Page 9 The Sun Bay Paper November 22, 2023 Letters to the Editor Anti-Surveillance State Act Advances in House Financial Services Committee In a significant stride towards protecting financial privacy and individual sovereignty, the House Financial Services Committee recently approved Majority Whip Emmer’s groundbreaking CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act. (ASSA) The bill, which marks the first anti-central bank digital currency legislative effort in the United States, successfully moved out of the Committee and is now positioned for consideration on the House floor. The CBDC ASSA has garnered support from an impressive coalition, including 60 co-sponsor Members of Congress and various stakeholder groups such as the Independent Community Bankers Association, American Bankers Association, Club for Growth, Heritage Action, and the Blockchain Association. The primary objective of the bill is to curb the potential misuse of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by the government, particularly the risk of it becoming a tool for financial surveillance. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, a CBDC is a government-controlled digital form of sovereign currency that operates on a digital ledger controlled by the government issuing it. In essence, it is programmable money with the potential to enable surveillance and restrictions on transactions, posing a threat to the American way of life. In China, the Communist Party is using a CBDC to track the spending habits of its citizens creating a social credit system that rewards or punishes people based on their behavior. Closer to home in Canada, the Trudeau Administration froze the bank accounts of individuals involved in the 2022 trucker protests. That can not be allowed here. The CBDC ASSA aims to safeguard American values of privacy, individual sovereignty, and free market competitiveness. It prevents the Federal Reserve from directly issuing a CBDC to individuals and prohibits indirect issuance through intermediaries. The legislation underscores that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury lack the authority to issue a CBDC without Congressional authorization. Moreover, it prevents the Federal Reserve from using a CBDC to implement monetary policy, ensuring it cannot be wielded as a tool to control the American economy. The bill also champions innovation and the development of digital cash with privacy protections akin to physical currency. Majority Whip Emmer urged colleagues from both sides of the aisle to support the bill. He emphasized the critical importance of defending against an expanding government surveillance state and protecting the principles that define the American way of life. available on Cont. from pg. 4 To the Editor, In 1934 Oxford anthropologist JD Unwin conducted a study of 80 native cultures and 16 civilizations within his research, he wrote a book called ‘Sex and Culture’ and was able to identify four diff erent stages within the nation before its complete collapse. The four stages are: pain, productive, prosperous, and promiscuous. According to Unwin, after a nation becomes prosperous, it becomes increasingly liberal concerning sexual morality. It thus loses its cohesion, impetus and purpose, which he claims is irrevocable. When a nation is promiscuous the children are born out of wedlock, meaning broken families and fatherless homes. Fatherless homes leads to boys grouping up and creating gangs, gangs leads to murder, drugs, domestic violence, theft, looting of stores and arson. As a result of the constant crime, stores and businesses go bankrupt, as stores go bankrupt there’s a loss of jobs, if there’s a jobs, the economy deteriorates, if the economy deteriates, the people suff er. Within this process surrounding Nations sence the Nation’s weekness and start illegally immigrating within the former prosperous nation in the tens, hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands, to the point where it is no longer in immigration it is an invasion. The beginning of the Nation’s collapses is when the nation becomes sexually promiscuous, this is why I agree with Gov. DeSantis keeping porno out of school libraries and the ones who say that banning pornography is about excluding the LBGTQ commnity, are just wrong!!! It’s about my 8 year old daughter! Who doesn’t need to fi nd sexually eplicit books at school. But looking over Unwin’s stages, we may already be too late! Pete Jarvis.