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The largest event of its kind on Florida’s Gulf coast comes to the only facility large enough to host an event like this, The Lee Civic Center for only 3 days… February 4th, 5th and 6th! And get this… there is so much to do and see…. Re-entry is FREE all weekend! SW Florida Nautical Mile Magazine’s publisher and Expo promoter, Jim Griffiths said, “People didn’t come to Florida to go hiking, most are coastal enthusiasts in some way, so the Expo has something for everyone.” The Lee Civic Center’s 52,000 square foot air conditioned arena, and several acres outside will be filled with exotic boats, jewelry, nautical gadgets, arts and crafts, sportswear, antiques, fine exotic woodwork creations that can’t be found in stores, outdoor furniture, a nautically themed shopping market, clothing, and fine art-including world-famous nautical artists Steve Whitlock and Douglas Snidely, plus watch fly-tying demonstrations, experience a wildlife exhibit up close including an indoor alligator pit, When I came to Washington, D.C., in 1985, Ronald Reagan was president. I was working for the Reagan budget office. We did something we weren't very proud of at the time. We introduced the first $1 trillion budget in American history, which was unthinkable. One trillion dollars. There are 12 zeroes in a trillion. A trillion is a million dollars times a million. The budget deficit hit $200 billion and 6% of our entire GDP. Again, unthinkable. Now, fast forward 37 years later. The budget today is nowhere close to $1 trillion. In 2021, President Joe Biden's first year in office, the federal spending came in at just under $7 trillion ($6.81 trillion, to be exact). So, in less than four decades, the budget has grown sevenfold. Much faster than inflation. Much faster than the economy. The government is now gobbling up the economy, spending up to 30% of our national output. Add state and local spending, and we are close to 40%. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on unemployment insurance programs with no quality controls, so more than $100 billion was doled out to fraudulent claims. Billions of dollars went to criminals living in Nigeria, South Africa and Mexico. That's some stimulus to the economy. The Wall Street Journal found that we spent tens of billions of dollars on the New York subway system even though ridership is down by two-thirds. We could practically be giving every rider a free limousine service, which would be cheaper for taxpayers. According to the Wall Street Journal, more money has gone to the New York subway system than all of the federal money for COVID-19 treatments. From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 16 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 Right... All Along Cont. pg 12 Florida now has experienced 20 consecutive months of job growth and 14 consecutive months of labor force increases, the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity reports. The state continues to outperform national figures. In December 2021, the labor force was up 29,000 from the previous month, bringing the total number of people employed in the month to 10.6 million. Florida businesses gained 11,900 private-sector jobs in December 2021 compared to the previous month. The state’s unemployment rate is 4.4%, having decreased by 0.1 percentage points from the previous month. Florida businesses created 479,300 total jobs in 2021, increasing by 5.6% over the year, faster than the national job growth rate of 4.5%. Florida’s labor force today is greater than it was in February 2020, before the coronavirus hit, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reports. In the past year, Florida’s labor force grew by 6.1%, more than six times faster than the nation’s. Florida’s strong job and economic growth is an indicator of Florida Job Growth Continues to Outperform the Nation The Truly Dangerous Virus Spreading Today Is Runaway Government Spending Cont. pg 16 Local Theater, Local Talent Cont. pg 23 While returning from lunch the other day we noticed a new neighbor “The Fort Myers Theatre” magically appeared on San Carlos Blvd…. as most of our readers already know we just adore live theater so we popped in to say hello and explore… inside we found Jeremy Kuntze who owns the theater with his wife Michelle. He told us they were performing the play Steel Magnolias that evening, I explained to Jeremy that we prefer seats in the back if there were any left for that night’s performance, luckily there were some so we decided to come back later for the show. We arrived just before show time and the theater was mostly Cont. pg 15 Cast of Steel Magnolias As another example of a well run company, Youngquist Brothers have operated a Fort Myers based well drilling business for over 40 years, they always seem to have help wanted signs in front of their Pine Ridge Road location, as we went by we saw 3 different signs for multiple positions.

