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From Island to Bay, News on the Level Volume 7 Issue 24 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Right... All Along Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com Nine Republicans and one Democrat made the American Legislative Exchange Council's list of 2021's 10 best governors in a new report on economic freedom. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – all Republicans – were the top three governors in the country, according to the joint report by the American Legislative Exchange Council and Economist Arthur Laffer & Associates. The "2021 Laffer-ALEC Report on Economic Freedom: Grading America’s 50 Governors" ranked each governor on their current economic performance and their fiscal and executive policies over their term in office. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, and Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, rounded out the top five. The others who made the top ten were 6:Tennessee Gov. In the movie “Forrest Gump”, we learned from “Bubba” who rambled on for three scenes about all the ways the delicacy of shrimp can be prepared. Living on the Gulf Coast.... the land of ‘Pink Gold’ I made it my quest to seek them out and just when you think you’ve had them all…. Welcome… The Rude Shrimp Company! Following a trip to the North Shore of Hawaii, 4 great friends, travel buddies, and foodies,…… (husband/wife team T.J. Holzapfel and Lisa Lahners, and their friends Brooke & Chris) got together and hatched this plan to bring Hawaiian shrimp dishes and a luau atmosphere to Omaha.…. . A Hawaiian shrimp food truck in Nebraska? yes, in Nebraska! The distorted rhetoric — should I say lies? — labeling Florida's legislation about parental rights in public schools as, "Don't say gay" demonstrates the hypocrisy of LGBTQ activism. I say hypocrisy because this movement has always showcased itself as being about freedom, rights and social justice. But the reality is that LGBTQ activism is not at all about freedom and rights. It is about advancing their particular agenda at the expense of alternative ways of viewing the world. The Florida legislation, which defines itself at the outset as about parental rights, has 163 lines, out of which a total of five address sex education. Those few lines simply say that "instruction" in "sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards." That's it. Anyone who wants to publicize this as, "Don't say gay" should also publicize it as saying, "Don't say straight." Because that's what it's about. Removing discussion about sexual orientation from classrooms of toddlers. But for LGBTQ activists, anything not actively promoting their agenda is taken as opposition. Therefore, for them, freedom, and the tolerance and neutrality that it requires, is by definition antiLGBTQ. As a Christian, my view is that denial of the reality of man and woman, sexual activity outside the framework of traditional marriage, is sinful and destructive behavior. But I recognize, as do most Christian parents with children in public schools, that our biblical point of view is not going to show up in public schools. Ukraine’s postage stamps are officially cooler than stamps in the United States. In the aftermath of Ukrainian soldiers bravely defying a Russian warship on Snake Island, artist Borys Grokh drew up an illustration of the scene and sent it to the Ukrainian Postal Service (Ukrposhta) for consideration as stamp artwork. The drawing, shows a Ukrainian soldier flipping off the invading force. Following a vote on social media featuring some competing artwork, Ukrposhta announced that Grokh’s handiwork had won and would be featured on stamps across the war-torn country. Undoubtedly, many Americans would love for their postage to feature similar images of fiery defiance in solidarity with Ukraine. Alternatively, religiously minded Americans might wish to send their mail featuring iconography from the embattled Orthodox Church of Ukraine. But, they’re prevented from doing so because of the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) refusal to permit customized postage. America’s mail carrier should allow its consumers to express their love and goodwill toward the people of Ukraine instead of hiding behind excuses and legalese. The USPS wasn’t always this much of a buzzkill. Starting in 2004, the USPS permitted private businesses to sell customized postage to consumers. Everyone benefited from this arrangement (including the agency) which charged annual licensing fees for the right to resell postage and didn’t have to pay any money for the production, distribution, or promotion of customized postage. Meanwhile, conCont. pg 16 Cont. pg. 11 Something Different! America's 10 Best Governors Florida Law Is Pro-Freedom, Not Anti-LGBTQ Cont. pg 13 Cont. pg 11 USPS Should Let Consumers Show Solidarity with Ukraine With a brand new deck installed yet still waiting for their umbrellas to arrive, T.J. and Lisa are getting set to open on Fort Myers Beach. They will be serving a limited menu and be open for Dinner Only on thier “GRAND OPENING” this Sunday, as their staff prepares for the welcomed onslaught of business that accompanies opening up in high Season.

