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As more people move to Florida, Tampa leads the U.S. as the hottest housing market this year, with Jacksonville not far behind, according to a new report published by Zillow, an online real estate marketplace company. While all of the nation’s 50 largest markets are expected to grow this year, “there can be only one Number One,” Zillow reports, expecting “Tampa to top the list, with a host of relatively affordable and fast-growing Sun Belt markets following closely behind.” Following Tampa are Jacksonville, Raleigh, San Antonio and Charlotte as the five hottest markets for 2022, “each buoyed by a combination of strong forecasted home value growth, strong economic fundamentals including high job growth, fast-moving inventory and plentiful likely buyers,” the report states. Home values increased 28.7% from October 2020 to October 2021, with an average Tampa Bay home selling for $316,379, Zillow reported. As of October 2021, the median price of singlefamily homes grew by 22.1% to $348,000, Marco Santarelli with Norada Real Estate InvestWith the Mighty Mussels on break, the next best thing for me is to catch an Everblades hockey game. The action is fast paced and the hits are real and you can usually get seats right up front by the ‘glass’ and see it up close and personal. The Florida Everblades are a professional minor league ice hockey team based in Estero, Florida. They play in the ECHL and are affiliated with the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League. Founded in 1998. They play in the South Division of the Eastern Conference in the ECHL. They have qualified for the playoffs every year in team history except once (2013–14) and have made four appearances in the Kelly Cup finals, winning their first Kelly Cup on May 23, 2012, against the Las Vegas Wranglers, when Brandon MacLean scored the championshipwinning-goal in overtime during game five, goaltender, John Muse, was named the most valuable player of the 2012 Kelly Cup playoffs The team name was chosen as a spinoff of the Florida Everglades. The Everblades' logo features a gator-head design fused in the form of an ice skate. The Everblades. They have 20 home games left in the season and play in Estero at the Hertz Arena. It is a great night out and always a good time. Hertzarena.com for tickets and more information. From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 14 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 Right... All Along Cont. pg 10 The Supreme Court has stopped the Biden administration from enforcing a requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask on the job, dealing a blow to a key element of the White House’s plan to address the pandemic as cases resulting from the Omicron variant are on the rise. But the court allowed a more modest mandate requiring health care workers at facilities receiving federal money to be vaccinated. The vote in the employer mandate case was 6 to 3, with justices Sotomayor, Breyer and Kagan in dissent. The vote in the health care case was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh joining the liberal justices to form a majority. The court’s conservative majority concluded the administration overstepped its authority by seeking to impose the vaccine-ortest rule on U.S. businesses with at least 100 employees. More than 80 million people would have been affected by the mandate. “OSHA has never before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation addressing the COVID–19 pandemic, it has declined to enact any measure similar to Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Local Professional Hockey: The Everblades Tampa Tops List of Hottest Housing Markets As More People Move to Florida Cont. pg 16 In recent months, European gas prices have risen as much as 700%, leaving millions of citizens vulnerable to a dangerously unstable grid and burdened with high electricity costs heading into this winter. Disruptions from this energy crisis have been felt by households and many industries that rely on affordable power to provide goods and services. Until the recent escalation of Russia’s confrontation with NATO over Ukraine, the Biden administration’s solution to Europe’s energy crisis had been to implore Russia to send more gas to Europe. EU member states are already dependent on Moscow for roughly 40% of their gas supply. Initially, the White House made a deal with Germany, letting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline move forward. As part of an effort to repair relations with Germany, this decision allows Russia to tighten Putin’s grip over European energy security at the expense of our strategic partner Ukraine. Fortunately, German regulators refused to approve the pipeline, effectively delaying the certification of the project before July 2022. As part of the growing confrontation with Europe and the U.S. over Ukraine, Russia has further cut gas exports to Europe. Thus, geopolitics and energy security in Europe is front and center of the U.S. national security interests. We need a multi-phase strategy to protect U.S. interests while supporting our European allies in their time of need. The Administration should champion liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. We are in a military face-off with Russia regarding Ukraine that worsens by the day. Moscow has upped the pressure by repeatedly using energy as an economic weapon. This signal would create certainty in the global market by providing predictability of supply while also providing geopolitical and national security benefits. As the world’s premier energy producer, America U.S. Natural Gas is Critical to Strengthening National Security Cont. pg 25 Tampa Bay

