business, a third of my employees were truck drivers, so I know firsthand how important they are to our economy and our country,” Braun said. “Federal government vaccine mandates are wrong and we should not make our supply chain problems worse by turning away commercial truck drivers temporarily entering the country for business for not showing their vaccination papers.” Blackburn added, "If the Biden administration is that worried about unvaccinated individuals entering into the USA, they should secure the southern border and stop the millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens from flooding into our country.” The bill was filed after 12 Republican senators urged President Joe Biden to abandon his plans to impose a vaccine mandate on non-citizen truck drivers. Led by Montana Sen. Steve Daines, they argued that keeping the mandate would hinder the transportation of goods across the norther border and exacerbate the ongoing supply chain crisis. "Trucking is the largest mode of surface trade with Canada; every day, there are approximately 14,000 total truck entries along the U.S.-Canada border hauling more than $846 million of goods. Any disruptions to the continuity of U.S.-Canada trade would likely have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond our shared border," they wrote. "In March of 2020, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency classified truck drivers as essential to the continued viability of our nation’s infrastructure because trucking is an indispensable component of North American trade and the linchpin of America’s domestic supply chain.” They urged the president to “reengage our northern neighbor and leading export partner to establish a reciprocal policy for crossborder truck drivers that does not include a vaccine mandate and will not disrupt the North American supply chain." They didn’t get a response, and the mandate went into effect. Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Giménez, who’s introducing a companion bill, said, “Time and time again, Joe Biden has made catastrophic decisions that have hurt the American people. By imposing an unnecessary vaccine mandate on truckers from Canada and Mexico conducting trade with the United States, Biden has further stifled our supply chains and made trade with our most important partners too costly. It is time for us to end this ridiculous vaccine mandate on truckers and begin taking steps to return America back to normal.” Bethany Blankley The Center Square February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022

"Oh, my back still hurts," Jim groaned as he sat on the bed and bent over to pick up his shoe. "Why don't you try a massage?" His wife asked. "My friend Carol swears massage is the only thing that can help her back pain." Jim sighed as he tied his shoe. "The chiropractor says my back is fine, just the muscles are tight. My doctor gave me muscle relaxants, which I don't like to take, and our insurance only covered four physical therapy visits. Massage can't hurt my back any more than it already does, I guess." Jim is typical of most Americans trying massage for the first time. Many feel that it can't hurt to try. But what does massage do? What kind of massage should you try? The best massage is one that is custom taylored to your body and it’s ailments. Research on Massage Therapy A survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association found 93 percent of individuals surveyed view massage as being beneficial to overall health and wellness and 92 percent of individuals surveyed believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain; with 25 percent of respondents stating they have used massage therapy for pain relief. Most healthcare providers are recognizing massage therapy as a legitimate aid for lower back pain and an effective adjunct to lower back treatments. Fiftyfour percent of healthcare providers say they will encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy in addition to medical treatment. A study on massage and back pain conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami found that: "Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety, and improved sleep. The massage therapy group also showed improved range of motion and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher." Armando’s Day Spa 2101 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach check with your doctor before starting a new massage routine Dear Doctor: When it's our turn to bring team snacks to the kids' weekend soccer games, the most challenging part is accommodating so many allergies, especially to peanuts. Is it true that there's now a way to keep children from getting a peanut allergy in the first place? Dear Reader: Food allergies among kids are a fact of life. In fact, the number of children who are allergic to one or more foods has increased by close to 50 percent in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies affect 6 percent of American children. An allergy occurs when the immune system flags a certain food as harmful, which sets off a physical reaction to that food. The most common triggers are milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nuts and, as you point out, peanuts. Children with siblings who have a food allergy, or who have eczema or asthma, are at higher risk of developing a food allergy. For a child with an allergy, even a trace of the problem food can cause reactions that range from mild to severe. These include hives, rash, stomach and digestive upset, headache, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and breathing problems. In some cases, reactions can be so extreme as to be life-threatening. The reasons for the recent surge in food allergies aren't entirely clear. But several new studies into peanut allergies in children have both overturned accepted wisdom and offered parents new hope. In the past, parents had been told to avoid feeding peanuts, or anything containing