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Technically, metal wire hangers are recyclable, but they should not be put in your recycling bin for one reason: They tangle and can cause huge problems at the recycling facility. These flexible wire hangers get tumbled with other recyclable metals and can twist and wrap themselves around the mechanical parts at the factory. This can cause a stoppage, or worse, can hurt someone who works there. Instead, reuse the hangers or take them back to the dry cleaner or store where you got them. Natural plants that have a high level of fragrant oil are not only pleasant to have outside, but they are also terrific natural deterrents to keep wasps, mosquitoes and other pesky insects away. Consider planting herbs like spearmint, thyme and peppermint, and plants like citronella, eucalyptus and wormwood. They all look beautiful, some are edible, and they are all prolific growers that can serve double duty: beautifying and deterring at the same time. After you unpack your belongings in your new home, bundle up all of your packing supplies, like cardboard boxes, leftover tape and bubble wrap. Then ask a local real estate agent if they have any clients who are about to move. They can offer your items for free to their clients, who will then reuse them for their move. It’s a simple way to help another family and to make sure your packing supplies stay out of the landfill. Packing Supplies Many recipes call for preheating an oven to roast, bake or broil whatever you’re making to perfection. But unless you’re making baked goods like breads or pastries, preheating your oven before you begin cooking is just wasting energy. A few minutes before you’re ready to toss your casserole or other dish into the oven, turn it on. It’ll get hot enough to get the dish started, and you won’t be wasting so much energy waiting for your oven to get to the desired temperature. No Preheat Yes, houseplants need light to survive and thrive inside your home, but think twice about placing your plants near windows. While placing a plant by a window with lots of sunlight seems like a good idea, it also can trick birds into thinking there's a place to perch. As the birds fly to inspect your houseplant, the inevitable will happen: They'll fly right into the window. To prevent collisions, keep plants slightly away from windows; this will help give needed light to plants and keep our feathered friends from hurting themselves. Think Twice Have you ever heard of leaving your dryer lint outdoors so birds can pick it up and use it to feather their nests? This is really a no-go tip when it comes to helping our feathered friends, because dryer lint contains chemical detergents and synthetic fibers that can irritate birds and their chicks. Instead, if you have untreated dried grass, hair clumps (also undyed and untreated) or just twigs and moss, those are the best things to leave out to help the birds. NO-GO 4 Birds When creating the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, it’s possible to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the wedding gown -- something that is worn only for a few hours, just once in your lifetime. Get more dress for your money by thinking "once wed." The online store OnceWed.com has a marketplace featuring almost-new wedding gowns being re-sold at a fraction of the price. Dresses from in-demand designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuiller can be found at up to 90% off their original retail price. Use the money you saved to honeymoon at a five-star eco-resort after the wedding. Wedding Dresses Natural Deterrents Wire Hanger Mess

OBiden and his boss, Hussein Obama, are going to crash the Electric Grid and the Internet! I am certain of that! ALL to overthrow our government! AND…then blame somebody else, like China, Russia, N Korea, Iran or the Radical Republicans! How do we know? Not just my opinion but also … JOE BIDEN SAYS SO… he just said, as reported by NEWSMAX, on 3/23/22 that Biden wrote to Governors, "I urge you to take urgent action to exercise the authority you and your team have to prepare your critical infrastructure to withstand a cyberattack"! Politico reported, also, today, “Among the urgings, Biden called on governors and Bowser get state and local security officials together to shore up cybersecurity and responses for critical infrastructure, including energy and water”! Obiden and Obama are trying to cover their tracks! If there were a real enemy threat, Biden has no idea what to do and even if he did…Obama would stop him…no doubt! My opinion! If there were a real outside threat, a real President would muster the troops, our military, and order them to protect the Grid…oh yes he can …if the Governors ask him to! We would see military trucks and equipment rolling to protect us and the Grid. Trump would…these two scoundrels Obiden and Obama, won’t lift a finger to stop it because they are behind it…my opinion based upon Biden and Obama’s “Fundamental Changes”… many words and deeds! I wrote a few columns ago, that all 50 Governors must take action, to protect our Grid! I said to call in the National Guard and there are 55,000 transfer points… some EXTREMELY vital…the owners MUST help… and get them protected with around the clock armed protection…armed National Guards! Cameras, drone surveillance, with orders to shoot anyone who attempts to damage or destroy these transformers because if certain transformers go down, and millions have no power for extended periods of time…many people will die! I’ve been warning you, the public, for months, that these scoundrels are planning to create chaos by shutting the down the internet to take over everything digital…money, property, stocks… with a plan to change our currency to digital, bit coin type money… controlled by the Federal Reserve. Just look and listen to everything they say and put it in the context of …chaos… then force an overthrow by force, to keep the peace! Example…in 2021 Joe Biden said, with anger in his voice and a warning finger that… you Republicans had better watch you ass in 2022… What does he know that we don’t? Why does Biden propose to increase the authority of the IRS and add personnel to the tune of 60,000 more Agents and 85 Billion more dollars?! And… no Search Warrants to Search your bank accounts ( 4th Amendment)… if you spend over $600 in one shot!…and when we revolt…shut down the Grid! In my opinion, Dinesh D’Sousa has been saying it for years. His movie, Hillary’s America and the Secret History of The Democratic Party , says it all. The Democraps accuse their adversaries for things THEY did! That’s precisely what they did, for example, to President Trump. Biden did a “Pay to play”, threat to the then Ukraine President to fire his AG who was investigating Hunter Biden or no Billion Dollar aid! That’s Hobbs Act -Extortion. He then blames Trump for doing the exact same thing…pay to play… to the same person…that takes BALLS. Trump showed the transcript and Trump did nothing wrong. I brought Hobbs Act – Extortion cases to trial…Biden’s bragging on TV shows exactly how stupid he is and that confession IS a confession and Prima facie evidence! So where the hell was Bill Barr? Good question! Hillary conspired and paid for a fake, Russian dossier showing Trump conspired with Russia to control the 2020 election…which is precisely what she did…and caused a 25 million dollar FBI investigation that Director Comey said was “unsubstantiated, and salacious” and Bob Mueller says, “NO CRIMES COMMITTED BY TRUMP”! Listen, the fact that Biden is certain there will be an attack, must be believed, because he and Obama are behind it! What to do? You Republican “leaders” should stop the Senate hearing for a Judge and call an emergency Intel meetings demanding to hear and see the evidence…this is serious…you MUST call Biden on this and stop it in its tracks! You people took oaths to protect preserve and defend the Constitution and us… well get off your asses and put the safety of America first! If we are about to be attacked …what the hell are you doing about it…vetting a Supreme Court Candidate…get real!? therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 The Right Side I HATE TO SAY IT BUT, I “GOT” TO…I TOLD YOU SO…I TOLD YOU SO AND I TOLD YOU SO… NOWYOU HAD BETTER START PAYING ATTENTION…!