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 If you travel a lot, you may amass a collection of plastic shower caps. These can be handy double-duty items to use in your suitcase to wrap the bottom of your shoes. Since shoes are one of the biggest collectors and spreaders of dirt, chemicals and lead, wrapping them with shower caps helps prevent your clean clothes (and the inside of your suitcase) from getting dirty. Save them once you get back from your trip to reuse when you start your next journey. Do you want to heat up some leftovers or cook a side dish of veggies for dinner? Instead of using an oven or toaster oven, consider using a microwave. The reason is simple: A microwave uses up to 50 percent less energy than a conventional oven. And modern microwaves have improved cooking results, often resulting in perfectly steamed, poached, roasted and sauteed finishes that taste just like you made it in a traditional oven. Ever wonder how to get old stains out of carpet? Whether it’s coffee, red wine or even turmeric, it is possible to get your carpet clean using everyday items. Simply make a mixture of white vinegar with a few drops of dish soap and water. Place it in a spray bottle and saturate the stained area of the carpet. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes and then start blotting. Using a clean cloth will help lift up the stain. Repeat if necessary, and the stain will be gone! Shower Caps Leftovers Stains Gone Ever wonder why it’s important to rinse out your recyclables before putting them in the bin? It’s because cleaner cans, bottles and containers are worth more on the recyclables market. When recyclers get your trash, they separate it by type of recyclable (paper, plastic or metal) and then those are separated by how clean they are. The dirtier the container, the less valuable it is. By making rinsing a habit, you help keep recycling profitable. But if you’re in a store and leaving a soiled salad takeout box in the recycling bin, don’t worry: It’s less valuable to recycle, but it’ll still get diverted from the landfill. Clean Recycle Do you have a collection of ketchup packets in your junk drawer at home? Sure, they may be nice to have handy for burgers and fries, but you can use them right away to polish up metal, too. All you have to do is tear the packets open and smear ketchup on tarnished copper, brass or silver-plated pieces. The mild acid in ketchup eats away at tarnish, grime and dirt. Just buff off the ketchup with a soft cloth towel, and the brilliant metal shine will come right through. Rinse and buff to remove any residual ketchup. Ketchup Polish If you have a backyard garden, you know one way to help expedite the growing process is to germinate seeds before planting them in the ground. One item that can be used to germinate seeds is used paper coffee filters. Mix potting soil with used coffee grinds and refill old filters with the mixture and seeds. The filters are a great container to use: They drain well and are durable. And when it’s ready to transplant, you can put the filter, mixture and sprouted seeds right into the earth. Germinate Did you know over 1.5 million animals are euthanized in animal shelters every year in the United States because of overpopulation? One of the easiest things you can do as a responsible pet owner is to have your cat or dog spayed or neutered. Some veterinarians, however, do advise against traditional de-sexing of your pet, which they believe can create problems for your pet’s endocrine system. One alternative worth exploring is something called an “ovary-sparing spay,” which results in sterilization without endangering the endocrine system. Danny Seo De-Sexing Pets

Dear President Trump, I have been writing an Op Ed Column as THE RIGHT SIDE, since the late 1990s and very seriously since Hussein Obama became President and became the biggest fraud this country has ever seen. That began when his campaign to Change America… into a Socialist, Islamic Nation… started! I bought and read the Koran to better understand him…and boy…do I!! America, the American people and, indeed, Freedom…desperately need you, to keep America free…free of Socialism, free of Islam, free of Traitors pretending to be “leaders” who believe in, our Constitution! We cannot wait for the 2024 Presidential election for us to take back what WE believe you rightfully won in 2020. We are losing our Country!!! As leader of the Republican Party, you should be arraigning for the local party leaders to train election observers who will not exit polling venues as long as 1 Democrap is there and not leave any venue unguarded to retain a true Chain of Custody! You simply MUST run for Congress in Florida, this year… and then Speaker! Now hear me out… you will be well on your way to winning back the office they stole, without actually running for President! Those who recommended a run for Congress don’t realize what a great plan that is. They did not complete the plan, to win our country back and …we don’t have the time to fool around. The Democraps know that the House and the Senate 2022 are lost, are desperate, at the military will be called. They are doing all they can to force citizens to revolt. We must remain calm and turn the other cheek, FOR NOW! The Internet, Power Plants and Banks, will be closed. People will be hurt but I believe we will survive the COUPE!! Pick the district in Florida where you are the strongest (there are several) and then move to become Speaker…but we don’t stop there! I am certain we will win the House and Senate in Nov 2022. That’s when we begin the real swamp cleaning…but THIS TIME we show no mercy nor allow a POLITICALLY CORRECT AG or FBI Director, get in the way…fire who ever refuses your orders…you are the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, in the US!. With AG choices like Joe de Genova or Trey Goudy or Huckabee …committed Constitutionalists, we cannot lose! As soon as the winners of Nov 22 are sworn in, immediately take these steps; 1. Impeach Joe Biden for Treason, Criminal Negligence, Incompetence and anything else you can find… start with charges stemming from Afghanistan and the Mexico Border… remove him from Office with the 2/3 vote. REMEMBER THEY IMPEACHED YOU FOR NOTHING…NO CRIMES! I believe we will get almost 100% vote! 2. After VP Harris is sworn in as President…immediately move to impeach her for Criminal Negligence stemming from her failures to follow Pres Biden’s directive to take charge of the Border…she failed…she failed on Immigration, Naturalization, Border Security and anything else she did…which is nothing…we can find…! Remove her from office. HEADLINE- Donald J. Trump, Speaker of the House becomes President of the United States…Thank God!!! Top priority MUST be given to Criminally Charging ALL those traitors who tried and failed to overthrow the Government…and that’s what this is about…not revenge, not pay back, but attempting to Overturn Our Constitutional Republic by Treason, Espionage, Sedition, Rioting… .you name it …they did it! Is it legal for a dual citizenship citizen, like George Soros, who pledged his loyalty to our Constitutional