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 A bathroom that isn't well-ventilated can lead to growth of unpleasant mold and mildew. One way to help prevent this growth is to use special lightbulbs in the overhead lights: LED bulbs that are embedded with ultraviolet light. UV lights have been successful in hospitals in inhibiting microbial growth, so using one in your bathroom can also keep your environment healthy without the use of chemicals. And since LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, the UV LED bulb will pay off for many years to come. We all can’t be completely perfect, so when you do use a disposable plastic bag and you’re forced to toss it in the trash, do one more thing before throwing it away: Make a knot. Thin plastic bags that get caught in the wind and go airborne can end up tangled in trees and wires or become litter on the road. By simply making a large, dense knot in the plastic before tossing it, you can prevent it from being easily airborne. Of course, the best solution is to avoid plastic bags altogether, but do this if you must throw one away. Got annoying fruit flies in the kitchen? Trap them with the help of an old banana peel. Simply take a large plastic container (like an empty quart-size yogurt container) and punch a few small holes in the lid using a nail and hammer. Then place the banana peel inside and seal it shut. The scent of rotting, sugary fruit will attract the flies, which will crawl through the holes and then be unable to get back out. After a few days, empty the peel and bugs into the compost and place the plastic container in the recycling bin. UV LED Knot Plastic Bags Fruit Flies Many of us use essential oils to concoct homemade beauty and cleaning products. But if you think all essential oils are totally natural, think again. If the words “naturally derived” are on the bottle, that doesn’t mean it’s totally plantbased. On the contrary, it means that the molecular structure of whatever flower or plant the oil is from was made in a laboratory. In other words, it’s artificial. Generally speaking, essential oils from inexpensive plants like peppermint and rosemary are usually all-natural, and both are good choices for whatever you’re making at home. Essential Oils Water is water, right? So pouring some leftover soft drink or sports drink out of the bottle and onto the ground should be fine for plants, correct? Actually, no. While, yes, these are beverages we use for hydration, they contain high amounts of sugar that can hurt plants. Just like salt, sugary drinks prevent plants from absorbing water. The only type of leftover fizzy stuff that is good for plants is zero-sugar drinks like club soda or carbonated water because they are full of nutrients like oxygen, hydrogen and carbon that plants love. Actually No Here's my easy way to keep toilets sparkling-clean without the use of chemicals: Sprinkle 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a full 60 minutes before scrubbing. The mixture will bubble and naturally remove stains and odors. After one hour, scrub with a brush and flush away. You can also put two denture cleaner tablets into the bowl and let it sit overnight to really remove stubborn stains like mineral buildup. Sparkling Clean While it may be fashionable for a moment, deep, rich colors or bright, vibrant hues in clothing can also indicate that the materials have been dyed with very harsh chemicals. Textiles have to be treated with a myriad of chemicals to produce colors in fashionable psychedelic shades. According to Greenpeace, almost 20% of industrial water waste is from textile dyes and treatment. To avoid this, think neutral. The less colorful, the fewer (if any) dyes are used. Always look for organic fabrics, or even better, try to shop secondhand. Danny Seo Psychedelic Shades

In my opinion, former President Trump is the only one who can save America and our Republic from the radical, socialist left…they have complete control of all three branches of our Government. They have ALREADY thrown out the Constitution, our Rule of Law and disregarded Due Process and every Immigration and Naturalization law there is! They most certainly have no intention to correct the corrupt voting process THEY created with the Dominion Voting machines, the lack of voter ID, unregulated mail-in ballots, total lack of chain of custody of original ballots, proper and FAIR vote monitoring (both parties present with unlimited observation of votes and voting)! They intend to overthrow your Republic and turn it into a Socialist country. To deny that, is a big freaking mistake! They are at a cross roads. They realize that they will lose the House and Senate in November and the White House in 2024… all because of their total and complete disregard for the intelligence of, “We the people”, that‘s you and me! Either the Dems act before November, 2022 or their best chance ever, to make this a Socialist Nation, will be gone…forever! President Trump MUST run for Congress in 2022. If he does he is most certain to regain the White House…he creates two Paths to the Presidency! His current position is unique and ideal to regain…to save our country!!! PATH #1 The First is Congress in 2022… almost a certainty. The Second is the 2024 Presidential Election, uncertain. It’s uncertain not because he won’t win in an honest election…it’s because he has no chance for an honest election without voting changes…he just won’t win in another corrupt election! That is unless an “Honesty in Voting” law is passed by the very people who created the way to cheat and there is no freaking way the Democraps will pass a Voting Bill that removes the “ways and means” they can cheat… and cheat they will in EVERY election UNLESS the Republican Party can control all the polling venues INSTEAD of the dishonest Democraps (Democraps are Democrats who do not believe in the Constitution, eg AOL and her crew)! In the First path to the Presidency…it's paramount that he become Speaker. ..first because Pelosi is staying! Second, as Speaker he can slam the door on the insane spending and force the issue of the Border walls...checks and balances ...the WALL is fully approved, funded and under contracts and Congress has the obligation to see it through! As Speaker, the road is clear…Impeach both Biden and Harris, either individually or as a pair…I personally like the pair idea so that History will show what happens to Traitors, after they are both tried for treason! The next in line to run the country is…Speaker of The House, who just happens to be Donald J Trump. NOW pass those voter ID laws! In