Broadway Palms Dinner Theatre presents “Greater Tuna”, written and first performed over thirty years ago, began as a simple party skit based on a cartoon in Austin, Tex. By 1985 it became the most produced play in the United States, finding an instant audience coast to coast. The residents of Greater Tuna, a fictional south Texas town could not be more up-to-date. The eccentric band of citizens in this small town are portrayed by only two performers, Michael Santora and Michael Weaver, as they depict all of the inhabitants of Tuna -- men, women, children and animals. To portray this many characters requires many, many quick costume changes by the cast and very creative timing and choreography. “Greater Tuna” is a celebration of small-town life, full of contradictions and conflicts that confront us with our own similar struggles of today. While definitely a comedy, many significant issues are portrayed: racial inequities, cultural ignorance, neighbor relations, and the challenges of parenting. Irreverence is the rule of the day, and outrageous characters reflect everyday real issues in a very, very funny way. “Greater Tuna” is a hilarious comic satire, directed by Paul Bennier, who takes the audience on a guided tour of the wacky citizens, quirks and downright insanities in Tuna. Now Playing-April 30, 2022 at The Off Broadway Palms Theatre Broadway Palms Dinner Theatre 1380 Colonial Blvd, Ft Myers 239-278-4422 www.broadwaypalm.com America is caught between an external and an internal threat. The external is an economically aggressive and America-hating China and a nuclear-equipped, Americahating Russia; the internal is a nonnuclear, America-hating Left. (As I always note, "Left" is not the same as "liberal"; in fact, leftism poses a mortal threat to liberalism. The greatest contemporary tragedy in American life is that most liberals are unwilling to acknowledge this and continue to vote for the Left.) To use one of the Left's favorite terms, the Left poses an existential threat to America. Russia, unless it starts a nuclear war, does not. I should add that I do not discount the latter possibility. I was a high school freshman during the Cuban missile crisis, but I do not remember anyone my age or among my parents' peers who believed the Cuban crisis would lead to nuclear war. I am less certain today. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not seem to be as rational as Nikita Khrushchev was, and Khrushchev had nowhere near the passion about Cuba that Putin has regarding Ukraine. The Left may hate Putin, but hatred of America unites the Left and Putin. Again, this is not the case with liberals, most of whom love America. To illustrate this point, take the example of Superman. It was liberals, in 1938, who created Superman, an America-loving, American values-affirming ("Truth, Justice, and the American Way") superhero. And it was leftists who destroyed Superman as an American hero. In 2011, they ended his American identity: Standing in front of the United Nations, Superman announced that he was renouncing his American citizenship to become a "citizen of the world." "I'm tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy," he announced. Ten years later, DC comics announced that Superman's motto would no longer be "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" but "Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow." Every left-wing movement in the world despises America — and for good reason. America has stood for everything the Left opposes. It is the most capitalist, most religious, and most nationalistic major democracy. America's unique success has been the greatest possible rebuke to left-wing ideology. America must therefore be brought down. Specifically, it must abandon its capitalist economy, its JudeoChristian values and its nationalism (as expressed, for example, in Americans' celebration of the flag and national anthem; in Americans' celebration of national holidays such as the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving; in Americans' opposition to anything hinting of world government; and in Americans' belief that their country is "the greatest country in the world"). So, then, America finds itself today attacked by three anti-American forces: Putin and China externally and the American Left internally. If there is no nuclear war with Russia, by far the greatest of these threats emanates from the American Left. It has successfully de-Americanized and ruined every major institution it has touched: nearly all educational institutions from elementary schools through universities; virtually all major mainstream news media; the intelligence agencies (51 heads of intelligence agencies declared revelations of Biden family corruption emanating from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop "Russian disinformation"); the economy (the worst inflation rate in nearly half a century is the result of the cavalier spending of trillions of dollars and the Left's energy policies which, within a few months, transformed America from energyexporting to energy-importing); and even medicine (the American Medical Association and more and more medical schools are fully "woke"). The only way to save America from its internal existential threat is for liberals to understand that the threat to their core values emanates from the Left, not the Right. Just to cite two examples, it is not the Right that opposes liberalism's commitment to free speech; it is the Left that cancels people for saying anything the Left differs with — including stating obvious scientific and moral truths, such as that it is unfair to women to allow biological males to compete in women's sports. And it is not the Right that opposes liberalism's commitment to racial integration; it is the Left (holding the same position as the Ku Klux Klan) that calls for all-black dormitories on college campuses and all-black graduations. America cannot defeat Russia and China without the help of other nations. And America cannot defeat the Left without the help of liberals. To put it in political terms, if America's liberals voted their values, the Democratic Party would not win another