Republic, when he took his citizenship oath, to try to control critical state and local elections, like Chicago’s DA Kim Fox and Mayor Lori Lightfoot…that is, if he did as the reports regarding million dollar campaign contributions, are true? Would a Billion dollar contribution for a Presidential election by a foreigner or a citizen foreigner with double or even triple citizenship, be okay? If there isn’t a limit on contributions, create one! Voter ID and limiting political contributions by Federal legislation should be a priority, Mr President! Where do we draw the line? Should any one person be allowed to control elections? Has any person, in our nation’s history, done that…just curious? Would we allow Vladimir Putin to contribute 1 million dollars to a candidate for the New York State election for Attorney General? SUGGESTED ORDER OF THINGS…AFTER YOU ARE SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT… “1. You absolutely must IMMEDIATELY, take steps to reorganize the entire DOJ, like I strongly recommended after your 1st election, before doing anything else and starting with the Attorney General. IT MUST be someone like Joe de Genova and/or Mrs de Genova or both…you must remove every single Attorney in DOJ …ALL 300 or 400 of them! Without a DOJ lead by leaders who believe in your America first and our Rule of Law…as you found out… you can’t do anything!!! Starting with the Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division…fire every f---ing one. They are all Eric Holder trained, fed, brainwashed and NONE can ever be trusted to honor their OATHS… to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution, AND if they say that’s not true, then ask why they haven’t done so!? Half have been cited by Federal Judges for lying, perjury, altering evidence and more. Get in touch with former DOJ Attorney Christian Adams, hire him and ask him to help identify those Attorneys who should be retained! 2.The FBI must be completely changed…there are fundamental changes that must be made…BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS… regarding mission, roles, duty, oath of office to enforce the law and not create law or break the law …and much more! The FBI must take back the Criminal Investigative responsibilities that made the FBI, the Best Crime Fighting Agency in the world. Along with that, will come better trained and more impartial Agents! We must have an active preventative mission and role against Domestic Terrorism. The kind of ANTIFA and BLM terrorism we saw in Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis… Democrap cities and states…where local “elected leaders” allowed riots to go unchallenged… that is unconscionable and criminal and there should have been leaders charged with Criminal Negligence! There were NO White Supremacist Lootings and Burnings either! As long as Money continues to buy elections for incompetent DAs, Mayors, Police Chiefs and oh…almost forgot…and the likes of Joe Obiden… there will be no Rule of law. therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 An Open Letter to Trump The Right Side

"The next few days ... will mark a turning point in this nation's history," said President Joe Biden in his Atlanta speech to reframe the debate in Congress on voting rights legislation and the filibuster. He went on: "Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadows, justice over injustice? ... I know where I stand. ... I will defend ... our democracy against all enemies -- foreign and, yes, domestic." And on this issue of light over shadows, good versus evil: "Where will the institution of the United States Senate stand? ... "Will you stand against voter suppression? Yes or no? ... Will you stand against election subversion? Yes or no? Will you stand for democracy? Yes or no?" "I ask every elected official in America: How do you want to be remembered? ... Do you want to be ... on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?" Reaction was swift. "So much for unifying the country and working across the aisle," said Sen. Mitt Romney. "Pure demagoguery," said Sen. Mitch McConnell: "The world saw our sitting commander in chief propagandize against his own country to a degree that would have made Pravda blush." "Perhaps the president went a little too far in his rhetoric," said the Democratic Whip Sen. Dick Durbin. The Rev. Al Sharpton dissented, describing Biden's speech, which he had urged the president to make, as "monumental." Well, we shall see. If Biden's purpose was to add Senate votes to build a majority for ending the filibuster on voting rights, this looks like a loser. Implying that 52 senators, including Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, are racists for the stand they have taken on keeping the filibuster does not seem like the way to bring them around. As for calling the Republican opposition, all 50 senators, racists whose position on voting rights recalls the segregationists of the early 1960s, that would appear only to solidify and harden their opposition. But perhaps Biden is after another game here. For what this speech did succeed in doing is to temporarily change the subject. For months, Biden has been bedeviled by crises for which he has had no effective response: The Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. The bleeding southern border where America is being daily invaded. The surge in shootings, killings and flash-mob, smash-andgrab robberies of elite stores. A soaring inflation rate that is suddenly at a 40-year high. The possibility the Fed will start raising interest rates to combat it, which could tank the economy by the 2022 elections. The new surge, two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, in infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Then, there are the polls, all of which show Biden underwater, and one, Quinnipiac, which shows his approval plummeting to 33%. What Biden's rant against the alleged racism of his former Senate colleagues does, then, is reframe the stakes of the voting rights debate, and change the issue from Biden's transparent failures to the character of his opponents who threaten our "democracy" itself. Put starkly, what panicked Democrats and their fearful media allies are about now is reframing a 2022 election they look certain to lose into an either/or choice election: Do you wish to see democracy destroyed, or protected, because democracy's survival is on the table now. Consider the 