The Third Season of The Legends Concert Series is set to kick off with a bang on November third, next Friday night! The inaugural show will feature the #1 tribute concert in the U.S.A. dedicated to Elton John, Billy Joel and just added Jimmy Buffet! The Legends Concert Series is renowned for bringing top-tier tribute bands and artists who have earned their place in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame and Country Hall of Fame. These are the “Legends of music” paying homage to our very own “legends” – the first responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans. Throughout the six-month concert series, the organizers will pay special tribute to our “legends” of first responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans during each and every concert. Each month, this segment will be different and uniquely special. This promises to be an event you simply can’t afford to miss. The Legends Concert Series is proudly presented by The Gold Lion Agency, and all concerts will take place at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex, located at 3940 City Gate Blvd. North in Naples. In mid-October every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its much-anticipated report on changes (usually increases) to the Consumer Price Index over the past 12 months. Why is this little, esoteric government report - actually called the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers -- so popular? Because for the past 49 years, it’s the report that determines the costof-living adjustment (COLA) that Social Security beneficiaries will get the following year. I’m sure you already heard, all 66 million Social Security beneficiaries’ checks are going up 3.2% in 2024. Due to these increases, the average monthly retirement check will be $1,907 in 2024, a $59 increase from the 2023 level. The maximum Social Security check for a worker turning full retirement age in 2024 will be $3,822, compared to $3,627 in 2023. And please note that $3,822 is the maximum for someone turning full retirement age in 2024. That does not mean it is the maximum Social Security payment anyone can receive. There are millions of Social Security beneficiaries who get much more than that, primarily because they worked well past their FRA and/or delayed starting their benefits until age 70. Stone Crab Season is Back Florida’s claw-harvesting season is just over a week old, and some local seafood markets and restaurants are stocked with fresh, meaty stone crabs. Menippe mercenaria is a species native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Renowned for their distinctive claws, these crabs play a pivotal role in our coastal ecosystem and have carved a niche in the culinary world. Stone Crab Season is eagerly awaited from mid-October to May. While commercial fishermen target stone crabs to cater to ever-growing market demands, leisure enthusiasts gear up with nets and traps, eager to bag these delectable catches October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 Volume 9 Issue 3 From Island to Bay, News on the Level Cont. pg 8 Cont on pg 3 Cont on pg 2 Right... All Along Digital Version Legends Concert Series Returns! Last Weekend Of Octoberfest It’s that time again when our community unites to savor life and partake in the authentic taste of Southwest Florida’s German heritage, the 38th Annual Cape Coral Oktoberfest. The German American Social Club, after taking a year off due to unavoidable IAN, is at it again this year and brings a piece of Munich to Cape Coral. They invite you and all of Southwest Florida to join them at this lively event, promising delightful food, genuine German beer, live music, contagious laughter, and spirited dancing, ranging from the Polka to the Fliegerlied and the Chicken Dance. Social Security COLA for 2024 Cont. pg 9 German Entertainment at it’s best! The Manni Daum Trio from Cape Coral, Fl. SAVE THE DATES! The 2023-24 tribute concert schedule: NOVEMBER 3 Elton John, Billy Joel and Jimmy Buffet JANUARY 5 ABBA and The Bee Gees FEBRUARY 2 The Cars and Journey MARCH 1 Chicago and Eagles APRIL 5 Def Leppard and Queen MAY 3 Brooks/Dunn and Garth Brooks

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 2 Stone Crabs ........... YUM! Cont. from pg. 1 themselves. Sustainability, however, remains paramount. With the aim of preserving the stone crab population, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) enforces several regulations. Key guidelines include: Releasing Egg-Bearing Females: These “berried” females are pivotal for reproduction, and FWC mandates their prompt release. Using Approved Traps: Harvesting should be done delicately, typically by removing only claws of legal size and returning the live crab back to its habitat. So what are the Requirements for Recreational Traps Recreational fishers age 16 and older (including those normally exempt from needing a license) are required to complete an online, no-cost recreational stone and/or blue crab trap registration before using stone or blue crab traps. To register, visit Note: Harvesters under 16 are not required to register but still must mark their traps with their name and address. In Florida , the state waters harvest season just opened on Oct. 15 and close on May 2 Regulations