February 2, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 The Right Side Cont. from pg 5 He failed to even attempt to help Americans under fi re in Benghazi resulting in deaths of Americans… allowed billions of dollars of military equipment to fall into enemy hands in Iraq …unmasked Americans who were protected by the FISA Laws to be masked thereby, resulting in deaths to US citizens, in his last months as President. And the coup de grace… Obama gave Iran $180 billion in cash, the State Dept. declared the biggest state sponsor of terrorism! Iran is using US dollars to support their self-declared war on America and the rest of the world. He gave Russia 20% of the US uranium reserves! In my opinion, Hussein Obama is providing directions to Joe Biden which directions are not in the best interests of the US…which may be a violation of US Code…Treason…and is a violation of his Oath of Offi ce as well as Biden’s. Biden – Using Executive Orders, immediately upon becoming President, Biden opened the Southern Border which was under control with crossing mostly at proper centers, allowing terrorists, drug running, human traffi cking unknown aliens …millions, to enter the US illegally. (Note: the President has plenary power to “prevent” those he feels dangerous to the US from entering) …but may NOT ignore Immigration and Naturalization laws or Point of Entry laws. He stopped all the fossil fuel production, drilling, exploring that he could, and resulted in severe hardships on the citizens he swore to protect. We went from Trump’s 19 million to Biden’s 9 million barrels per day. God gave us the plentiful fossil fuel resources that we have, and Biden is violating US citizen’s unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… by taking fossil fuels away…to stop Climate Change? Think about that…the President believes he can control Climate Change…what about Global Warming Joe…did Gore give that up? How Stupid Can One Person Be? There is NOTHING Man can “undo” that which the Sun, Moon, Stars, other planets “do”! He is violating the Bill of Rights and US Constitution…Biden made Climate Change “America’s Number 1 threat” …Joe Biden has NO IDEAWHAT he’s talking about (Man cannot control Climate Change) …it’s been happening LONG before Man and fossil fuels…not my opinion…FACT!! There is no evidence to support that outright lie! Yet he is using “Climate Change” which has existed since Earth became livable, to deny the lifesaving, fi rst and only source of energy known to Man for billions of years before, the discovery of other forms which include… Nuclear, fi rst plant 1970s…and hydro 1882. Until then, fossil was the only fuel and the fi rst “city” to receive electricity was Buff alo, NY on November 16, 1896! If the US goes dark, literally, it won’t be Donald Trump…it won’t be the Republicans, it won’t be anybody wearing a MAGA hat…IT WILL be Joe Biden! You, who elected him, will have to deal with the Treason and no electric power…next …Biden will then declare, “If you give up your guns, we’ll see if we can fi x your power loss” …but it might be too late! I only hope to God that the Power Operators will refuse to comply... Congress must obtain an Injunction to Intervene, in such a dangerous plan... and the Military and Lawmen must refuse to comply with an illegal order to confi scate legally owned guns even under Martial law, if invoked! In my opinion, Biden’s acts will cause chaos and Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other terrorist groups will have an excuse to loot and burn cities again... to do as they did in Portland, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco! Citizens will defend themselves. CONGRESS WAKE UP... IT’S TIME TO ACTIVATE YOUR CHECKS AND BALANCES. IF YOU DON’T, AMERICAWILL CEASE TO EXIST. BELIEVE WHAT HE SAID...HE IS TAKING ORDERS AND YOU KNOW FROM WHOM, MY OPINION!!! J Gary Dilaura, FBI RET