October 13, 2023 - October 19, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 9 Want to bring new customers to your door? That’s our job! Making sure they return is yours! To speak to an Ad Specialist call: 239-267-4000 or email us at: produc t i on@sunbaypaper. com In a show of determination to address the escalating border crisis, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, has pledged to deploy 275 National Guard troops to the southern border. This move by Governor Ivey aligns her with several other Republican governors who have taken similar measures to combat the surge of unauthorized border crossings. Governor Ivey underscored the gravity of the situation by declaring, “Every state has become a border state under the current policies.” The decision to send National Guard troops from Alabama is accompanied by a pointed critique of President Joe Biden’s policies, which many Republican leaders believe have exacerbated the illegal immigration crisis. Governor Ivey, along with 24 other governors, penned a letter to President Biden on September 19, laying blame on his administration’s policies for incentivizing illegal immigration. They noted a staggering increase in illegal border crossings, some areas experiencing an uptick of nearly 850%. These governors, facing the frontline challenges posed by the ongoing crisis, detailed the strain on resources, including overflowing shelters, depleted food pantries, overburdened law enforcement, and exhausted aid workers. They also highlighted the estimated annual cost of illegal immigration at federal, state, and local levels, which they assert exceeds $150.7 billion. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data reveals the extent of the issue, with over 5.8 million illegal crossings since President Biden assumed office, along with an additional 1.6 million individuals who successfully evaded capture. September alone saw over 260,000 illegal border crossings, marking an all-time high for a single month. Republicans have consistently placed responsibility for the crisis on President Biden, asserting that his policies have dismantled the measures put in place by his predecessor, President Donald Trump. President Trump’s resolute commitment to building a border wall and implementing various measures aimed at reducing illegal immigration has been credited with maintaining lower levels of unauthorized border crossings. President Biden’s initial executive actions on immigration, including the cessation of border wall construction, met with criticism. However, his administration has since reversed this decision, resuming wall construction. The shift in policy underscores the challenges of addressing border security effectively. The White House has defended its immigration policies, asserting that Republicans have turned the border issue into a “political stunt.” Despite these disputes, the border crisis remains a pressing concern, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, even declaring an “invasion” at the southern border due to the surge in illegal immigration. Governor Abbott ordered the deployment of the Texas National Guard and law enforcement to assist with the crisis, focusing on building a border wall and implementing security measures. Texas has also been transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago due to limited capacity. Notably, even Democratic governors like New York Governor Kathy Hochul have expressed frustration with the illegal immigration crisis. Governor Hochul has indicated that New York City is at a breaking point, lacking the resources and capacity to accommodate the influx of illegal immigrants. She has joined in deploying the National Guard to manage case operations aimed at providing work permits and alleviating overcrowded shelters. New York City officials are actively seeking modifications to laws that require shelter provision to anyone who requests it, describing these laws as ill-suited to the current circumstances. The financial burden on cities like New York has reached billions of dollars annually, with projections estimating a further increase in costs. As CBP records continued high numbers of illegal border crossings, it remains evident that the border crisis is a multifaceted challenge that continues to demand innovative and coordinated solutions from leaders across the political spectrum. On the banks of the Rio Grande Alabama Takes Action on Border Crisis