Minimum Size Limit: 2 7/8 inches from the inside elbow to the thumb claw; only claws may be harvested. Daily Bag Limit: 1 gallon of claws per person or 2 gallons per vessel, whichever is less. Harvester’s name, address, and unique recreational trap registration number must be permanently affixed to each trap and legible The buoy must be no smaller than 6 inches and must be marked with a legible “R” that is at least 2 inches tall. Buoys are not required if trap is fished from a dock. Trapping Regulations Traps must be pulled only during daylight hours. Traps must not be placed in navigational channels of the Intracoastal waterways, or in navigational channels maintained and marked by any county, municipal, state or federal governmental agency Trapping Crabs recreationally is hard but rewarding work. BUT… If you have no desire to get them for yourself, then remember that beyond their culinary appeal, Stone Crab Season signifies a cultural celebration. Coastal communities come alive with stone crab festivals and events, drawing locals and tourists to partake in this seafood spectacle. On FMB, Peter Ennis, a partner at Snug Harbor Restaurant, welcomes the return of the clawed culinary delights. “Seafood aficionados spur the local economy. Our stone crabs will be here soon for all to enjoy. We serve them with our tangy mustard sauce to elevate the edible experience.” Ennis also reminds us that stone crabs pack a nutritional punch. “The meat is a great source of protein, low in fat, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They are really a health-conscious choice.” So if your planning on a day at the beach.. Eat like the locals do ..... stop into Snug Harbor Restaurant for stone crabs on Old San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach. Tell them Bobby and Rich sent you! Rich Luthmann and Bobby Mimmo

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 Here’s another important point about the COLA. Many readers have been asking me if they must file for Social Security benefits in 2023 in order to get the COLA that’s paid in January 2024. The answer is no. The COLA will be built into the benefit computation formula. So even if you don’t file for Social Security until next year, or some subsequent year, you’ll still get the 3.2% increase. Although this is a Social Security column, I must mention the upcoming increase in the Medicare Part B premium, which is deducted from Social Security checks for most people. In 2024, the basic Part B premium is projected to be $179.80. That’s $14.90 more than the 2023 rate. And as has been the case for 20 years now, wealthy people will pay more than the basic premium. I don’t want to get into the complicated issue of Medicare premiums other than to make this quick point. Even though they are linked in the minds of most senior citizens, Social Security and Medicare are entirely separate programs, administered by entirely separate federal agencies, and they have entirely separate rules and regulations regarding their benefit and payment structures. For example, I already explained how Social Security COLAs are figured. The Part B Medicare premium increase has nothing to do with the Bureau of Labor’s consumer price index. Instead, by law, it must be set at a level that covers 25% of the cost of running the program. Taxpayers pick up the remaining 75%. (And again, wealthy people pay more than the 25% share.) Another measuring stick called the “national wage index” is used to set increases to other provisions of the law that affect Social Security beneficiaries and taxpayers. Specifically, this includes increases in the amount of wages or self-employment income subject to Social Security tax; the amount of income needed to earn a “quarter of coverage”; and the Social Security earnings penalty limits. The Social Security taxable earnings base will go up from $160,200 in 2023 to $168,600 in 2024. In other words, people who earn more than $168,600 in 2024 will no longer have Social Security payroll taxes deducted from their paychecks once they hit that threshold. This has always been a very controversial provision of the law. (Bill Gates pays the same amount of Social Security tax as his plumber!) I think it’s a pretty good bet that any eventual Social Security reform package will include an increase in that wage base. Most people need 40 Social Security work credits (sometimes called “quarters of coverage”) to be eligible for monthly benefit checks from the system. In 2023, people who were working earned one credit for each $1,640 in Social Security taxable income. But no one earns more than four credits per year. In other words, once you made $6,560, your Social Security record has been credited with the maximum four credits or quarters of coverage. In 2024, the one credit limit goes up to $1,730, meaning you will have to earn $6,920 this coming year before you get the maximum four credits assigned to your Social Security account. People under their full retirement age who get Social Security retirement or survivor’s benefits but who are still working are subject to limits in the amount of money they can earn and still receive all their Social Security checks. That limit was $21,240 in 2023 and will be $22,320 in 2024. For every two dollars a