the First Path to the Presidency… as the Speaker, Trump could improve the election laws BEFORE the 2024 election then should Speaker Trump decide to run for President and lose, he is still Speaker and in control of Congress and control of the insane money they are spending! PATH #2 ... The 2024 election If he takes the Second Path, the 2024 election…but does not become a Congessman first, and loses, America is screwed and America is gone as a free country!!! I believe that Mr. Trump should RUN on that PLATFORM... that Mr Trump fully intends to run for Congress then Speaker and then rid the country of Traitors! As President, Mr. Trump can insure there will be an, “Honesty in Federal Elections”, law starting with what America wants MOST, Voter ID ...next, that our Borders are secure again ... that we will be power independent again... and make certain that no one can eliminate a critical source of power, like fossil fuels, which is still creates 80% of our electric power, without viable replacement power! Ensure that our Oil Reserves are used ONLY for national emergencies. Made In America will reappear on products... products critical to our national security, like medicine, ammunition, computer chips, specific fundamental food products ...and more, must all be manufactured, grown or built in America. I also believe he should pass laws prohibiting ANY export of any elements that are declared critical elements like Uranium, Cadmium, Lithium and much more! I believe he should break any contracts and stop the export of any of those critical materials that should not have been exported by Executive Orders... like Uranium, backed up by legislation. Let Russia and China file suit ...I don't believe they can! Screw China any way we can…America is MAD!!! If we can't sue China, for the China Flu... ?! I feel the then President Trump should encourage the building of Nuclear Power plants in ALL 50 States! Build using our awesome US Nuclear knowledge on Nuclear Power Plants... and all US materials, US steel, US concrete, and workers who are US Citizens. Funded by the Government but sold to private Utility Companies when completed! I fully believe ‘they’ will make a drastic move to cause CHAOS. I believe the Internet will be shut down and then the 3 Grids. ‘They’ will blame the "Radical Republicans" as the culprits... for shutting down the internet and grids... and for ALL the evil acts that will follow, just like they are doing with Jan 6, 2021 and did with fake Global Warming/Climate Change… run chicken little… the sky is falling! ‘They’ will tell us that the Democraps (the ones who are actually behind it all)... are coming to our rescue with the Military, to put down the Coup... that they created... what a BRILLIANT FREAKING MOVE!!! If the coup fails, they know they will all face the death penalty because they will be committing Acts of Sabotage, Espionage and Treason!!! They cannot fail. Treason, is a Capital offense ... to fail would be certain death! All of the main conspirators owe allegiance to America, a key element to Treason. They are all US citizens who have sworn to Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Shutting down the Grid is what Russia has threatened to do with 2 EMP bombs... the EXACT same effect as what "Branden" may, well, do.. It's also an act of war on the US... committed by... whom ever did it? Wouldn't you agree?!!! If you don't believe these scoundrels are capable... just look to Jan 6th... the truth is out now...they did it. .. who did they blame…Republicans? They shot and killed an unarmed female on the OTHER freaking side of a wall and door! No real Police Department could, would, possibly even try to justify any part of that shooting…he feared an unarmed female, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A DOOR…really???! Yet WDC PD thinks they have gotten away with that. I don't think so... the other shoe hasn't dropped yet! I believe, as a Firearms and Deadly Force Instructor that someone told him to “fire a shot through the door” and he MISSED. Check his Qualification Gun Scores and talk to his instructors. The way he handled that gun …in my opinion …he’s probably shouldn’t have a gun! Get a court order for him to shoot a Qualifying score and when he claims the 5th…you’ll know…no one officer should be afraid to prove their ability to qualify. Go after him! They have denied dozens of Citizens Due Process…they have been IN JAIL for almost a year, in solitary confinement, without being charged, without an attorney, in filthy unsanitary conditions…and no FREAKING ACLU. Guess who contributes, heavily to the ACLU…George Soros…that’s who. Hmmm… I always thought lawyers were honest… although, I have arrested a few! They should change their name to the Un-American Select Civil Liberty Union For Oligarchs or the Funded Un-American Civil Founders Union or the FUCF U for short! Let Me Put It This Way... If It Happens... Branden Did It!IF IT ! In my opinion…we are already in a War …a War to save America! That is why it is so important for all my readers to send emails, letters, Tweets, whatever to President Trump urging him to become a Congressman from Florida If President Trump and the Republican Party pick a Republican District in Florida he can win and make him the Republican candidate, no matter who has the current seat, if a Republican holds that seat, all the better, give him a job, if we take his job to save America! Remember ... we are fighting for our existence of our Country. In just one District, we can easily train enough known loyal Conservatives to monitor all of the voting venues with equal representation by Democrats. Our people need to be trained on the voting laws... trained to not succumb to bullying and to make a stand if necessary if it pertains directly to the actual ballot casting. Dems run the venues in their districts…do the same in ours! Pick a District with a county that has a Republican Sherriff and ask him/her to appoint a former Republican, Federal, State or Local Lawmen as Sheriff Deputies to enforce the election laws at each polling place! Mr. Trump please, solidify the Party, and fight to regain the House, Senate and Whitehouse and put some common sense in the White House... again... instead of a Puppet, with a decaying wooden head... We need to keep America a Constitutional Republic and never succumb to Socialism and promise to Impeach and charge all those responsible for the lawlessness. therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 The Right Side Our Last, Best And Only Chance To Save Our Constitutional Republic ...... Is DONALD J. TRUMP!