180-degree turn Biden has just taken: In his inaugural address, Biden was preaching unity and his resolve to bring it about: "Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: "Bringing America together. "Uniting our people. "And uniting our nation. "I ask every American to join me in this cause." Now, at the end of his first year, Biden is saying we are not one nation or one people. Our adversaries on this bill, including presumably all 52 senators, belong in the company of slave-holders, segregationists and rogue cops of yesteryear who used horses, dogs and clubs to beat civil rights protesters. The change in roles is not easy for Biden to bring off. For Biden's rant in Atlanta seems wildly out of character with the man we knew. For was it not Biden himself who, during his transition, spoke warmly of old friends, colleagues and mentors from the 1970s -- Sens. James Eastland of Mississippi, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and Robert Byrd of West Virginia -- all in their time unapologetic segregationists. The odd thing about Biden's new position is that, in the short run, it is a loser; he is not going to get a majority for voting rights or for ending the filibuster this way. And, in the long run, it is simply unsustainable. For if Biden loses the House and Senate this fall, would not the victorious Republicans exact retribution on an unpopular lame-duck president they once thought of as Good Old Joe but who put them in a box with Bull Connor? Patrick J. Buchanan The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 Biden: Bull Connor's GOP Imperils Democracy

The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 It's so easy to win a debate with an ignorant liberal. They have no facts. They have no brilliant oratory. Just name-calling. After my national TV interviews last week explaining why I believe the COVID-19 vaccine is killing and injuring thousands of Americans, I received an email from an intensive care unit doctor. He called me a "moron." Below is my reply filled with common sense, logic, facts and most importantly, SCIENCE about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine. Needless to say, the doctor never replied. Dear David, First, I read and answer all my own emails. I'm answering you personally. I don't engage in ignorant terms like "moron" toward people that disagree with me. Second, this country (and world) is filled with both unvaccinated and vaccinated who are sick with COVID-19. It's a nasty and contagious flu. At this moment almost every vaccinated person I know is sick with COVID-19. A report released by the Robert Koch Institute stated that in Germany over 96% of those with COVID-19 are vaccinated. Third, some studies show that the COVID-19 vaccine damages the immune system, thereby making it more likely that the vaccinated will get sick with each successive variant. Fourth, if the vaccine is so great, why do the deep blue states like New York have massive COVID-19 outbreaks? New York City just set the all-time record for COVID-19 infections in a day. New York right now has almost 30% of all the COVID-19 cases nationwide. How could this happen if vaccines, masks and lockdowns worked? Fifth, if the vaccine is so great, why are there far more COVID-19 deaths in 2021 with the vaccine than there were in 2020 — without it? Sixth, as a M.D., why don't you pay attention to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System? It's been the gold standard for decades to identify if any vaccine is causing more harm than good. This COVID-19 jab may have killed over 21,000 Americans. That's separate from the cardiac arrests, strokes, blood clots and permanent disabilities that could be associated with the vaccine. And this jab has potentially caused a staggering 1 million "adverse effects." These numbers are from VAERS — user-reported data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seventh, are you aware Columbia University researchers found that adverse events associated with vaccines could be vastly underreported? They suggest you must multiply by 20 to approximate the accurate number of deaths and injuries. So according to the math of Columbia researchers, there are actually over 400,000 deaths and millions of injuries that could be tied to the vaccine. How could you doubt VAERS? Pfizer's own research showed that there were 1,200 deaths during the initial first few weeks of their vaccine rollout. That's Pfizer's reporting. Anyone who wants the vaccine should get it. It's called choice. They should thank former President Donald Trump for the availability of this vaccine. The rest of us who are relatively healthy and/or relatively young have a 99.9% recovery rate from COVID-19. No one should be FORCED to vaccinate, mask, endure lockdowns, lose their job or close their business in America. We have choices. We take risks every day. Certainly, people should agree that no baby, toddler, child or teen should ever be forced to take this jab. As a John Hopkins study proved, the risk of a child dying is basically zero. Out of 48,000 childhood cases of COVID-19 they studied, no healthy child died. I've had COVID-19. It was gone in 48 hours after I took ivermectin, plus antibiotic (Z Pak), plus megadoses of vitamins C, D3, zinc and quercetin. Plus, I received intravenous vitamin C. Worked like a charm. Gone in 48 hours. Mild. I now have immunity. No one with immunity needs to vaccinate. I believe the risks far outweigh the benefits. I make healthy lifestyle choices. I'm not anti-vaccine. I'm pro-immune system. Justus R. Hope, M.D., and others report that in India, the government ended the worst COVID-19 outbreak anywhere in the world by handing out free packets of ivermectin plus vitamins. They report that COVID-19 went away literally overnight, and deaths dropped to virtually zero. That's exactly what America should have done and should be doing right now. There are dozens of studies around the world that demonstrate the efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as antivirals versus COVID-19. I wish you well. I hope I've opened your eyes to the alternatives out there. I know what you see each day in your ICU: the sickest of the sick. It's tragic they have no access to ivermectin or HCQ, plus vitamins like C, D3 and zinc. Early treatment (in the first three to five days) with this combination one could almost guarantee few would ever wind up at the ICU — where you see them and where it may already be too late. It's important to allow different opinions and questions. If "science" won't respect or allow discussion or debate, it's no longer science; it's just propaganda. I'm doing my best to keep America healthy. I know you're doing your best. God bless. Wayne Allyn Root My Debate with an ICU Doctor About the Possible Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022