person earns over those limits, one dollar is withheld from his or her monthly benefits. There is a higher earnings threshold in the year a person turns full retirement age that applies from the beginning of the year until the month the person reaches FRA. (The income penalty goes away once a person reaches that magic age.) That threshold goes up from $56,520 in 2023 to $59,520 in 2024. A couple other Social Security provisions are also impacted by inflationary increases. For example, people getting disability benefits who try to work can generally continue getting those benefits as long as they are not working at a “substantial” level. In 2023, the law defined substantial work as any job paying $1,470 or more per month. In 2024, that substantial earnings level increases to $1,550 monthly. Finally, the Supplemental Security Income basic federal payment level for one person goes up from $914 in 2023 to $943 in 2024. SSI is a federal welfare program administered by the Social Security Administration, but it is not a Social Security benefit. It is paid for out of general revenues, not Social Security taxes. Tom Margenau, Has worked for the Social Security Administration for 32 years in a variety of positions. He has written the “Social Security and You ” column for national syndication since 1997. SS COLA 2024 Cont. from pg. 1 Expires 11-30-2023

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 Letters Continued on pg 6 Letters to The Editor Editorial To the Editor, Read your editorial and had this thought. People say Biden had nothing to do with starting the war in Ukraine. In one sense they are right, he did nothing to stop it, because on March 18, 2021, Vladimir Putin went on TV and said, “I would like to invite President Biden to continue our discussions, but on the condition that we do it, actually, “live” as they say, online. Without any delays, just as an open and direct discussion. It seems to me, this would be interesting for the Russian people, and the people of the United States, and many other countries.” But in his infinite wisdom, President Biden never even responded. I guess his people missed it ... or more likely, they ignored it! Now, for the past year and a half, we have the Ukraine war which may have been negotiated away from happening and thousands of lives saved along with billions of dollars saved (but the spending is the whole point, isn’t it?) I also blame the New York Times, the Washington Post and our corporate media for yielding to our military industrial complex. As your editorial of last issue said “in times of crisis or in times of war “they” increase their earnings.” Elenore Houston Exec. Ed. Note: Thank you for your letter Eleanor, with this new War between Israel and Hamas, I believe we have a bigger problem now... If we step back and anylize the current events, we find, China & Iran are with Russia, US & Nato with Ukraine. China & Russia are with Iran & Hamas and US & much of Nato with Israel. With the good possiblity of conflict brewing with China and Taiwan, we find that Russia & Iran are with China, US & Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. are with Taiwan! Topped off with a US President seen as WEAK in the eyes of the rest of the world! Unfortunately, I believe we really have all the ingredients brewing for a potential start of WW III. ........... Lets hope and pray NOT! Copyright © SBP Media LLC and Sun Bay Paper All rights reserved. This newspaper or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher. Quote of the Week AMERICA... CREATED BY GENIUSES AND RUN BY MORONS! - anonymous Dear Editor, Three years ago, I wrote you a letter explaining how Covid, riots and all the madness that was going on opened my eyes and that I had switched sides I am glad to see you back on the streets, I haven’t read anything in hardcopy that didn’t make me furiously mad at the same old crap they are slinging in other publications, so I stopped reading it. I’ve been getting most of my news online, I really like Russel Brand and Mark Levin, even though Mark ‘looses it’ every once in a while. Now that I have been a conservative for a while (can’t really call myself a Republican, they have some work to do too) I can’t believe I walked around with blinders on and drank all the Kool-Aid they were dishing out... the mind control/brain washing they are doing is so obvious now! Welcome back and good luck on your relaunch. Christine Snow Ever since Barrack Hussein Obama was elected President, I became suspicious of him as a person. My opinion was that he was hiding something, and not something small but something very big. The more I looked into his background …the more suspicious I became. His Grandmother said she was so proud, who wouldn’t be, he just became President of these United States. I saw and heard her interview… Grandmother’s don’t lie…she said he was born in what is now Kenya and “she was there and witnessed his birth”! His wife confirmed also, during a speech in front of an audience, that he was, “Not born here, like most of us but in Kenya”, during an informal gathering. Being a former FBI Agent…that did it …this guy with the middle name Hussein and wife and grandmother saying he was not born here…I was convinced something is seriously wrong…because in