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 When the DNC saw socialist Bernie Sanders take three primaries, they panicked! They turned over every political gravestone looking for someone who might defeat a populist, Donald Trump. But they found an electable comrade. So they recycled the relic Joe Biden to pair with a progressive mate they'd sneak into the west wing shortly after Biden stumbled through the inauguration ceremony. Biden was told to choose a progressive black woman as the president in waiting. The left's entire suspenseful vetting process was a tactic to fictionalize the résumé of the most progressive female politician in America, Kamala Harris. By Election Day 2020, the far left and the liberal media hacks had convinced America that Democrats had the most moderate and diverse ticket in U.S. history. Hidden in his basement bunker, Biden campaigned to unite America. But a year after he defeated the evil Trump, he has dug his political grave. Like leftists before, he promised a chicken on every barbecue, a Flintstone car in every garage and an alphabet soup of alluring government programs. And this would not cost Americans a dime. All of this stuff would be paid for by taxing the evil rich. Biden promised to dump Donald Trump, expand government, end political chaos and return order to Washington. But at the end of his first year, he is in a political meltdown. He created more chaos with his all progressive agenda. And VP Harris is considered a bully, a malcontent and a liability. The once comic Joe Biden is no longer a joke but a serious threat to American republicanism. He has created sociopolitical and economic havoc by dividing the races, the classes and Congress. After Biden's first year, the Consumer Price Index marks inflation at 7.5%, highest since the Jimmy Carter years. Seniors and families across the U.S. are struggling to survive as the price of used cars, gas, fuel oil, food, housing and all consumer goods soar into the stratosphere. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the past year import prices have risen 10.4%, while shortages of consumer goods are getting worse. Much of this is due to the labor shortage fueled by Biden's unnecessary stimulus checks and marathon of unemployment benefits. Biden made it easier "not to work." The guy who brags about his ability to wheel and deal wanted to be president so badly, he sold his soul to the progressive devil. But he can't sell America on their socialist laundry list. He's lost voters on both sides of the aisle as well as independents, and he also has caused a deep divide within his own party. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows only a third of America approves of Joe Biden. It revealed voters feel he divided America more. It shows Biden has lost support from socialist progressives for not expanding federalism. Among those surveyed, 57% disapprove of Biden's economy; 54% feel his foreign policy has failed, 55% say he made the pandemic worse, and 66% dislike his partisanship. Joe Biden, like fellow Democrats Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, promised to expand federalism. They forced aggressive social programs through Congress even though many of them were unpopular. But both Biden and Harris can't peddle their all-progressive wish list to anyone. Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan was tumultuous, and it damaged our relationship with India, the biggest democracy in the world. U.S. troops in Afghanistan were a security buffer for India to protect them from the Taliban terrorists and the nuclear armed Pakistanis. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan as an important step to move into India. Discontent for Biden's order to teach CRT in public schools resulted in Virginia electing Winsome Sears, a black woman as lieutenant governor, and Glenn Youngkin as governor, both members of the GOP. The GOP also flipped the Virginia House. This is a national trend against Biden's progressive agenda. Biden promised to end the pandemic. Yet his numerous federal mask and vaccination mandates failed miserably. Now he has no answer for the growing infections caused by the omicron variant. As Roger Ebert wrote, "There's trouble in paradise" for Biden and Harris when media and their own party turns against them. The liberal media handmaidens are ignoring his preposterous assurances that inflation is only temporary, the supply chain is moving smoothly, America is now accepting the teaching of CRT in public schools, there is no labor shortage and After a Year, Even the Left is Upset with Biden January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 Cont. on pg 18

There are a number of unusual legal terms you may come across when preparing your Florida estate plan. One of them is “exempt property.” This term appears in a specific Florida statute that is part of the state's overall laws governing individual estates. So what does it mean? And is it something you need to think about when making a will or trust? Understanding Exempt Property When you die, your debts do not necessarily pass on with you. Your creditors may demand repayment of your debts from the assets in your estate. In order to ensure such demands do not leave your immediate family with nothing, however, Florida law exempts certain property from most creditor claims. This is what is known as “exempt property.” Exempt property protections only cover your spouse–if you were married at the time of your death– otherwise they pass on to any children who outlived you. By law, your spouse or children may claim the following types and amounts of property under the legal exemption: ● Up to $20,000 worth of “furniture, furnishings, and appliances” in your primary residence. ● 1 or 2 motor vehicles, provided neither weighs more than 15,000 pounds, and they are used by your “immediate family as their personal motor vehicles.” ● Any money you placed in a Florida 529 Savings Plan. ● If you are a public school teacher or administrator, any death benefit your family is paid if you are killed as the “result of an unlawful and intentional act.” You'll notice there are a lot of items omitted from the definition of exempt property. For example, it does not protect your jewelry. Nor does it cover your home or other real estate, although Florida law contains additional protections for your primary residence (or “homestead”). You should also know that exempt property does not protect any property subject to a “perfected security interest.” In plain English, if you used any of the exempt property described above as collateral, the lender may still be able to seize that item from your estate. So if you had an outstanding car loan one of your vehicles, your spouse cannot rely on the exempt property rule to prevent the lender from repossessing the vehicle. Exempt Property and Your Will Now you may be wondering, “Does the exempt property rule