major election — and it would either become irrelevant or decide to return to its liberal roots. Only America's liberals, working in common cause with conservatives, can save America. Then America can deal with any threat — internal or external. Dennis Prager The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Cont. to pg 26 America Caught Between Russia and China Greater Tuna Long COVID The Long COVID Alliance says that this chronic condition has impacted 9.4 million Americans… and counting. As shown below, many more millions of people are suffering from long COVID and getting little medical help. Long COVID has become its own unique epidemic. This is what a major published medical study in The Lancet said: “Patients with Long COVID report prolonged, multisystem involvement and significant disability. By seven months, many patients have not yet recovered (mainly from systemic and neurological/cognitive symptoms), have not returned to previous levels of work, and continue to experience significant symptom burden.” “The comprehensive assay of symptoms spans 10 organ systems (neuropsychiatric, systemic, reproductive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immunological, head-ear-eye-nose-throat, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and dermatologic).” This sounds as bad as the COVID infection pandemic, but it is happening after people recover from the infection but are not dying or being hospitalized. Yet

Has One Election Destroyed America Forever? The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Folks, we are in a world of trouble !!! America has faced tough odds before. America beats impossible odds all the time. We are resilient and relentless. We are a nation of people who believe nothing is impossible. So, never count us out. There is always hope. But make no mistake: We are now in the fight of our lives. The odds may be worse than we have ever faced. Our nation is being destroyed from within. America is hanging by a thread. The attacks are relentless and ominous. The nation is divided like never before. You'd have to go back to the Civil War to find our nation this bitterly divided. Our borders are wide open, with millions of foreign invaders coming in each year. The bad countries of the world are emptying out their prisons to send their worst criminals to us. Refugees by the millions are bringing poverty, disease and violent crime; bloating our budgets; exploding our national debt; and destroying our education, health care and Social Security systems. Inflation is raging like never before in modern history. No one really knows how bad it will get. But the government is hiding the true level. More accurate measurements of inflation put us in the range of 15% to 20%. And it's only going to get worse. This has the potential to wipe out the great American middle class. If and when gas reaches $10 per gallon (or higher), the U.S. economy will be at the point of collapse. What working-class or middle-class person will be able to drive to work when it costs $200 or more to fill up one tank of gas? What will happen to the 3.5 million American truckers who each drive thousands of miles a week? If they can't get the food or goods to market, our nation collapses into "Mad Max" territory. It's every man and woman for themselves. And don't forget we have the worst employee shortage in history. No one wants to work anymore because President Joe Biden gives so much government welfare and bailout money away. And I haven't even gotten to the worst scenarios yet. But the point is, an election that I believe was rigged has changed everything. Think of America with former President Donald Trump in charge. We had perhaps the greatest and most prosperous economy in history; the highest increase in middle-class incomes ever; the lowest unemployment ever — including the lowest black and Latino unemployment ever; inflation and interest rates at historic lows; a perfect supply chain with a plethora of everything; and peace all over the world. But some Americans didn't like Trump's tweets. What would you give to have Trump back right about now? Everything is at risk now. America is a disaster now. All because we might have allowed Democrats to rig a presidential election with millions of mail-in ballots; no voter ID; little or no signature matching; plus an insane idea called "ballot harvesting" that used to be illegal in all 50 states; ballot drops in the middle of the night; ballots counted for days after the election until the desired result was achieved; and every Republican witness kicked out of the room while the votes were being counted in key battleground states. No evidence of a rigged election there, right? Now to the potential life-ordeath problems that we face because we may have allowed a rigged election...We face the real possibility of World War III with the Ukraine-Russia War. Are you ready to let your Sons and Daughters die over Ukraine? We face the real possibility of a nuclear war. We are closer than at any time in modern history. Even the U.N. announced that only days ago. We are about to sign the Iran treaty, the worst deal in world history, which hands nuclear weapons to the worst terrorist nation in the world. China is almost certain to invade Taiwan, which makes 95% of the crucial computer chips in the world. Without them we can't operate our computers, cellphones or cars. And then as a "bonus" we face financial collapse if we can't get enough oil to fill our gas tanks; if the Russian money we just banned from our system undermines credit markets and brings down our entire banking system; or if our dollar collapses as the "world reserve currency." These disasters are not only all on the table at this minute, but what if several converge at the same time? Our country, your life, your children's future could be gone, forever. Just like that. All because we allowed what may have been a rigged election in the United States of America. Who you gonna vote for in November? If you vote Democrat, you are officially suicidal. P.S. Let's Go Brandon. Wayne Allyn Root March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 The Biden administration last month rejected Florida’s request for assistance on behalf of mostly seniors living in Lee and Charlotte counties impacted by two tornadoes that hit in January. While the state appealed, it also launched an online portal and Gov. Ron DeSantis encouraged Floridians to donate to help. In less than one month, Floridians donated $1.1 million. Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) on Friday distributed $430,000 to 43 households impacted by the tornadoes as a result of the generosity of Floridians. “While the federal government is still considering whether or not Floridians deserve assistance, we’ve been actively working to provide relief to these survivors,” DeSantis said. “This first round of checks, in addition to the other state programs we’ve made available, will help southwest Florida continue through the recovery process.” The state partnered with the Charlotte Community Foundation to collect and disburse donations for disaster survivors. “We hope that with this aid, in conjunction with local efforts, our neighbors begin to feel some sort of relief and restored faith in the humanitarian process,” Charlotte Community Foundation CEO Ashley Maher said. “Southwest Florida is full of compassionate and generous individuals who never turn their back to lending a hand to a neighbor in a need. Gov. DeSantis, FDEM, Volunteer Florida, the many groups that we’ve had the opportunity to work with, and the numerous donors, we thank you for allowing Southwest Florida to once again, stand together and for showing that when philanthropy is met with passion, there will always be hope.” The state continues to work with individuals who have requested assistance through the portal: FloridaDisaster.org/Assistance. All donations to the portal are tax deductible. Those seeking assistance can also request it through the same portal. “I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made toward helping impacted residents recover from these tornadoes,” FDEM Director Kevin Guthrie said. “We still have more work to do, but the Division remains committed to coordinating assistance for these disaster survivors and ensuring they’re being connected with all available resources.” The funds raised through the portal are in addition to the $7.4 million made available by the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) through the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Earlier this month, DEO announced $7.1 million was available in CSBG and LIHEAP funding. Since then, Lee County has received an additional $300,000 in CSBG funding to address additional unmet needs. This is in addition to the more than $2 million DeSantis said was available through the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP). Homeowners whose properties sustained damage directly related to the Jan. 16 tornadoes are encouraged to contact their local SHIP office for assistance. Bethany Blankley The Center Square Lee, Charlotte County Residents Receive Assistance from Fellow Floridians The state continues to work with individuals who have requested assistance through the portal: FloridaDisaster.org/Assistance All donations to the portal are tax deductible.

ASK THE DOCTORS Neck pain is a frequent reason for clients to see a massage therapist, one cause of neck pain and disability that poses challenges is Torticollis means literally, "twisted neck." A person with torticollis exhibits involuntary muscle contractions that lead to abnormal positions, and/or tremor or spasmodic movements of neck and head. Acute or acquired Torticolis (sometimes called "wry neck") is the most common form of torticollis characterized by constant muscle spasms in the neck. It appears in a broad spectrum of the population from children to adults. Acquired torticollis is caused by maintaining muscles in shortened positions for a prolonged period. The acute form might manifest as a result of a head or neck injury such as whiplash or concussion, in which symptoms may appear immediately or be delayed. The condition seemingly appears "overnight" when, for example, a person has slept with his/her neck in an awkward position or a cold draft on their neck muscles. Other activities likely to produce acquired torticollis include holding the telephone between the head and shoulder, or playing an instrument, such as the violin, for long periods. The sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle is most commonly involved in acute or acquired torticollis. Because it is a rotator, any position that rotates the head to the opposite side for long periods may lead to the condition. Your practitioner will be able to palpate - and usually observe - shortening and hypertonicity in the muscle. Visual indicators can be similar with each variation of torticollis. The muscles of the cervical region may be tight due to local muscle spasm. Motions that turn the head in the opposite direction of the contraction are likely painful and limited. There may be pain associated with further rotation to the contracted side depending on the severity of the condition and the percentage of muscle fibers recruited for the activity. Acquired torticollis is not serious and symptoms generally improve within a couple of weeks. This condition responds well to massage; however, care should be used in treatment, as the muscles are often painful from spasm and trigger-point activity. In order to rule out more serious neurological or structural disorders, it is a wise idea to have the client evaluated by their doctor prior to treatment. Armando’s is well known for their massage, located at 2101 Estero Blvd on Fort Myers Beach. in the same location and family owned for over 21 years You can reach them at: 239-483-1200, go to: www.armandosdayspa.com Or Just Search “Best Massage” on the web.... You’ll find Them! Dear Doctor: My husband was in agony recently, and it turned out he was passing a kidney stone. Why does that hurt so much, and what can he do to keep it from happening again? Dear Reader: It can be shocking, after passing a kidney stone, to see the relatively small size of the object that caused so much pain. As the name suggests, kidney stones are hard, pebblelike