order to be President of the US you must be a Natural Born Citizen…born here, in the USA. Many others started a search, investigation, and the evidence, mounted, very quickly! There is too much to list here with details but I will list many, important pieces of evidence…Hussein’s Selective Service Records were altered, his college records not available, his Passport unavailable, microfiche from the US Achieves regarding certain events, missing… claims that he was born in the Hawaiian Islands surfaced from Obama. Sources found out there was only one airline, between Kenya and Hawaiian Islands and his mother was not on the roster of any flights during that time. INS records at Point of Entry showed no entry by the mother of Hussein. She showed up at the hospital, 4 days after his birth and said he was born at the house and she presented him as born there. Hence no birth certificate, only certificate verifying birth…location unknown. And on and on…every step shows more and more fraud. He had 3 social Security Cards! The last Soc Sec Card belonged to a deceased man from Connecticut , issued at a SSA office in Conn. Coincidently, out of the thousands of SSA Offices, this one just happens to be the one where Obama’s Aunt is employed! At that time, Obama, who was18 years old was 5,000 miles away…two things they missed…the Social Security Admin does not reissue the same number to anyone except the original person, when he dies so does that number and you must appear in person with a BIRTH CERTIFCATE to get a SS Card!! Do you believe Obama’s mother, paid the airfare, a round trip from Hawaii to Conn and back to get her 18 year old a SS Card? Hussein Obama admits he was born Muslim, raised Muslim, but at age 21, his wife told him if he wanted to run for office, he must change to a Christian,,,the second most hated religion, next to Jews …by Islam!? So he flipped a switch and “Walla”…emerged a Christian Hussein…who never denounced his former religion…hmm…wonder why? Because in Islam punishment for such an atrocious act, changing from a “believer” to infidel, is the worst crime a Muslim can commit and is punishable by death! Still think this piece of crap is Christian?! All during his presidency he showed his prejudice towards Islam and against all others. From … health insurance to “the most beautiful thing in the world”….is the Islam call to prayer, Hussein’s words, not mine! To leaving Millions of US dollars in Military equipment, intentionally, during his unmilitary like withdrawal from Iraq. In my opinion, Obama is responsible for the Iraq debacle and Afghanistan $ 85 Billion, debacle, in Military equipment, intentionally left for Iran/China as well as Bagram Airforce Base, again for China/Iran. Afghanistan has the largest deposits of Lithium…again for China. Obama gave Iran Billion upon Billions in cash. Is that aiding an enemy…let me ponder that! Neither China nor Iran, are our Allies, folks…enemies, yes, NOT an ally! Hussein Obama has almost succeeded in his lifelong ambition…to destroy America and give her to Allah, as a Muslim Nation, my opinion! The fulfillment of that wish is another act of Treason, in my opinion. There isn’t enough room in this Editorial Column to list all of what this despicable human being is doing, my opinion…and keeping his hands clean! He thinks he’s untouchable…by using a sick, senile old man to carry out his plan to bankrupt America, cause chaos, disrupt the world, take America’s guns away, take all their dollars and change her into a Socialist Islamic Nation…it’s still Treason, my opinion and I hope yours!! J Gary DiLaura FBI Retired

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 I investigated many fraud cases in my career as an FBI Agent. Most involved people who needed money, most were desperate, trying to save a family owned business. Some were the cleverest, most deceptive, schemes involving the most professional “setups” I ever saw! Others were “sounds too good to be true” schemes …and there were some that were check float, KITE schemes or PONZI schemes. Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest Ponzi scheme in history, that is up to now and Digital currency and digital real-estate transactions!! Just to show the extremes, thieves will do, to pull scams…this has nothing to do with digital anything but to show you how daring people can be… In August 1977, the month we lost Elvis, my wife (who also was an FBI employee) and I were on a FBI Special in Indianapolis… the biggest fraud case in FBI history…to that point. This case involved hundreds of subjects pulling well-coordinated fraud schemes all over the world. These thieves conned Elvis Presley’s father out of Elvis’s plane to “replace and update the interior seats”. In reality, they were after the Avionics! They took the plane to an abandoned hanger on a private runway and a ‘Team” of highly trained technicians, carefully and professionally removed some 3.5 million dollars’ worth of Avionics and Electronics, and walked away. We did recover the plane and eventually arrested most of those subjects. I would liken the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme as comparable, in my opinion, to digital currency…taking in new investments to pay interests to previous “investors ‘. You see, if