Dear Doctor: My Type A husband, who naturally falls asleep for about 25 minutes on weekend afternoons, complains that he's wasting time when he does so. How do I explain to him the benefits of napping? Dear Reader: Millions of people throughout the world take a daily nap. In many cultures the afternoon sleep break is built right into everyday life. Businesses close shop and everyone heads home for lunch and a bit of shut-eye. Here in the goal-oriented United States, though, napping carries a bit of stigma. It sounds as though your husband has internalized that feeling, which is too bad because you're correct -- a daytime nap is often a good thing. Studies show that napping does more than just reduce fatigue. It can elevate your mood, improve productivity and make it easier for you to learn and retain new information. However -- and this is where things get a bit tricky -- not all naps are equally beneficial. It turns out that what time you nap and how long that nap lasts make a difference. A nap as brief as 10 minutes and up to 30 minutes can leave you feeling energized. Sleep much longer than half an hour and chances increase that you'll wake in a mental fog. The reason for all this is that sleep is quite complex. Not only are there several different stages of sleep, they occur in distinct cycles. When you first drift off, you move from light sleep, from which you can awaken easily, into stages of ever-deeper sleep. Your brain waves and even your brain chemistry change. It becomes progressively more difficult to awaken. People in the stage known as "deep sleep" show no muscle or eye movement. The other stage of sleep is known as REM sleep, which is short for "rapid eye movement." This is the cycle during which you dream, and in which the brain registers significant electrical and chemical activity. Fall short on REM sleep and it's quite possible you'll wind up feeling cranky or irritable. Which leads us back to the question of optimal napping. First -- what time to close your eyes. Sleep experts agree that mid-afternoon is optimal. Your body clock is naturally primed for a break, and it's far enough away from bedtime so as to not interfere with your night sleep. Next, the reason why a brief nap feels best. It takes about 90 minutes for your body (and brain) to go through a complete sleep cycle. Sleep too little and you've barely grazed the surface of light sleep. Sleep too long and you're swimming up from the groggy depths of deep sleep. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes, which puts you into the earliest stages of REM sleep and lets you wake up easily, feeling refreshed. For the best naps, choose a location that's dark and quiet. Lying down results in better sleep than sitting or reclining. Setting an alarm will let you relax into your nap and assure that you'll wake up before deep sleep takes hold. When you wake up, take a moment to stretch and take a few deep breaths. And enjoy. A good nap is one of life's real pleasures. A power of attorney can be broad or limited in its scope. In other words, you may use a power of attorney to authorize someone to act as your agent only for certain specified matters. Conversely, you can sign a more general power of attorney that allows your agent to make pretty much any decision that you could otherwise make for yourself. It is also important to note that there are different types of powers of attorney. For example, a health care surrogate is, as the name suggests, someone authorized to make decisions related to your health care. Such a document does not, however, necessarily permit the agent to make other business or legal decisions for you. Court: Health Care Surrogate Not Authorized to Sign Arbitration Agreement This is a critical distinction, as discussed in a recent decision from the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal, Manor Oaks, Inc. v. Campbell. This case actually addresses a nursing home's alleged role in the death of a former resident. The decedent's estate sued the nursing home in Florida state court. The nursing home then moved to compel arbitration of the estate's dispute, citing an arbitration clause contained in the admission paperwork signed by the decedent's then-health care surrogate. As the Fourth District explained, the health care surrogate document stated its authority was limited to “health care decisions.” The Court said this qualified as a “limited, rather than broad” grant of authority to the surrogate. Indeed, “The entire focus of the Document concerns matters pertaining to health care decisions” and not “business decisions regarding dispute resolution.” And given that Florida courts are required to “strictly” interpret a power of attorney to reflect the “intent of the drafter,” the Fourth District here concluded the health care surrogate was not authorized to sign an arbitration agreement on behalf of the decedent or her estate. The appeals court noted this interpretation was consistent with the provisions of the Florida Statutes governing health care advance directives. State law defines a “health care decision” to encompass matters such as granting or withholding consent to medical procedures, applying for benefits to pay for medical care, and the decision to make anatomical gifts. Nothing in the statute, however, states a health care decision covers “the ability to determine the forum in which disputes arising from health care decisions are to be resolved.” Put another way, an arbitration agreement is unrelated to the actual provision or withdrawal of health care to an incapacitated patient. You should never sign any health care surrogate or power of attorney without carefully reviewing all of its terms. The wrong language may end up granting your agent more power than you intended–and by the time something goes wrong, it will be too late for you to do anything about it. That is why you should work with an experienced Fort Myers estate planning lawyer. Contact the Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., at 239-3334529 today to schedule a free confidential consultation with a member of our estate planning team. Understanding The Scope Of A Florida Power Of Attorney ASK THE DOCTORS AMid-Afternoon Nap Is One of Life's Great Pleasures Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? 