objects formed from the minerals and salts found within the kidney. They can range in size from a grain of sand to a large marble. When stones leave the kidney, they pass into the ureter, which is the duct that carries urine to the bladder. The ureter can’t stretch to accommodate a foreign object, which makes the passage of larger stones difficult -- or even impossible. Pain from kidney stones often comes in waves because the ureter goes into spasm to try to force out the stone. When a stone reaches the junction where the ureter meets the bladder, it can cause a sharp, sometimes burning pain during urination. When a kidney stone blocks the ureter, it causes a backup of urine into the kidney. The resulting pressure causes widespread pain and discomfort, including in the back, belly and groin. The blockage can also lead to infection, which adds fever and chills to the daunting list of symptoms. Nausea, vomiting, cloudy urine, smelly urine, blood in the urine and urinary urgency are also common symptoms. Treatment ranges from hydration and pain meds to make patients more comfortable while passing smaller stones to using shock wave therapy to break larger stones into particles small enough to pass to surgical options for difficult cases. If you’ve had kidney stones, you can take steps to lessen the odds of a recurrence. First, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hydrating dilutes your urine, inhibiting the growth of salts and minerals that may aggregate into stones. Also, avoid the use of a sauna, hot tub or steam bath; intensive and extensive workouts; a hot yoga class; and even relaxing on a hot summer day, which can result in sweating and loss of water that, in turn, leads to a drop in urine production. As you drink water during the day, you can add a generous squeeze of lime or lemon, both of which are high in natural citrate, a substance that helps prevent stone formation. Be aware of your diet. The most common type of kidney stones are calcium stones, which are usually made up of calcium and oxalate, a chemical found in most foods. Foods high in oxalate include beets, spinach, peanuts, sweet potatoes, tea and chocolate. Red meat, organ meats and shellfish are high in purines, which lead to a higher production of uric acid. This is tied to the formation of uric acid stones, another common type of kidney stone. Fructose, phosphate, salt and alcohol also play a role in kidney stone production. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, consider asking your doctor to help you create a lifestyle plan to reduce your risk of getting kidney stones. Your Neck Pain Could Be Torticolis Lifestyle Changes Could Help Prevent Kidney Stones Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? Call Bobby at: 239-267-4000 Low Tide High Tide Tide Chart License # 20205 239-463-1200 Fri, Mar 25 Tide Set One 06:36 PM 2.62 ft 02:56 AM -0.43 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sat, Mar 26 Tide Set One 08:22 PM 2.49 ft 04:22 AM -0.49 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Sun, Mar 27 Tide Set One 01:49 PM 1.71 ft 05:29 AM -0.52 ft Tide Set Two 10:11 PM 2.46 ft 04:01 PM 1.64 ft Mon, Mar 28 Tide Set One 01:36 PM 1.71 ft 06:20 AM -0.49 ft Tide Set Two 11:32 PM 2.49 ft 05:36 PM 1.35 ft Tue, Mar 29 Tide Set One 01:41 PM 1.80 ft 06:59 AM -0.36 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- 06:36 PM 0.98 ft Wed, Mar 30 Tide Set One 12:33 AM 2.43 ft 07:30 AM -0.13 ft Tide Set Two 01:50 PM 1.94 ft 07:25 PM 0.62 ft Thu, Mar 31 Tide Set One 01:26 AM 2.33 ft 07:56 AM 0.13 ft Tide Set Two 01:59 PM 2.10 ft 08:08 PM 0.33 ft

To the Editor. Cancel culture took out Historic Statues, took out Dr. Seuss. What's next.... Sun Bay Paper.... or just an ol' fashioned Nazi "burning of the books"? Keep up the fight!I’m asking all the businesses I frequent why they aren’t in your paper, supporting your good work! I suggest all your readers do the same! Ron Andress Ed. Note: thanks Ron, every dollar helps keep the doors open! The federal rule that requires air travelers to wear face masks, which the Transportation Security Administration first imposed more than a year ago, was scheduled to expire this Friday. But the TSA extended the requirement for at least another month, for reasons that are even harder to understand than the original rationale for the mask mandate. That is saying a lot because the scientific justification for the TSA's rule has always been weak, given that the conditions on airplanes are not conducive to COVID-19 transmission. The ventilation systems on commercial aircraft, which mix outdoor air with air recycled through HEPA filters and limit airflow between rows, help explain why there were few outbreaks associated with commercial flights even before vaccines were available. "The risk of contracting COVID-19 during air travel is low," an October 2020 article in The Journal of the American Medical Association noted. "Despite substantial numbers of travelers, the number of suspected and confirmed cases of in-flight COVID-19 transmission between passengers around the world appears small." Sebastian Hoehl, a researcher at the Institute for Medical Virology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany, concurred in an interview with Scientific American the following month. "An airplane cabin is probably one of the most secure conditions you can be in," he observed. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly reiterated that point during a Senate hearing last December. "I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment," he said. "It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting." American Airlines CEO Doug Parker agreed. "An aircraft is the safest place you can be," he said. "It's true of all of our aircraft; they all have the same HEPA filters and air flow." On Feb. 25, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped recommending general indoor masking in parts of the country it rates as "low" or "medium" risk, which as of last week covered more than 98% of the U.S. population. According to the CDC, then, it is safe to dispense with masks in stores, churches, schools, bars and restaurants -- environments where the risk of virus transmission is much higher than it is on airplanes. Yet the TSA said it extended its mask rule "at CDC's recommendation" so the agency could develop "a revised policy framework" based on "the latest science." Mask rules for transportation are complicated, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, because people are "moving from one zone to another" -- an explanation that makes little sense when virtually the entire country is in the same "zone" as far as the CDC's mask advice goes. The TSA's mask mandate has predictably led to much unpleasantness, driving a surge in disputes between travelers and flight attendants. For every obnoxious passenger who moons, berates or assaults the mandate's enforcers, there are many others who quietly resent this thinly justified imposition, especially when it compels them to force masks on recalcitrant toddlers. That expectation is especially difficult to justify since the risk to children from COVID-19 is infinitesimal even if they are not vaccinated -- smaller than the risk of dying in a car crash if their parents decide to avoid mask hassles by driving instead of flying. Adult travelers, meanwhile, can protect themselves by getting vaccinated and, if they are especially cautious, by wearing high-quality, well-fitting masks, regardless of what everyone else is doing. The Association of Flight Attendants nevertheless urged the TSA to retain the mask rule. The AFA's enthusiasm for hygiene theater is of a piece with its enthusiasm for security theater: Back in 2005, when the TSA began letting passengers carry small scissors and short screwdrivers, the union warned that "the aisles will be running with blood." In that case, calmer heads prevailed. But more than two decades after 9/11, U.S. travelers are still saddled with myriad nonsensical restrictions. The mask rule is just the latest example. Jacob Sullum Ed. Note: as we go to press the CEO’s of major airlines are joining up and asking for the TSA to remove the mask mandate for air travel! The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Letters To The Editor Guest Editorial PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper To the Editor, I'm selling my White Privilege Card. It's just over 69 years old, but is in mint condition, It has never been used, not even one time. Reason for selling is that it hasn't done a damn thing for me! No free college, no free food, no free housing, no free internet, no looking the other way while I loot, didn’t get no job or entrance to college for which I'm not qualified, no free anything! I actually had to go to work every day of my life while paying a boatload of taxes to carry those who chose not to work! If you are interested, I prefer cash but would be willing to do an even trade for a Race Card, which seems much more widely accepted and comes with countless benefits if you fit the profile! Interested? contact me on my non-Obama cell phone that I pay for every month. To show my support, I’m sending a check for a digital e-subscription, even though I can get it for free! Sam Rollings, online reader Ed. Note: thanks Sam!... For your support and your letter! To the Editor: Just so you know, I'm a Biden supporter, recently moved here from California, I do like some of your stuff, it makes me think.... however I imagine there are more like me, maybe you could print an article about something he's done or doing that you like? Gladis Summers Ed. Note: I'm trying to find that. It must have been blocked by Twitter and Facebook... but thanks, for reading our paper! ...... You reminded me of a story I received but didn’t know what to do with.... A rancher from Ocala noticed a man drinking from his creak and shouted "Whatcha doin? Ya don't wanna be drinking from that, It goes through my corrals and is full of horse pee and cow shit" The man said, "I'm from California and am thinking of moving to Florida, and I didn't quite understand what you said." The rancher yelled back, "If you use both hands, you won't spill any" It’s just a joke.... Welcome to Florida, please remember why you left Cali! Quote of the Week "These are the times that trymen's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." - Thomas Paine 1776 To the Editor. What a mess, Ukraine is getting turned into rubblel, God Help Us! i fear we are getting in WWIII? Janice L. Kleinworb

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Iran Negotiations, and Other Nonsense Many actions by our government don’t make sense. They seem counter intuitive. I’ve decided my political orientation is based significantly on what impresses me as plain common sense. Consider a topic I’ve written about several times – the 2015 Iran nuclear “agreement.” Previously my focus has been on the original version which Trump voided in 2018. That deal was never signed by Iran and had bipartisan U.S. Congressional opposition. Senator Menendez expressed his concern by pointing out the agreement wasn’t based on “preventing nuclear proliferation, but on managing or containing it.” The current administration is trying to “stumble” back into an agreement, but it’s not going to be just like the original. It seems to be much worse. Reports indicate the new agreement will impose fewer limitations than the original, and sanctions will be lifted on officials known to be terrorists. The Revolutionary Guard would have its “terrorist” designation dropped in exchange for Iran’s promise of better behavior in the region. Iran would gain a pathway to nuclear weapons and would receive frozen assets worth tens of billions. It seems to me that to support this agreement, one must first believe Iran has rational leadership. It does not. And sometime truth is stranger than fiction. Iran won’t negotiate directly with the U.S. and Russia is leading the negotiations. The Russian negotiator, Mikhail Ulyanov, recently stated: “Iran got much more than it could expect.” Iran would have sanctions removed, and Russia would be the repository of Iran’s enriched uranium. What could go wrong with that arrangement? The apparent futility of the negotiations caused three lead U.S. negotiators to resign. The latest