override my will?” For example, say you own a car that meets the exempt property requirements. Do you have to leave it to your spouse, or can you give it to your brother instead? The simple answer is that any property you specifically dispose of in your will is not subject to the exempt property rule. So if your will includes a clause that says, “I leave my 2010 Honda accord to my brother,” your spouse or children cannot use the exempt property rule to override your gift. Of course, this is only a hypothetical example. If you need more specific advice tailored to your own situation, you need to speak with a qualified Fort Myers estate planning attorney. Call the Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., at 239-333-4529 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team today. Dear Doctors: Our family just spent two weeks passing around a nasty stomach flu. Now that we’re all OK, I realize I don’t know what hit us. Was it the same bug that gives you the regular flu? How does it get from one person to another? Dear Reader: What we commonly refer to as “stomach flu” is more accurately known as “viral gastroenteritis.” It’s different from the actual flu, which is a respiratory illness that affects the throat, nose and lungs. Unlike the flu, which is caused by the influenza virus, stomach flu typically arises from infection with a different set of viruses. They target the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the stomach and the large and small intestines. The two most common causes of viral gastroenteritis are rotaviruses and noroviruses. Rotavirus disease is most often seen in infants and young children. Older children and adults can also become infected, but their symptoms tend to be less severe. Noroviruses, which are the most common cause of stomach flu in adults, can affect children as well. Both rotaviruses and noroviruses are highly contagious. They spread through direct contact with contaminated food, drink, dishes, utensils and surfaces, and through close contact with an infected individual. Both of the viruses are shed in a contaminated person’s stool. If that person fails to thoroughly wash their hands after a bowel movement, they can spread the live virus to everything that they touch. Symptoms of viral gastroenteritis typically begin 12 to 48 hours after infection. They include stomach discomfort or cramping, feeling nauseated, vomiting, persistent diarrhea, loss of appetite and exhaustion. Some people also have muscle aches, headache or a low-grade fever. Diagnosis is based on someone’s symptoms, plus a physical exam. A stool sample may be used to rule out bacterial or parasitic illness, which can have similar symptoms. A mild case of viral gastroenteritis lasts for two to three days. A more severe infection can persist for a week or more. One of the risks of this type of illness is becoming dehydrated. This is due to the fluids lost through diarrhea and vomiting, which can be difficult to replace when you’re feeling too nauseated to eat or drink. This is particularly dangerous for the very young and for older adults. It’s important for someone with gastroenteritis to stay hydrated by drinking small amounts of clear fluids throughout the day. Drinking too much, or too quickly, can increase nausea. Younger and older patients may require special oral rehydration fluids. You should seek guidance on these from your health care provider. It’s important to be alert to signs of dehydration. These include dry skin, dry mouth, little or no urine, urine that is a deep yellow color, or feeling faint, dizzy or lightheaded. If these occur, seek medical help immediately. Since antibiotics don’t work against viruses, treatment focuses on easing the patient’s symptoms. This includes rest, hydration and a bland diet as you gradually ease back into eating. New parents might consider asking their pediatrician about the rotavirus vaccine, which is effective at preventing serious symptoms. How Does “Exempt Property,” Affect My Florida Estate Planning? ASK THE DOCTORS Stomach Flu Is Actually Viral Gastroenteritis Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? Call Bobby at: 239-267-4000 Low Tide High Tide Fri, Jan 28 Tide Set One 08:58 PM 2.62 ft 04:47 AM -0.85 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sat, Jan 29 Tide Set One 10:03 PM 2.76 ft 05:49 AM -1.12 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sun, Jan 30 Tide Set One 02:57 PM 1.35 ft 06:42 AM -1.21 ft Tide Set Two 11:06 PM 2.82 ft 04:13 PM 1.35 ft Mon, Jan 31 Tide Set One 03:04 PM 1.28 ft 07:29 AM -1.21 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- 05:31 PM 1.18 ft Tue, Feb 1 Tide Set One 12:04 AM 2.82 ft 08:11 AM -1.12 ft Tide Set Two 03:15 PM 1.25 ft 06:35 PM 1.02 ft Wed, Feb 2 Tide Set One 12:57 AM 2.72 ft 08:47 AM -0.89 ft Tide Set Two 03:28 PM 1.31 ft 07:36 PM 0.82 ft Thu, Feb 3 Tide Set One 01:48 AM 2.53 ft 09:18 AM -0.62 ft Tide Set Two 03:42 PM 1.41 ft 08:36 PM 0.66 ft Tide Chart

The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 Letters To The Editor Guest Editorial We are constantly fighting amongst ourselves, a fight over good vs. evil. What Democrats believe in is not "politics as usual," it's not "liberalism," it's not "progressive," it's not even "socialist lite." It's a combination of communism, fascism, Nazism and the slavery of the Confederate South. Yes, I guess the Democrats are still the Confederates. First, before I discuss the evil that Democrats represent, let me start with an explanation. Understand I'm not talking about today's American South. I love the South. If it weren't for the patriots and conservatives of Southern states today, we wouldn't have a Republican Party. We wouldn't have lower taxes, prosperity, plentiful jobs, economic freedom or capitalism. We wouldn't be America. God bless the Southern states. You are my heroes. But the Confederate South of the Civil War period is a different story. The Confederate Southern Democrats led the charge to secede from the Union. The Confederate South was built upon slavery. The Confederate Southern Democrats believed one group of Americans was sub-human and had no rights. Enslaving any group, for any reason, is pure evil. Slavery is the biggest stain on America's history. I repeat, today's Democrats are the Confederates still. It's happening again today. It's time to admit demonizing one group of Americans, taking their rights away and enslaving them is evil. It is un-American. These views don't belong in American politics. They don't belong in America. It's time to tell the raw truth -- no matter how ugly. Democrats hate us: Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, and now, most intensely, the unvaccinated, regardless of party affiliation. Democrats want no dissent. No freedom of speech. They want to destroy our lives. It's all out in the open now. They want to imprison us, censor us, ban us and take our jobs and businesses away. They even want to take our children away. In short, they want to make us serfs and slaves. Over a mild flu, or common cold bug, with a 99.9% chance of recovery. The excuse for slavery in the 1800s was cotton. Today it's COVID-19. You can't fight FACTS. Here they are. Read them and weep. The latest Rasmussen poll is out. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats (nearly two-thirds) would support the government confining unvaccinated people to their homes indefinitely. Think about that for a moment. This is madness. This is unlawful imprisonment. This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We fought and died in the American Revolution over this one. This is slavery. We fought a Civil War over slavery. But wait, it gets worse. Just about half of Democrats (48%) believe you or I should face prison, or at best, fines that drive us out of business, for daring to discuss, debate or question the need for, effectiveness, or safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Free speech is out the window. If Democrats say "it is so" and you disagree, you must go along with it or go to prison. About half (47%) of Democrats support the government tracking an unvaccinated person's movements at all times. How would they do that? Would they install chips under our skin? Would they assign Gestapo agents to follow us 24/7 year-round? About half (45%) of Democrats support the government putting unvaccinated people in "designated facilities or locations" (i.e., internment camps for the unvaccinated). Almost one-third of Democrats (29%) support the government taking children away from unvaccinated parents. It's no longer "my body, my choice." It's "government's way or lose your children." And never forget Democrats in deep blue cities call their cities "sanctuary cities." They allow illegal aliens to live, work and vote without ID. Asking for ID would be "racist," they say. But they demand American citizens show ID to walk into any store, restaurant, bar, movie, sporting event or workplace 24/7. Noncitizens can actually board airplanes now with "arrest warrants" or "deportation orders" as their form of ID, while American citizens who are unvaccinated in blue states have lost all civil and human rights. WHAT? This is no longer politics. This is a war of good versus evil. But there is a bright lining. It's good to know exactly how the enemy thinks. And make no mistake: Democrats with these sickening views are the enemy of good, they are the enemy of freedom, they are the enemy of civil and human rights, the enemy of democracy and the U.S. Constitution, the enemy of American exceptionalism. People with these kinds of abhorrent views don't belong in America. It's clear we're at War. A war of good versus evil. And the Democrats are STILL ………. the Confederates of the Civil War, still trying to control others…. Control who you might ask????? ……. YOU and ME! To the Editor, Over a million Americans have sacrificed and died not only to obtain our own independence and freedom, but also the independence and freedom of strangers to us in foreign lands. Today our nation, our God given rights and freedoms are under grave assault from within. Sadly our elected political leaders have trampled over our Constitution by vastly overstepping the limited enumerated powers granted to the federal government by that same Constitution. We no longer have statesmen, patriots loyal to our founding principals, but rather we have too many leaders/politicians intent on securing self-power, self-glorification and unrealistic Utopian dreams where the government takes care of everything for you! REALLY?. We desperately need patriotic leaders here; men and women who believe in our founding principles of God given individual rights, freedom and limited government and are willing to sacrifice their fortunes and lives to defend and uphold these principles.(sound like any recent president?) As a nation, the United States presently cannot, better yet... will not defend it’s own southern border from foreign invaders. If we can’t/won’t do it here on our own soil, then we shouldn’t be doing it elsewhere. Nathan Camp Quote of the Week "Our children should learn the general framework of their government and then they should know where they come in contact with the government, where it touches their daily lives and where their influence is exerted on the government. It must not be a distant thing, someone else's business, but they must see how every cog in the wheel of a democracy is important and bears its share of responsibility for the smooth running of the entire machine." -Eleanor Roosevelt PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper Dear Editor, I’m sorry is no one in the Main Stream Media going to say anything about the discrimination going on? Being SCREAMED by the President! “I will appoint a Black Woman to the Supreme Court”....show me any other job that could make that or any similar claim and not get sued? How about “I want to hire a White Male for my company”... how fast would the EEOC bust my door down? what a crock of shi# ! Tony C Ed. Note: WE AGREE! but the timing is curious... why NOW???? Unfortunately this is late breaking news and I don’t have time to rearrange the paper to give this subject matter the proper attention it deserves. so we squeezed your letter in! This is just slight of hand to take the attention away from ailing/failing Joe... Pay no attention to the what is going on in the world and in or country... LOOK we are appointing A BLACK WOMAN...OMG! this is just a distraction, hopefully the appointee will be qualified and Republicans should just approve her!.. NEXT! At the Town Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, Councilors approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor, Town Manager, and Town Attorney to close the purchase of two parcels of property for $1 million owned by Gordon Zeng. These parcels, at 166 Chapel Street and 99 Tropical Shores Way, are about a half acre combined. They are adjacent to Town Hall in the back and face each other on both sides of the canal that connectsto Estero Bay. Their purchase provides the opportunity to expand service facilities as determined by Town Council, including a future building to house upland services for the Matanzas Pass Mooring Field.Upland services for the Mooring Field are currently leased through the Harbour House on San Carlos Boulevard in the Downtown District. “The Town's Comprehensive Plan states that the Town should acquire property to perform the functions of a municipality and to also acquire waterfront property,” said Roger Hernstadt, Town Manager. To assist in this purchase and construction costs, the Town will pursue State and other grants that are available for improvements to land, according to Hernstadt.He also said that the final build out net costs will be in the form of a "mortgage" to the marina operations, replacing the current monthly rent. The Town will use contingency funds ($400,000); loan reimbursement ($300,000); and a reduction in other capital projects ($300,00) to purchase the properties. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FM Beach Town Council Approves $1M Land Purchase