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The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 Letters To The Editor Guest Editorial President Joe Biden went to Atlanta Tuesday to push for passage of what Democrats hail as "voting rights" legislation. The speech prompted pundits to question the wisdom of a president who promised to bring the country together comparing opponents of the Democrats' Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act to Jefferson Davis, George Wallace and Bull Connor. Biden argued that the Freedom to Vote Act is necessary because Georgia Republicans passed SB 202, an election bill that represents "Jim Crow 2.0," and other states introduced laws to promote "voter suppression and election subversion." Among changes in the Georgia bill are provisions that would limit drop boxes to one per 100,000 voters and require voter ID for absentee ballots. "Rules that were implemented in Georgia to accommodate voters in the height of COVID, understandably need to be changed when COVID wanes," GOP strategist Alice Stewart told me. Biden also invoked the most outrage-provoking provision of the Georgia law, which he said "makes it illegal to bring your neighbors, your fellow voters, food or water while they wait in line to vote." After the bill passed, The Washington Post ran a story about a food truck that feeds voters as they stand in line. The headline: "New limits on food and water at Georgia's polls could hinder Black and low-income voters, advocates say." What advocates should be saying is that well-run Georgia counties don't make voters stand in lines for hours and something must be done. Want to boost voter turnout? Insist on more workers, not water. And another thing: To safeguard voters during COVID-19, Georgia expanded vote by mail, early voting and drop boxes. With two other options, voters didn't need to stand in line for hours. And if they chose to stand in line, SB 202 allows for self-serve water stations. "Line warming" -- the practice of trying to "inappropriately influence voters in the crucial final moments before they cast their ballots" -- already was illegal, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger noted last year. Biden praised the election official, even as he likened the state election law he supported to the Confederacy and segregationists. CNN's Jake Tapper asked the question that begs to be asked Tuesday: Noting that New Jersey bans ballot harvesting and Delaware limits early voting, Tapper asked why "Democrats only complain about the strict voting regulations in red states, in Texas and Georgia," and not in Democratic states. That is not a trick question. The Democrats' Freedom to Vote Act is designed to tilt elections to the left. It would require all states to offer same-day registration, automatic "motor voter" registration, online registration and drop boxes. The Freedom to Vote Act also undercuts voter ID requirements in states that require official photo IDs. "States that do not have a voter identification requirement would not be required to make any changes," according to a fact sheet put out by co-sponsor Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. And it would make Election Day a public holiday. For an apparent power grab, Biden has turned up the pressure on moderate Democrats to change Senate rules -- dump the filibuster -- to get these measures passed. He's pushing ahead even as voting-rights advocates skipped his speech. They pushed Biden to the precipice, and now they want distance. So, here's the other question that begs to be asked: Are there 50 lemmings in the Senate? Debra J. Saunders To the Editor, Here's what I think of your governor. How would the Governor feel if a mob of violent people broke into the Capitol building in Tallahassee, rifled through his office and police officers defending the building died as a result? Would he refer to it as Christmas, as he did at a recent press conference for the Jan. 6, 2021 Insurrection? Christmas is a celebration of a birth. Jan 6 is a memorial to lives lost and the desecration of the hallowed halls of Congress. I watched it live on TV and was appalled. As a former Air Force nurse stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, I visited the Capitol several times. It is a hallowed hall that was desecrated that day and should be remembered as such. How callus can the governor be to compare the deaths of five police officers to Christmas? Don't those lives matter to him? Republican John McCain, who I voted for, would be appalled also. May he rest in peace that he is not witnessing the deterioration of his party. Compounding the event, was it being ignored by the then CommanderIn-Chief, President who should be court martialed for dereliction of duty. I am ashamed and embarrassed by the misconduct of the Florida governor also. He will never be elected with my vote and my vote matters to me. Alice Mack, RN, retired. Former Air Force Captain, Fort Myers Ed. Note: It has been amazing to me that so many ignore the many many deaths, injuries and the riots in general that occurred during the summer of 2020 where local businesses and police stations were burned to the ground, where loads and loads of bricks magically appeared roadside to be able to be thrown at police... and yet these same people are appalled over Jan 6th, which now seems to have been encouraged or worse possibly orchestrated by our own FBI! Tell me why questions asked by Sen Cruze were not able to be answered? He asked "How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of Jan. 6?" Jill Sanborn, executive assistant director for the FBI's national security branch said in response that she could not discuss "the specifics of sources and methods" of the FBI. Cruz then broadened his question by asking if any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the riot."Sir, I can’t answer that," she said. Cruz then asked if any agents or confidential informants committed crimes of violence on Jan. 6. When he received the same answer, he asked if any agents or confidential informants "actively encouraged" crimes of violence on Jan. 6. "Sir, I can’t answer that." was her answer again! REALLY??...... seems to