development is that Russia has decided to use its leverage and influence in the negotiations to attempt to remove economic sanctions imposed after the Ukraine invasion. I hope the U.S. wasn’t surprised by Russia’s request. Hopefully that Russian demand will be the death knell for negotiations. My next example deals with the Ukraine invasion and the push for sanctions against Russian oil and gas. That has put Europe in a tough spot. Europe is heavily dependent on Russian fossil fuels and needs a new supply. This could have been an opportunity for the U.S. to become Europe’s emergency fossil fuel supplier. However, the U.S. can’t make good on that possibility. Our energy independence and production flexibility ended when Biden cancelled U.S. pipeline development, reduced availability of drilling contracts on public lands, and generally made it tougher to produce oil and gas. If the President changed his attitude and rallied with the fossil fuel industry, the U.S. could supply Europe with the oil and gas they need. However, the President would rather beg for assistance from human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia, and even Iran and Venezuela. Progressive energy policies and have forced the U.S. to forfeit energy independence with its positive economic and national security implications. An opportunity was lost for the U.S. to take leadership and beef up our European alliances – so critical in this dangerous world. My final example recalls that early in 2020, soon after the pandemic began gathering steam, we became sensitized, perhaps even startled, when we learned how much we rely on imports from other countries. And when we started shopping for pandemic medical equipment and supplies, like masks and sanitizers, we learned how dependent we are on adversary countries like China. Here's what China has been supplying the U.S. in significant numbers and proportions of our total requirements: medical devices, medical face masks, protective clothing, penicillin, aspirin, acetaminophen, prescription drug ingredients, and some vitamins. China is now second only to Canada in terms of exporting drugs and biologics to the United States. China is a dominant provider of generic drugs. Rare-earth metals are essential for technology production, and China controls much of the world supply. The U.S. is obviously one of their biggest customers. I won’t even list the household supplies, appliances and hardware coming from China. In recent months there has been attention given to supply chain improvement and import diversification. However, anything less than attacking this with focused determination is irresponsible. Our experience with COVID, and now with the potential for significant military conflict, should have made that abundantly clear. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers ISO, at Least 20 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning residents of a deadly new synthetic opioid officials are becoming aware of called Isotonitazene. Commonly referred to as ISO, a derivative of etonitazene, it’s classified as a Schedule 1 illegal narcotic. “For years, we have been warning about the dangers of fentanyl and how just one pill laced with this synthetic opioid can kill," Moody said. "Now, there is a new, deadlier drug being found in Florida. “Isotonitazene, also known as ISO, is so strong that it can kill just by coming in contact with someone’s skin or being accidentally inhaled. ISO has already been linked to overdose deaths in Florida, so please, never take any illicit drug and know that using just one time could cost you your life.” The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office issued a “new dangerous drug alert” about ISO, stating it’s “20 times more potent than fentanyl.” “ISO can be absorbed by the body by skin contact, ingestion or inhalation,”the alert states. Signs of an overdose include blue/purple fingernails, blue/purple lips, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, clammy skin, vomiting, pinpoint pupils, drowsiness, all of which can occur within minutes of exposure. Anyone who observes someone presenting these symptoms, the sheriff’s office says, should “call 911 immediately.” The sheriff’s office says when deputies first came into contact with the powdery substance they thought it was fentanyl. But after being examined in a lab, it was identified as a newer, stronger drug than fentanyl. Testing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Lab revealed that ISO has been found in multiple Florida counties since 2020. At least two deaths were linked to ISO in Pasco County last year. Like fentanyl, it’s being mixed with other drugs and sold in the illicit drug market. Most drug users don’t know the pills they buy are mixed with fentanyl, or ISO. “ISO is a dangerous substance that we have, unfortunately, seen in Pasco County," Sheriff Chris Nocco said. "As law enforcement continues to have to address the healthcare crisis of substance abuse, our goal remains to save lives and protect our community, which is why we have highlighted and brought awareness to the impact this dangerous substance has in our community.” Intelligence chief at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)- Miami division, Justin Miller, told Wink News, the DEA is seeing ISO more in Central Florida, and particularly on the Gulf Coast. “It’s an illegal narcotic, no medical use,” Miller said. “As you see other synthetic opioids such as ISO, or other compounds as well, that are just as potent – and potentially more so than fentanyl – that it’s going to have a direct correlation within with drug overdoses and fatalities.” The DEA reports that since April 2019, ISO entered the illicit drug market nationally and is responsible for numerous deaths. Like fentanyl, ISO can be laced with cocaine and methamphetamine and sold as a counterfeit pill. Moody has published a PSA video message warning people about ISO. Her office also created a “Dose of Reality” website about the dangers of opioid misuse, how to receive support for addiction and where to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs. Bethany Blankley The Center Square