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 Redefining MLK’s Legacy.... Diminishes Him 1968 was an eventful year in my life, loaded with important events, dramatic life changes, and terrible national tragedies. I graduated from college that year, was married, bought a convertible, reported to my first professional job, and was drafted into the Army. There was violence at the 1968 Democrat National Convention in Chicago, the bloody Tet Offensive was launched by the North Vietnam army and the Viet Cong, and almost 17,000 U.S. lives were lost in Viet Nam. And in the springtime of 1968, both Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were murdered. I’m sure young people today think of 2020-2021 as defining national chaos for the United States – but it certainly did not. Something was different this year as complex “2022-type” emotions mixed with growing commentary surrounding King’s recent birthday commemoration. He would have been 93 on January 15th. One thing that’s different is the mention of King’s name in the current discussion assigning Jim Crow status to the political election reform debate. It was King who made us see how Jim Crow voting restrictions, the KKK, segregated lunch counters and other racist practices were wrong. To equate those issues to voter ID requirements, reasonable limits on early voting, and safeguards on mail-in balloting is foolish. It’s absurd to claim that the horrors King faced and fought against in 1963 are anything like the present situation. His dream was about people like me getting out of the way of personal achievement for all races. His dream was about minimizing differences, the opposite of today’s identity politics. King’s successful leadership came from an ability to communicate his social justice goals with all races. He had enemies, and couldn’t convince all white citizens to support him, but most respected his methods and there was a measure of popular sympathy for his message. I lived through the “years of King.” Yet, leftists have frequently, directly, and personally, scolded me for daring to claim appreciation for King. Contrary to what some radicals think, conservatives don’t support him simply because his message was modest or limited. It was profound and transformational. King was frustrated by things he hadn’t accomplished, and he expressed those feelings repeatedly. But he understood his foe was rabid segregationists that wouldn’t soon be vanquished. Anyone who read his last book “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” knows social justice was clearly his goal and vision for the future. He clearly expressed his dissatisfaction as well as his vision. In his letter from the Birmingham jail, he told us of the necessary tension for resolving these issues. He scolded us “lukewarm white supporters” and told us of his disappointment in us. And his later writings and comments expressed an impatience and frustration with people like me, but he also bemoaned the more radical of his time that were likewise impatient and distancing themselves from him. Before his death he spoke sadly of his disappointments, and people like me must take some blame for that. But the day before his death he reassured us by saying that “only when it is dark enough can you see the stars,” and he proclaimed that he had “seen the promised land.” I remember King speaking eloquently in a way that could motivate his minority constituency, as well as help white America understand his methods and goals. He had the same messages for black and white, but had the unique ability to send his message, in the right way, to whatever audience he was facing in that moment. King didn’t make modest requests. He pushed for big changes, but he never supported warfare between whites and blacks. He proclaimed we should be dissatisfied until no one would shout white power or black power and people would shout out God’s power and human power. He wouldn’t support the lawlessness of 2020-2021. To associate King’s name with identity politics of today is an affront to all he stood for. And to weaponize his legacy in support of irresponsibly rolling back election integrity is to denigrate that legacy. Identity politics wouldn’t be his choice because it foments division. He chose deemphasizing race which defuses those same emotions. Redefining King’s legacy will only diminish him. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers

The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 In my engineering work, an essential part of it is quality control. We are constantly testing our antimicrobial nutritional and surfacecoating products in third-party laboratories to assure their safety. Perhaps because of all the testing done over the years, it occurred to me very recently (just this month, January 2022) that since it seems almost all pharmaceutical ingredients come from China, the PCR test swabs might come from China as well. Unfortunately, it was just quite recently this occurred to me⏤and I wish I had thought of this earlier. But in any case, here is the information. Note that this relates to just one manufacturer and may not represent results from all manufacturers of the PCR swabs. However, the frightening results of the toxicological study is a clarion call for a study of the swabs from all manufacturers. A recent internet search turned up some disturbing research on possible toxicity on the “cotton” part of the swabs. At least that of one manufacturer in China. The study concerns only one Chinese manufacturer, but the results lay a foundation for a very thorough study of ALL the PCR test swabs in use today. Millions of people are tested daily, and this is part of a rush and panic to get massive testing done. I suppose rushing into anything in a panic is not a very sound principle. To underscore the seriousness of this potential problem, I’d like to provide the background of the researcher who tested the swabs for possible toxicity. Dr. Antonietta M Gatti, Ph.D., is a heavyweight. Antonietta M. Gatti, PhD, is the co-founder and principal investigator of Nanodiagnostics srl. She is an International Fellow of the Societies of Biomaterials and Engineering, and is the coordinator of the Italian Institute of Technology’s Project of Nanoecotoxicology, called INESE. She founded the association, Health, Law and Science, in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Antonietta Gatti has an interdisciplinary background that ranges from physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, and pathology. Dr. Gatti has 30 years of experience in research in the field of biomaterials and biocompatibility at national and