you sell investments that are worth nothing to start with, you end up with noting, when the domino effect starts. Bernie could take funds in from “investors” which bought nothing. Then took the new funds to pay the “interest” or “dividends” to the others. As he took in more, he was able to expand, take in more… kept most and payed phony interest until… many investors wanted to cash out. Consider these observations about our currency, the US dollar, from various sources on the internet… “For its first 200 years as an independent nation, America functioned on some version of a metallic standard”. From 1792 to1834, silver served as the primary backing. In 1834, the U.S. began transitioning to a gold standard, which became official 1873. FDR took the US off the gold standard on 6/2/33 and now this is important…and the FDIC was formed 6/16/33! Less than 2 weeks AFTER we came off the gold standard! From 1933 to present, there has never been an FDIC insured bank that failed to pay their depositors 100% of their money. The US dollar has been backed by Silver, Gold, and then Full, Faith and Strength of the United States of America…the FDIC, since its inception America, and the US dollar have been backed by something, for some 200 years! Only a nefarious elected official would replace the dollar with nothing… wait a minute. Didn’t those same, nefarious people do the same thing with coal and oil power plants with no comp replacements, reducing the US electric power by 45%. Something very fishy is going on, in my opinion. IF IT AIN”T BROKE DON”T FIX IT, especially if Joe Obiden and Hussein Obama are pushing it…remember Obama Care? How’d that work out? The MIT founder admitted they had to LIE to America to get it passed… and then laughed… at you! What backs digital, crypto, or Bitcoin …? Answer…Nothing! Absolutely nothing, except the NEXT guy who is dumb enough to do the same as you…who unwittingly, is paying the previous sucker his “interest”…think about how stupid that really is. But it gets worse… MUCH…worse! Ask some of the millions of investors who lost EVERYTHING in the past six months when Bitcoin went into the tank… at least 4 times, costing investors… suckers…BILLIONS each time. Millions of suckers lost their life savings, totaling billions!!!! Keep this in mind as we move into DIGITAL internet, imaginary, money… Experts have been warning us that this Administration, (Obiden’s) and The Right Side BIT COIN-CRYPTO US DOLLARS Cont. pg 6 The Sun Bay Paper PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL (Correspondence & General Inquiries): 16970 San Carlos Blvd., Ste 160, Fort Myers, Fl 33908 MAIL (Billing & Payments): PO Box 471, Sanborn, NY 14132 E-MAIL: WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: PRODUCER: J. GARY DILAURA EDITOR IN CHIEF: RICHARD LUTHMANN EXEC. EDITOR: BOBBY MIMMO The information contained in this publication is for educational, general information, and entertainment purposes only and is never intended to constitute medical, financial or legal advice or to replace the personalized care of a primary care practitioner, financial or legal expert.

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Letters to The Editor Obama’s previous Administration, which is the same people as Biden’s current Administration, wants to do away with US currency and go 100% Digital. I have been receiving alert emails for years warning about Digital money but had no idea what the hell that is…I just knew that anything Obama wants us to do is not good for us… it’s to benefit him…and that hasn’t changed, not one “Bit-coin”…get it”? Here’s the company you will be in…China is going Digital, and Iran and Russia have banned their residents from using cryptocurrencies for payments but are working to use crypto, digital money for “foreign” trade. Iran announced its first import worth $10 million back in 8/22! Foreign trade folks, is you and me! I finally know why Obiden wants Bitcoin…they can’t control our cash, but can very easily control our digital money and EVERYTHING else Digital…think about it, for Christ’s sake…you will lose what little control you think you have …over your life’s choices!! Even after Obiden has seen those collapses of Bitcoin/Digital money 4 times folks, THAT’S 4 TIMES in the last six months, causing the loss of BILLIONS of DOLLARS to MILLIONS of people…Obiden STILL, formed a committee to study DIGITAL CURRENCY and is moving forward to doing away with the FDIC insured US Dollar. What’s to study dipstick…Bitcoin is a fraud…my opinion and the opinion of many experts, including Warren Buffett?! Mr Buffet also believes it’s a Ponzi scheme! WHAT MORON WOULD WANT TO DO AWAYWITH FDIC US DOLLARS AND REPLACE THEM WITH A PROVEN FAILURE- A PONZI SCHEME! In order to do that I believe they will have to take all our guns. I don’t believe US Citizens will give up their life savings, so that Hussein can Rule! The Senate refused to appoint Obiden’s attempt to make a Chinese, DIGITAL EXPERT and former CEO of the US COMMUNIST Foundation, Chair of the FED! Do you believe the nerve of those 2? Here’s the WHY…these experts I have been receiving emails from, claim that Obama and his minion, Biden, are planning to go to a ONE bank system, the Fed, with the Fed Chairman in charge of all Digital