me the answer should have been an obvious “NONE” but it wasn’t... WHYWASN’T IT??? Please .... Retired Air Force Captain Alice Mack, RN.... can you think of one reason the answer was not “NONE” I myself can only think of one reason the answer wasn’t “NONE” hmmmmn.... Thank you for your letter, I was wondering how I would be able to discuss this FBI travesty and you gave me the perfect opportunity! Quote of the Week If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under. - Ronald Reagan To the Editor, WTF? Biden once again called VP Harris the President? Really? How scary is that? I mean, can you imagine if she were actually President? That would be rough.... What is with this guy? And now he is promoting getting rid of the Filibusters that he lobbied against so many time in the past! Seems like the filibuster sea saw is once again in main stream news. The Democrats used the filibuster 328 times during the 2019-2020 Congressional term... now they want to do away with it....because it hinders them now, but when it helped them, they Loved It! What hypocrites! My parents were first generation and taught us to love America, but I now fear for my country... !!! Armand Kazemi PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper

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ments reports, with the median price “still rising in double-digits.” In December 2021, Tampa home prices were up 13.9% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $336,000, Redfin reports. On average, homes in Tampa sold 11 days on the market compared to 18 days in 2020 over the same time period. In both September and October, homes spent a median of six days on the market, Zillow reported. The year-to-date closed sales in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater MSA as of January 8, 2022, Santarelli notes, are up 9.2%. The dollar volume last October was $1.8 billion, a 10.3% year-over-year increase, and year-to-date, $18.5 billion, a 32.3% increase. Cash sales in December were up 43.4% from last year, Santerelli notes, with the percentage of closed sales paid in cash up by 51.6%. “This indicates the extent to which investors are participating in the market with many possible exceptions,” he said, adding that “a massive influx of out-ofstate cash buyers resulting in soaring prices” was a significant factor. Tampa also saw yearover-year rental growth with annual rent appreciation up 27.4% compared to 2020. “The strong growth in rent in 2021 provides some evidence for overall growth in demand for housing: More people are trying to get a place of their own to live, whether they are renting or purchasing, thanks to a booming population of 2534 year-olds, as well as rising incomes,” Tampa sales are up as more people are moving to Florida, its economy continues to outpace the nation’s, and Florida ranked the most free state economically last year. Florida ranked the second-most popular destination for movers renting UHaul trucks for one-way moves last year, according to data compiled by U-Haul’s annual Growth Index. It also saw the largest net domestic migration gain from April 2020 to December 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau reported, the second-greatest growth numerically, and a positive net international migration. By November 2021, Florida’s job growth was six times faster than the nation’s. Florida’s economy was growing because “we’ve worked hard to keep Florida open and protect the jobs of individual Floridians,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said. “Because we have protected their livelihoods, Floridians are confident in finding work and operating their own businesses. We will continue to focus on our state’s foundation of freedom to ensure that Florida remains a leader in economic growth and Floridians are able to succeed.” By November, Florida had gained 1,162,700 private sector jobs since April 2020, representing “93.5% of jobs lost during the pandemic that have been recovered,” the state workforce agency reported. Six months earlier, DeSantis had reopened the state while most were still on lockdown. He maintains that more people are moving to Florida because of its progrowth and anti-lockdown policies, a position he’s consistently held. Bethany Blankley The Center Square The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 Tampa Tops List of Hottest Housing Markets “Green” Energy Sources: Taking A Serious Look Before discussing my favorite “green” energy source, I’d like to give a “shout out” and sincere thanks to fossil fuels for bringing civilization to where it is today in terms of the overall health and prosperity of planet earth. Fossil fuels, Mother Nature’s green technology, advanced the planet farther than any other alternative could have. Mother Nature, one of God’s earthly “shop foremen,” is a mighty pesky character to deal with. But her imagination, when it came to providing energy for early humans, was phenomenal. When early humans needed survival solutions, they discovered Mother Nature’s rudimentary, but ingenious, recycling solution. Organic materials had been transformed from dead plants and animals into precisely the kind of energy source needed. For millennia, humans used kindling and wood for cooking, warmth, and safety at night. As humans developed knowledge and talents, they discovered many more plentiful and useful resources available in nature. Resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, and natural organic fertilizers, allowed modern society to develop and thrive. But we shouldn’t rest on our laurels. It’s a good thing to use our “wits” to continue improving our lives. And always, God’s gift of wisdom must be used to carefully manage and use the earth’s resources. Otherwise potentially advantageous technology breakthroughs can be useless if impetuously employed. Our physical and financial security can be seriously impaired. We humans often aren’t patient enough to deliver otherwise smart solutions. Recently for example, after achieving long sought and highly coveted energy independence, the new administration quickly cancelled pipeline development and reduced drilling opportunities on public lands. The reduction in natural gas and oil production, so precious to our economy and national security, caused our still fragile energy independence to disappear within just a few months. Soon after throwing away our precious energy independence, the President found it