international levels in various capacities. She is an undisputed expert in Nanopathology, Nanotoxicology, Environment, Ecotoxicity, Investigative and Personalized Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Expert of Environment Sustainability, Nanotoxicology, Nanoecotoxicology, Risk assessment, Nanomaterials, Materials Biocompatibility, Biomaterials, Food Contamination, Scanning Electron Microscopy and x-ray microanalysis. Now Let’s See What She Discovered: Professor Antonietta Gatti examined various PCR test swabs and analyzed their ingredients. The results showed that they are made of tough materials and contain a large number of nano-particles, including silver, aluminum, titanium, and glass fibers. All of which are not declared on the PCR test package insert. Prof. Gatti came to the following very frightening conclusions: “The “porcupine” swabs are made from tough fibers. If they scrape on the nasal mucosa, they can damage it, causing a bleeding lesion or, in any case, trauma to the tissue. “During the healing process of the mucous membrane, the broken fibers can penetrate the tissue without an opportunity to remove them, causing the formation of a granuloma or fibrotic tissue, as happens with any foreign body. The medical devices examined are not completely biocompatible and therefore do not meet the requirements of ISO standard 10993 and the tests required to obtain the CE mark. The summary of the professors’ findings is as follows: > Swabs are dangerous for the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The glassy fibers, hard and brittle, can scratch the mucous membrane and create lesions. The bleeding is an indication of the invasiveness of the test. > Repeated swab testing can produce chronic lesions. The release of fragments of the brittle, glassy fibers can cause biological reactions such as granulomas and/or fibrosis of the tissue. > These smears pose a risk to the health of infants and children. If the tests are necessary, small and mild smears must be carried out in children.” COVID PCR Test Swabs are as dangerous as inhaling Asbestos What about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky? Working day and night as guardians of public health? Fauci as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to our sock-puppet president…and Walensky, director of the CDC… The possibility of a problem related to the safety of PCR tests may be shown after further research to be simply another pandemic disaster caused by or allowed to occur by health authorities. A complete and ongoing quality control study of PCR test swabs of all manufacturers is called for on an urgent basis. And is something that can be added to the list of negligence attributable to Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Walensky’s CDC, if it has not been carried out previously. Dr. Joel S Holmes Are the PCR Test Swabs Dangerous?

The Sun Bay Paper Page 12 January 28, 2022 - February 3, 2022 Cont. from pg 1 a live swimming mermaid who retrieves shells for children, there will be archery, axe throwing, a batting cage, a swimsuit model in a dunk tank, and even a bearded sexy-guy contest Visitors can enjoy a fun family day of exhibits and activities including getting a photo with a twelvefoot Python and pet a live alligator while 11-year-old Sophie McKee educates people about SW Florida’s wildlife. And as always, attendees old and young can also expect a few last minute surprises! This year’s Expo will also be the host of SW Florida’s first $10,000 “Winner Take-All” Food Truck Showdown where Expo attendees will be the judges and can vote for their favorite food vendor. Food trucks have signed up from as far as Georgia and entries had to be closed back in December due to the incredible response to this competition. Chefs will be sharpening their culinary skills, as they compete not only for a check for $10,000, but also a unique item from the Trophy Case and a free vendor spot at all of Nautical Mile Magazine’s future shows. All Food items will be $10-orless so attendees can try different items, so bring your appetite! Estero River Kayaks is set up in a separate 2,000 square foot room, Bass Pro Shops has joined the Expo this year, and exotic fishing skiffs like Avid, Eagle View and RazorFish have signed up to show off their latest fishing machines. Griffiths went on to tell us, “Of all things, the ‘Sexy-Guy’ beard contest has gotten a lot of attention. Each day at 2pm the band takes a break and SW Florida’s sexiest bearded gentlemen take the stage in a competition where they will be attempting to win the votes of all the screaming ladies, so ladies… make sure to bring your sexy bearded guy and show him off! There will be fishing seminars in a 200-seat area inside the main building hourly throughout the 3-day event by local fishing guides who know the local waters. There’s also a national K9 dock-jumping competition ...”The Dash To The Big Splash Bash” is a Ultimate Air Dog (UAG) Regional Qualifier and will be going on all 3 days of the Expo. go to: ultimateairdogs.com for more information. Musical performers will entertain the crowds from two stages, and there will be three bars available to guests, plus a pair of 80foot tents which can seat about 700 people. Jim said that Expo proceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida with 25% of event sponsorships and 100% of an impressive prize raffle onsite during the 3-day Expo. The Foundation stands to receive several thousand dollars before the gates even open! The raffle will take place in the main building each of the 3 days. Adding “we are proud to help support the Make-AWish foundation” Sponsors for this year’s Expo include Gavin’s Ace Hardware, David Schuman’s Allstate, The Marine Trading Post, MirrOlure, Tow Boat US of Cape Coral, Capt. Rob’s Bait & Tackle, Dock Sentury, Fabritech Outdoor Living, and Fort Myers Marine. “Outdoor enthusiasts of SW Florida have been waiting for a multi-faceted coastal event like this for years. With our recent population growth, SW Florida’s Coastal Expo is expected to be one of the largest events of its kind in the state of Florida,” said Griffiths. The show runs from 9-5 on Friday and Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. General admission is $12. Anyone under 18 enters for free to encourage kids to explore the fun the coastal community represents and encourage parents to bring along the whole gang. Active police officers and Sherriff Deputies are welcome to attend as Expo guest, free of charge A “Baggage-claim” system has also been incorporated so shoppers can have items waiting for them at the exit so they don’t have to carry things around. The Civic Center is located at 11831 Bayshore Rd. in North Fort Myers at the intersection of Bayshore Road and Highway 31. For more Information about the expo go to: NauticalMileMagazine.com The Second Annual Coastal/Nautical Expo! FREE Re-Entry to Expo All Weekend