peanuts, to children at risk of developing an allergy until they reached the age of 3. But some researchers questioned that approach. Instead, they began to investigate whether early exposure to peanuts could actually prevent an allergy from developing. In a landmark study, infants at high risk of developing a peanut allergy were divided into two groups. One group was given a snack that contained peanuts starting between the ages of 4 and 11 months, and until they turned 5. The children in the other group avoided peanuts. At the end of the study, the children who ate peanuts were more than 80 percent less likely to have a peanut allergy than those whose diet was peanut-free. The upshot is that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has issued new guidelines. The institute now proposes that children who are at risk of a peanut allergy can eat products that contain peanuts beginning when they are between 4 and 6 months of age. But -- and this is crucial -- only after they have been first tested to make sure they don't already have a peanut allergy. Our position, as always, is that you should first discuss this issue with your pediatrician or primary care physician. With your doctor as both partner and guide, you have the best chance at a good and safe outcome. Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain ASK THE DOCTORS Talk to Pediatrician Before Introducing Children to Peanuts Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? Call Bobby at: 239-267-4000 Low Tide High Tide Fri, Feb 25 Tide Set One 07:25 PM 2.53 ft 03:31 AM -0.62 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sat, Feb 26 Tide Set One 08:56 PM 2.56 ft 04:45 AM -0.79 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sun, Feb 27 Tide Set One 01:53 PM 1.48 ft 05:43 AM -0.92 ft Tide Set Two 10:17 PM 2.62 ft 03:45 PM 1.44 ft Mon, Feb 28 Tide Set One 01:50 PM 1.44 ft 06:30 AM -0.92 ft Tide Set Two 11:22 PM 2.66 ft 05:09 PM 1.21 ft Tue, Mar 1 Tide Set One 01:56 PM 1.48 ft 07:09 AM -0.79 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- 06:09 PM 0.95 ft Wed, Mar 2 Tide Set One 12:17 AM 2.59 ft 07:41 AM -0.59 ft Tide Set Two 02:05 PM 1.57 ft 07:01 PM 0.69 ft Thu, Mar 3 Tide Set One 01:07 AM 2.46 ft 08:07 AM -0.33 ft Tide Set Two 02:15 PM 1.71 ft 07:50 PM 0.43 ft Tide Chart Armando’s License # 20205 239-463-1200

For all his warmth and folksy appeal, President Joe Biden's leadership technique falls woefully short when it comes to military strategy. His disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to have humanitarian reverberations. He was notoriously flip-floppy when it came to Iraq, voting against the first war in 1991 after dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait yet supporting the unnecessary 2003 invasion. Biden dissented when President Barack Obama launched the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Militarily, he seems to call it wrong more often than he calls it right. Biden declared on Feb. 10 that under no circumstances would he send U.S. troops to fight in Ukraine. "That's a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another," he told NBC News. No one wants to risk a U.S.-Russian confrontation that could result in a nuclear exchange but what possible strategic advantage did Biden see in broadcasting this, aside from reassuring his domestic audience? Shocking as Russia's invasion of Ukraine is, it should come as no surprise to anyone in the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin, with assurance from Biden of non-U.S. involvement, is clearly testing how far he can go, having witnessed U.S. fecklessness in Afghanistan and the tepid U.S. response when Putin seized Crimea from Ukraine and annexed it during the Obama/Biden administration. It was under a Democratic administration that Russia was able to invade Afghanistan in 1979 without challenge. And now the Democratic U.S. president has ruled out a U.S. military response …. Allowing Putin to set up a straw-horse justification for invading Ukraine and he is now acting on the basis of that lie. He used the same set of lies in 2014 to justify seizing and annexing Crimea and, in the same year, to arm separatist militants in two eastern regions of Ukraine, the set up for this invasion, which is key to Putin's fiction; the idea that Ukrainians oppressed by freedom and democracy are crying out to be united under his murderous dictatorship. Russia is now launching the process of swallowing enough territory, combined with Crimea, to constitute a tenth of Ukraine's territory. In his speech Monday, Putin dismissed Ukraine as an artificial creation of Soviet communism and asserted that it belongs to greater Russia. His remarks Monday appeared to open the door to future military adventurism in Baltic states that won independence after the Soviet Union's collapse. President Joe Biden saidTuesday NATO is boosting its forces in those states, raising the specter of a direct NATO-Russia confrontation should Russia continue advancing troops, tanks and missiles westward. Putin seems unfazed by threats of unprecedented Western sanctions, but he might soon change his mind. Germany has canceled certification of a new pipeline that Russia was counting on for natural gas export revenues. An international embargo on Russ-ian oil also could inflict more eco-nomic hardship. But the mother of all sanctions still awaits: the freez-ing of all Russian government bank accounts abroad and its ex-clusion from the global Swift banking system, which could se-verely limit Moscow's ability to pay bills and collect revenue from abroad. The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 Letters To The Editor Guest Editorial To the Editor, I enjoyed your last issue article on Illusion of Truth and I recognize it in our mainstream misleadia’s handling of real truth, ie: “Hands up don’t shoot”, when those words were never spoken, reporting about ‘peaceful’ demonstrations as building fires burned behind the announcer, ........over