necessary to approach OPEC, “hat-in-hand,” requesting them to increase oil production. We needed help to get through a self-imposed energy shortage and price inflation. Let’s be realistic. We’re not ready to be a prime-time player for delivering on the idealistic dreams of removing fossil fuels from our lives. That promise was proclaimed in the Green New Deal and Build Back Better legislative proposals. Wind, sun, and other natural phenomenon abound, and we hear predictions about developing battery technology for energy storage. But we’re not even fractionally ready to rely on them to carry the burden of our energy requirements? These sources are intermittent at best. The sun doesn’t always shine, and winds don’t always blow. You can’t store wind and sunshine like you can oil and gas. Without massive and clean energy storage capability, it won’t matter how plentiful those alternatives are. The requirement for having baseload energy available on a moment’s notice isn’t possible when depending on intermittent sources of energy. That’s where fossil fuel baseload energy capabilities will be front and center for a long time to come. We must not impetuously dispense with using this valuable resource. My appreciation for clean energy is why I’m astounded by the decades-old refusal by green energy zealots to permit the building of nuclear energy plants. Nuclear power is well established as a proven provider of baseload energy requirements, and it deserves high, and improving, marks for being environmentally safe. If CO2 emissions is your major concern, be assured that nuclear energy produces none of it. I don’t see how you can be a serious proponent of discontinuing fossil fuels unless you are a proponent of nuclear power. Without nuclear power as part of your strategy, I don’t believe you can be sincerely concerned with environmental CO2. Modern technology has significantly reduced safety and waste management issues of nuclear energy. Its problems are well understood and controllable. Fusion and other more exotic processes for generating and delivering nuclear power are in the works. It’s now time to resume the exploitation of our nuclear energy capabilities. And I say again, the next time you hear fossil fuels being referred to as a disgusting pariah, speak up and give a salute to fossil fuels for getting mankind over those tough early millennia. Eventually, knowledge and technology gave us a dependable green energy supply such as nuclear energy. “Much obliged,” Mother Nature! myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers Cont. from pg 1

The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 January 14, 2022 - January 20, 2022 In many parts of the world, including the United States, vaccine passports are required for travel. Vaccine passports are morally dubious for several reasons, but they seem particularly unjust for people who’ve already had COVID19, since they’ve already been exposed to the virus and have acquired natural immunity. Some evidence, such as a medical study out of Israel published in October, suggests that people with natural immunity actually have more protection from COVID-19 than vaccinated individuals. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institutes of Health and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, was recently asked on CNN about the Israeli study—specifically if people naturally infected with COVID-19 had a lower risk of contracting the virus than those who received the vaccine. He declined to give a clear answer. “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that,” Fauci said. “That’s something that we’re going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response.” Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff disagrees. “Based on the solid evidence from the Israeli study, the Covid recovered have stronger and longerlasting immunity against Covid disease than the vaccinated,” Kulldorff wrote. “Hence, there is no reason to prevent them from activities that are permitted to the vaccinated.” ‘No Federal Solution’ Getting vaccinated after getting COVID-19 might provide additional protection. “Recent research,” the Mayo Clinic says, “suggests that people who got COVID-19 in 2020 and then received mRNA vaccines produce very high levels of antibodies that are likely effective against current and, possibly, future variants. Some scientists call this hybrid immunity.” Kulldorff is right, however, that it is unnecessary and indeed discriminatory to treat people with natural immunity differently than those who’ve been vaccinated. (Vaccine passports themselves are morally dubious, as noted above, since they deprive individuals of fundamental freedoms.) Moreover, Kulldorff says the NCAA’s decision to consider those who’ve had COVID “fully vaccinated” for just three months—a smaller window than those who’ve received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines—is strange since evidence indicates that natural immunity offers stronger protections against COVID than the vaccines. “It is good that the NCAA recognizes natural immunity for those who have recovered from Covid, but, since natural immunity is stronger and longer lasting than vaccine induced immunity, there are no public health reasons to only acknowledge it for three months after infection,” Kulldorff, an epidemiologist and biostatistician who has studied infectious disease outbreaks for years, told me in an email. Still, while Dr. Fauci may not have made up his mind on natural immunity yet, it’s clear that other organizations are reaching their own conclusions as the federal government’s clumsy attempts to contain COVID-19 continue to fail. "The omicron variant has presented another surge of cases across the country," NCAA chief medical officer Brian Hainline said. "Given how the pandemic continues to evolve, it's important that staff on member campuses continue to work with their local and state health officials on protocols most suitable for their locations." It’s unclear precisely what Hainline meant with these comments, but his use of the terms “local and state-health officials” may reflect President Biden’s recent admission that “there’s no federal solution” to the pandemic. This would certainly be a step in the right direction. But the real epiphany will be when they realize the heavy hand of the state has only made the pandemic worse. Jon Miltimore Natural Immunity Is Now Considered Fully Vaccinated by NCAA