money… they will closeout all banks, all bank accounts and digital investments we Citizens have and force us to prove all that we claim we own, deeds and bank accounts (they just cleared out) and so forth. Then devalue the dollar…and give you Digital tokens! Then shut down the Internet, cell phone and grid. Why? What will you do about it? My advice to you… get and keep paper copies of all your fiduciary statements, deeds, Titles…you may need them! Get blue ink, original, signatures for your deeds! If Hussein Obama, Obiden, China, Russia and Iran are moving to deal Bitcoin with foreign countries…that’s us, US of A…folks … in Crypto, digital Bitcoin…I want NOTHING to do with it or mining or supporting any part of their scam. Any Municipality planning on doing anything with crypto currency had better pull their heads out of the dark place they have them stuck …at least far enough for their ears to pop free! Remember Obama, sarcastically and defiantly told America that, when President Trump was telling America, he is “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, by bringing back manufacturing jobs, drilling for gas and oil, finishing the Keystone Pipeline, putting up a fence on the southern border…the arrogant Obama said, “That’s impossible. He can’t do that without a magic wand”. Well, impossible for you, Hussein but not for a Christian, non-Muslim, loyal American President, like Donald Trump… he freaking proved that in 2, that’s right two years!!!! Now if you won’t believe me …who will you believe? How about the smartest investor of all time, Warren Buffett…would you believe him? Google “Warren Buffett opinion on Digital replacing US Dollars! Then, flood Congress with emails to stop the absolute stupidity and put America first…and vote in, unanimously, for the current voted in candidate, Jordan, THEN go into the back room and air your little girl grievances…you hold outs are a disgrace, like 2 little girl fighting on railroad tracks with a freight train coming…Islam! You are worse than some of the members of Congress we arrested during the ABSCAM undercover! How unusual, Arabs buying elected officials, so uncommon! J.Gary DiLaura Retired FBI The Right Side... Cont. from pg 5 Cont. from pg 4 Letter to the Editor, Joe Biden and those pulling his strings have deliberately caused the current outrageous prices of gas!.. It’s what Joe Biden administration promised he would do and it’s what he’s done! If you look at when Biden was sworn in, the price of gas nationally was $2.09 a gallon. On that first day what does Biden do? He cancels the keystone pipeline.. On day one! What does he do a week later, on January 27th? He halts all new oil and gas leases on federal land both on shore and offshore, federal land on shore and offshore comprises roughly 25% of oil drilling. Next February 19, he rejoins the Paris climate agreement.......... notice what is happening to the price, it keeps going up! Next May 7 2021, Biden makes 30% of Government land off limits to oil and gas .... price keeps going up. June 1st he halts drilling in Anwr, the incredibly petroleum rich section of Alaska with vast reserves, a very small portion of Alaska, he shuts it down and price keeps going up! June 30th Congress reverses the trump natural gas regulation. October 7th Biden reverses the Trump Nepa regulation. October 29th the Interior Dept begins the “social cost of carbon” designed, again to drive gas prices up. November 15, a moratorium an oil drilling in the Chaco Canyon and then February 24th, 2022, Russia invades Ukraine... Biden immediately begins trying to blame Putin for the increase in Gas prices.. and some of the responsibility for the increase since the invasion is on Russia...... but responsibility for all of this ‘mentioned above’ happened before Putin invaded Ukraine, all that increase is on Biden and his administration. prior to the invasion, the average price was already $3.54 per gallon, according to March 1st, Biden releases oil from the strategic petroleum reserve March 21st the SEC proposes an anti oil rule, let’s shut off equity, by the way you combine that with the banking regulators that Biden put forth, who are trying to shut off debt, so if you have no equity for drilling oil and gas and you have no debt for drilling oil and gas..... you know what that means you have no money for drilling Oil and Gas and what happens is the price keeps going up and up and then may 12 Biden canceled the remaining lease sales this is decision after decision after decision designed to cause the price to go from $2.09 to $4.48 a gallon on average. Wake up America! This is a deliberate attack on the middle and lower class. Costs of gas gets translated into costs of goods transported and are responsible for much of the prices we all have been paying for everything. Shamus McMillin Exec. Ed. Note: Thanks for the letter Shamus, good to see that some people are awake, (and not Woke!) If we are to survive this attempt at making us a Socialist/Communist country, we need more people to wake up and see what is going on and get involved in their local government! Starting with the school boards who have influenced/directed our children into socialism for too long. Each of us are but a small voice and everybody’s voice is needed !