and over they repeat lies until SHEEP believe! It is happening again... evident in new talking points blaming the high prices of gas, our ridiculously high inflation etc. on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. total BS!!! They haven’t even invaded yet and they’re already saying it. Biden taking our country from a net producer of Fossil Fuels to him begging for oil, is responsible for this! But as these next weeks proceed, you will see “Illusion of Truth” in action as ‘they’ regurgitate distributed talking points blaming Russia! Love the paper! Keep up the good work! Robert Li Ed. Note: Robert, as we go to press, Russia has invaded Ukraine but all week I have seen the blame for all that ails the U.S. being blamed on Russia... It’s not true, but predictable, as you noted, the Illusion of Truth hard at work. The real truth is that gas prices and inflation have been steadily going higher for some time now, with prices at the pump over $1.50 or more per gallon, almost doubling in price since Biden was sworn in, His policies are directly responsible! Misleadia.... well put! I like it and I’m going to steal it! Quote of the Week "We're so interdependent, and what one country does is such an important part of what happens in the global economy." -Alan Mulally To the Editor, Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts of bread-winners who had committed no crime, in order to stop a protest that had largely been ended. Everyone could see this was wanton partisan spite. But in a financial system built entirely on trust, Trudeau was sticking giant public pins in Banking Voodoo dolls. If banks are just tools of petty partisan administrators to use on political opponents, no one’s money is safe. Even when Canada reverses all the theft, people can’t un-see the Voodoo Doll. Now it has been announced that Donors accounts will be unfrozen, but not so the Truckers. They have been found guilty and sentenced without a trial to be un-citizens until such time as they prove their innocence. Johnson Perkins Ed. Note: The organizers of the Ottawa protest said in a statement posted on social media that the freezing of bank accounts and other financial assets has shocked Canadians. “The more severe implication, however, is that by using emergency powers as financial warfare, it will sow mistrust in both the banking system and the government and the repercussions will be felt for years to come.” This should make the whole world concerned about what a government can/will do to anyone they see as a threat! PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper Dear Editor, The Democrats have supermajorities in major U.S. population centers (the states with the highest numbers of U.S. representatives). Democrats control “the message” (the Greta Thunberg message), not just domestically but internationally. Democrats seek not to just dominate but to eliminate partisan competition. Democrats furthermore seek to eliminate oil, gas and coal. The most potent ammunition of the conservative wing of this great Republic has been the fact that common sense eventually wins the day, but in today’s culturally tattooed society, that weapon is not as reliable anymore. Recently, I heard on NPR that there are now more than 139 gender reassignment clinics in the United States alone. Bear in mind this requires multiple actual clinicians who went to actual medical schools for eight plus years. The former “commonsense” totems of society! hmmmf Odd how quickly it’s all happening, too. Especially the laissez-faire attitudes of the general population. On the other hand, we must channel our inner Churchill and never give up. Never never never! Rafaela Dickhaut To the Editor, Yours is a welcome voice in an otherwise sea of nonsense. I’ve been a SunBay reader for a long time now, saw my first copy on the lake. Somebody brought it along. “You guys ever see this paper?” I liked it, so I became a subscriber. Figured I’d send a line just to say thanks. Brook Berkstrum

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 February 25, 2022 - March 3, 2022 Is This The Biggest Political Scandal In U.S. History In 2019, AG William Barr assigned U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate another government probe. That other investigation was named Crossfire Hurricane, a three-year joint investigative effort of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, aimed at implicating Trump and his campaign in collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election. Durham’s status was eventually elevated to “Special Counsel” to protect his independence after a change in administrations. Durham’s recent filing alleges that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid a tech company to “mine data,” attempting to establish an “inference” and “narrative” tying candidate Trump to Russia. Events fueled by this Trump/Russia 2016 election collusion hoax started to roll out even before Trump took office in 2017. False premises and fabricated evidence gathered by the Hillary Clinton campaign gave rise the fraudulent Steele Dossier, Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the Mueller investigation, and two foolhardy Trump impeachment trials. Durham’s filing charges illegal wire taps, hacking Trump White House computers, and other illegal mischief resulting from Clinton’s campaign and FBI fabricating and misrepresenting the fraudulent Steele Dossier. And it's reasonable to conclude, those false accusations and taint of the impeachment proceedings impacted the 2020 presidential election in ways we will never determine. Durham’s investigation, after almost 3 years, is opening eyes and worrying some politicians. The Trump campaign and the Trump administration’s White House computers were subject to electronic political espionage paid for by Clinton’s campaign, according to evidence offered and charges included in the recent filing. Those are serious criminal violations. The extent and success of