October 13, 2023 - October 19, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 18 Environmental The oldest source of energy known to man… is fire. From cave man to modern day camp fires to open wilderness fire…wood, a fossil fuel… has saved more lives, in so many ways! Without reliable sources of energy, humans cannot survive on Planet Earth. Now we must make a trade…if we sit by that fossil fuel fire keeping warm in freezing weather, the smoke burns our eyes…so a Democrat pours water on the fire and everyone dies from exposure to the freezing cold. The same fire with Republicans, 2 caves away, vote on what to do and vote to keep the fire going but find ways to mitigate the smoke with a wind break, sit up wind and survive! Fossil fuel is a God given energy source that made America a world power and the envy of the rest of the world. No one… not a President…not a Governor, not a government body… not our government not ANYONE can take the “unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” away from us without a fight… check out our Bill of Rights! The abundance of fossil fuel in America is all the more reason that we the people will NEVER allow the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy to be foolishly taken away…PERIOD… ESPECIALLY since the only reason to do that, in my opinion, is to weaken America by weaponing the use of fossil fuel so that Democrps can make America, a socialist country, for Hussein Obama to rule! It seems to be recognized that the “first modern oil well “in America was drilled by Edwin Drake in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859. The discovery of petroleum in Titusville led to the Pennsylvania ‘oil rush’, making oil one of the most valuable commodities in America”. Oil too is a fossil fuel which is processed into products we cannot live without. Oil produces kerosene which is referred to as #1 oil, #2 oil is diesel, #3 is home heating oil. Then there are numerous grades of gasoline which are produced by a process called “cracking”. In 1626, Natural Gas, methane, was discovered, on the surface of Lake Erie! In different parts of the world, China for example, discovered gas coming from the Earth and using bamboo pipes found ways to utilize it for useful purposes, in the 3 digits years, before Christ. Today the Cracking of petroleum yields light oils (corresponding to gasoline), middle-range oils used in diesel fuel, residual heavy oils, a solid carbonaceous product known as coke, and such gases as methane, ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, and butylene each having valuable uses. These products are all… fossil fuels. Being pragmatic…if I were to say. “I am going to stop the use of fossil fuels…without any replacement”…what would you have to say? Do you believe you can exist for long without fossil fuels? Did you say, Yes?” Better not bet on that because when I tell you what just a few uses and their value are and your dependency is and what you are dependent upon …you will be flabbergasted, surprised! First and foremost is electricity…about 80-85% of all your electricity…indeed, all of America’s grid… comes from fossil fuel power plants! Coal was a larger part of the grid equation …until Hussein Obama , during his 8 years of destruction, by executive orders and weaponizing the EPA… closed 45% of those plants. What did he replace that 45% , 24/7 reliable power with? A few Solar Panels and windmills… except…they don’t work when it’s too windy or too cloudy!!! Those EPA Regulations Obama placed upon coal and natural gas and even oil fired power plants caused enormous damage to your entire grid. Many of those Laws he passed without Congress… were illegal acts by a President. We say they reduced our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… Many of those Power Plants he closed cannot be restarted once they go “cold”! Now how about those electric cars…well, before Obama closed all those fossil fuel plants the grid was at 125% of need. That’s 25% in the reserve, so–to-speak. With that 125% we did not have the electric power to even begin to add a load like electric vehicles demand. Each electric car requires 70amp electric service to repower. Most homes have about 100amp service…what can you run on the remaining 25amps…look it up. That’s one house…how many cars on a typical city block? Now multiply that by 2 (2 cars per house) then times 70amps…There are no city blocks in most of America that have anywhere near that power needed for those cars. Our entire system would need replacement! But…with what fuel? Duh!? NY Gov Hochul thinks she is going to eliminate the uses of fossil fuel! Her predecessor Gov Cuomo outlawed new nuclear power plants. So now what…geniuses? What will she replace it with…she doesn’t have a clue,… That’s because she has no technical background and is relying on others who have her believing in Solar and Wind…well Dorothy…you and Todo will be walking…unless you have a horse and shivering in your house with no heat, and starving with no refrigerated foods or any food for that matter. Your water is pumped to your home by electric pumps…even if you do have a well. But there’s no fossil fuel to power your generator and on and on! Now even dumber than dumb…some of you believe that fossil fuel is killing Planet Earth. My God… how could anybody besides AOC be…that…DUMB? Without fossil fuel and Carbon Dioxide which is turned into oxygen by photosynthesis, there would be no life on planet Earth! Our SUN is what the biggest impact is on your “Climate” and its changes…from tides to temperature, to wind or rain or snow …from tornados to hurricanes to light and dark. I know we keep bringing up all of this but its only to make you see the truth. There is nothing humans can do to have any effect on how the Climate on Earth Changes! As a result of the so many undetermined, non-measurable factors/elements that play on Earth’s Climates and the Changes thereof… Science does not know what exactly is going on with the Earth from temperatures, climate swings, we cannot accurately predict what the temperatures will be next week, or exactly where the next tornados or hurricane will strike. So don’t try to tell anybody what the “earth is doing“ when the center is still cooling from 4-5 billion years ago ( the closest estimate scientists can make…you know … within ONE BILLION YEARS) and its temperature is 10,000 degrees F…how the hell do they know that? J. Gary DiLaura From America’s Petroleum Industry