the alleged conspiracy makes Watergate appear like a practical joke. Durham’s filing and related actions coming out of the investigation aren’t theories and speculation, such as plagued the Trump impeachment trials. Durham has significant evidence and documentation. The Clinton campaign sought to provide a plausible narrative adequate to be worthy of FBI, CIA and NSA attention. If the charges filed so far prevail, those who spent years mocking Trump’s claims of being “spied upon” will look silly, since many in the media kept quiet about what they knew or should have known e.g., the contrived Steele Dossier. And as expected, mainstream media have reported very few details about Durham’s investigation. The Washington Post and New York times have retracted their reporting on matters surrounding the Steele Dossier. The Post “could no longer stand by the accuracy of those elements of the story.” Those newspapers had been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for their journalistic efforts regarding the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Right of center, but zealous anti-Trumper, Bret Stephens is a Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times opinion columnist. If you believe Hillary Clinton’s claims that Durham’s charges are totally trumped up, perhaps quoting from a Stephens column may help you reserve judgement about Clinton’s comments. The following Stephens comments originated without the insight provided by the recent Durham filing: “[Indicted Russian national Igor Danchenko] was Steele’s main source…Steele wrote his report [dossier] for Fusion GPS…that had been hired by a Washington law firm close to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC…Translation: The Steele dossier was Democratic Party-funded opposition research…I’m writing this column for those who haven’t followed it closely or who may have taken a keener interest in tales about Trump being Russia’s puppet than in evidence that, for all of his many and grave sins, he was the victim of a gigantic slander abetted by the FBI…” The details in the filing are overwhelming and shocking. The corruption apparent from the evidence is worse than thought. If you haven’t paid attention, you should now begin doing so. Afterthought: I began writing this on Presidents’ Day. It brought to mind a time long past when Presidents’ Day enlisted mostly positive feelings among Americans. If there were negative comments to be had, they dealt with shades of disagreement about policies and personalities. Americans have gradually become cynical about the Office of the President. It seems like decades that we’ve been associating many of our presidents and presidential wannabes with scandals, impeachments, nastiness and division. Some of those negative memories are deserved, but far too many are contrived. We deserve better political leadership, and there are too many self-righteous pundits who sculpt the often incomplete and misleading information we receive. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers Farming Air..........Carbon Dioxide Our farmers are literally farming the air! Go into a grocery store and look around. All the food you see — vegetables, fruit and meat — fresh, frozen or canned — is processed carbon dioxide. So are the people shopping there. So are you. The climate scare is based on the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has been slowly increasing for the last hundred years or so. That this might cause a tiny bit of global warming is really not a problem. The good news is that plant productivity is increasing around the world as a direct result of the increasing carbon dioxide. This is called the “greening” of planet Earth and it has been clearly observed by NASA satellites. So, the global food supply of carbon dioxide has been steadily increasing. This helps explain how we are able to feed our growing human population. Crop yields have consistently increased even though the amount of farm land has actually gone down. The actual process is a miracle. Plants are passive consumers. They sit there and wait for carbon dioxide molecules to bump into them, where they are then combined with water and sunlight to make the plant’s food. Carbon dioxide is called a trace gas because there is very little of it as a fraction of the air. A hundred years ago it is estimated that there was something like one carbon dioxide molecule out of every 3,000 air molecules. Today it is more like one out of 2,500 which is a big help to the passive plants. Note that this increase in global plant growth due to increasing carbon dioxide is incorrectly called the “fertilization effect”. It should be called the food effect. Imagine putting on a table everything you will eat in a day. Next to that put a vitamin pill. Fertilizer is like the pill while carbon dioxide is like the pile of food. Also, the carbon dioxide is not there because of our burning gasoline, diesel, natural gas, oil and coal. It is part of a natural “carbon cycle” that is twenty times bigger than our emissions. Life on Earth is part of and depends on this natural carbon cycle. Our carbon dioxide just adds a little bit to it, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, you will seldom, if ever, hear any of this on main stream media, because of climate change hysteria. Carbon dioxide is called dangerous pollution, when it is actually the stuff of life. The increase is decried as bad when it is actually good. The alarmists want to stop the increase or even reverse it, ignoring that this is the global food supply. As a carbon-based life form, we should be leery of calls for “decarbonization”. Likewise calling wind and solar power “clean energy” just because they do not create carbon dioxide is false, bordering on a hoax. There is nothing unclean about carbon dioxide. It is our food. We should be very thankful that carbon dioxide is increasing, not demonizing it. We are all made of carbon dioxide. David Wojick cont. from pg 1