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 7 ‘Police State’ Explores Rising Shadows of Tyranny in America Amid mounting concerns over civil liberties, renowned conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza unveils a provocative, feature-length documentary titled “Police State,” set to jolt the American populace awake to the imminent perils of eroding freedoms. A courageous storyteller, D’Souza warns of a nation where the foundational tenets of freedom, enshrined in the unblemished parchment of the Bill of Rights, now tremble under the ominous specter of authoritarian encroachment. “This sad revelation unveils a reality where none of these cherished liberties are safe,” laments D’Souza. His cinematic revelation “Police State,” a chilling narrative blending cinematic artistry with unvarnished truth, is slated for a virtual premiere on October 27. The film promises to thrust audiences deeper into the enigmatic confrontation between freedom and security, civil liberties, and the unnerving specter of a rising police state, echoing an alarm that may very well define the future of a nation at the crossroads of its destiny. D’Souza paints a harrowing picture of a nation lulled into complacency. “Police State,” he avows, is a clarion call—a beckoning to rouse a nation from the slumber of indifference to the looming predators of authoritarianism. Audiences are confronted with a stark reality—an America inching perilously close to the authoritarian governance that defines nations mired in oppression. From the surveillance-laden dystopia of North Korea to the censorship-draped regime of China, D’Souza’s poignant queries plunge deep into the soul of a nation at a crossroads. “We’re at a pivotal juncture, a six or seven on a scale to total police state,” warns D’Souza, his voice a haunting echo amidst the tumultuous silence of a nation grappling with its identity. D’Souza is joined in this cinematic endeavor by influential voices, including radio talk show host and former NYPD officer and Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino and investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer, unveiling a narrative as chilling as it is forewarning. Questions of civil liberties, the specter of domestic terrorism, and the tumultuous tension between freedom and security are laid bare. Audiences are exposed to an unnerving reality: the shifting focus of government security apparatus from the specter of global terrorism to the enigmatic shadows of domestic extremism. “Police State” emerges as a revelation, not just a cinematic spectacle but a clarion call to the frontlines of liberty’s defense. D’Souza presents a nation confronting its own identity - what sacrifices we are willing to make, and at what perilous cost to the soul of a nation? Richard Luthmann Tide Chart High Tide Low Tide Fri, Oct 27 Tide Set One 12:24 AM 2.62 ft 07:02 AM 0.36 ft Tide Set Two 01:27 PM 2.56 ft 07:00 PM 1.15 ft Sat, Oct 28 Tide Set One 12:41 AM 2.85 ft 07:48 AM -0.00 ft Tide Set Two 02:25 PM 2.40 ft 07:21 PM 1.44 ft Sun, Oct 29 Tide Set One 01:01 AM 3.08 ft 08:32 AM -0.23 ft Tide Set Two 03:22 PM 2.20 ft 07:38 PM 1.64 ft Mon, Oct 30 Tide Set One 01:24 AM 3.25 ft 09:17 AM -0.33 ft Tide Set Two 04:22 PM 2.03 ft 07:51 PM 1.77 ft Tue, Oct 31 Tide Set One 01:52 AM 3.31 ft 10:02 AM -0.30 ft Tide Set Two 05:32 PM 1.87 ft 07:56 PM 1.80 ft Wed, Nov 1 Tide Set One 02:23 AM 3.28 ft 10:51 AM -0.20 ft Tide Set Two Thu, Nov 2 Tide Set One 02:59 AM 3.18 ft 11:46 AM -0.07 ft Tide Set Two Charter Captains, Fising Guides and Bait Shops...Or? YOUR AD HERE Sponsor our Tide Chart and bring new customers to your door Sponsored By... Last issue’s puzzle solution to ‘What’s the weather”

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 “Florida Stands with Israel”: DeSantis, Rubio Respond to Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Florida is amidst a political maelstrom following pro-Palestinian/Hamas rallies across the state and the country. Governor Ron DeSantis and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio have been vociferous in their support for Israel in the wake of these demonstrations. Governor DeSantis criticized the rallies, especially those in Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, for their pro-Hamas stance, labeling them “abhorrent.” DeSantis said, “Hamas is a terrorist group that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and commits atrocities to further that end. We are proud of the relationship between Florida and Israel and remember well the support we received from the IDF following the Surfside tower collapse. Florida stands with Israel as it faces one of its greatest challenges.” “I have asked the Biden Administration to follow our existing laws by canceling the visas and immediately removing foreign nationals who support Hamas. Any foreign national marching on our streets calling for ‘intifada’ or celebrating the slaughter of Israeli babies needs to go,” the Florida Governor stated resolutely. DeSantis is also firmly against the U.S. admitting Palestinian refugees. He argues that the U.S. should not be a hub for individuals carrying ideologies rooted in anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. He stated unequivocally that if he were president, no individuals from Gaza would be admitted into the country. Senator Rubio, meanwhile, has echoed similar sentiments. Calling upon the Biden administration, he demanded the rescindment of visas for foreign nationals advocating terrorist activities, particularly those supporting Hamas, which is officially designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. Rubio stressed that while America is a generous nation, it cannot play host to individuals who champion terrorist entities like Hamas. Backing his stance, Rubio cited federal statute 8 USC § 1182, which deems ineligible for visas or admission those endorsing terrorist activities or supporting terrorist organizations, a category into which he places pro-Hamas demonstrators. “We are in no position to accept additional refugees, especially from a region with as high a risk of terrorism, given our nation’s inability to secure our own border or vet those who are already here,” the Florida Senator said, Rubio’s concerns also extend to America’s border security. With reports highlighting that CBP agents apprehended 659 known or suspected terrorists in fiscal 2023, Rubio emphasized the gravity of the situation, pointing to potential threats from unrecorded entries. Florida is home to one of the largest Jewish populations in the U.S. The Miami area has the second-largest population of Israeli Americans in the U.S. Richard Luthmann Delicious food trucks will be on-site to cater to your culinary desires. The concerts will be held on the first Fridays in November 2023, January, February, March, April, and May of 2024. The concert times will run from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., the gates open at 4 p.m. Here’s the part that I find awesome.... Parking is absolutely free! BUT... Please note that tickets must be purchased in advance online at www.legendsconcertseries. com, as no tickets will be available for sale at the gate. Another cool thing.... children aged 12 and under can attend for free when accompanied by a paying adult ticket. In a heartwarming gesture, any first responder, law enforcement officer, military personnel, or veteran can claim a complimentary general admission ticket to one concert of their choice. To secure their free ticket, they simply need to email their identification / information to info@thegoldlionagency. com, specifying the concert they wish to attend. They will receive their free ticket via email. These shows will sellout! To purchase your tickets, please visit: or call them at 209-442-3155. Get your tickets today! Florida US Senator Marco Rubio Florida Governor Ron DeSantis available on Legends Concert Series Cont. from pg. 1

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 9 Want to bring new customers to your door? That’s our job! Making sure they return is yours! To speak to an Ad Specialist call: 239-267-4000 or email us at: produc t i on@sunbaypaper. com In essence, Oktoberfest is the epitome of German Gemütlichkeit, showcasing the best of German heritage. It’s a time that the German American Social Club eagerly anticipates every year, as it welcomes the entire community to join in and celebrate with friends, loved ones, or even on your own – you’re certain to forge like-minded connections at this festival! Featuring music flown in from Germany and local favorites, authentic German cuisine, and beer aplenty, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age. So, dust off your dirndls, tidy up your lederhosen, and join us for an unforgettable experience filled with stein-raising moments with your “beste Freunde,” even those you’re about to meet. This weekend will be you last opportunity to experience this years event, only days left are October 27, 28, and 29 – the last full weekends of the month. The entire community will come together for some Gaudi – a time of exuberant fun where all are welcome and feel like part of something extraordinary. Whether you’re here for a bratwurst and beer while relaxing in the Bavarian Gardens, eager to dance under the grand tent, or looking forward to a full-fledged German feast like Sauerbraten or Schnitzel inside the Von Steuben Hall, they’ve got you covered. Festival hours are as follows: Fridays from 4 p.m. to midnight, Saturdays from noon until midnight, and Sundays from noon until 8 p.m. This year, they have introduce a new VIP program, offering special seating, exclusive drink specials courtesy of their sponsor, Jägermeister, a sit-down meal inside the Von Steuben Hall, an HB beer stein with refills, and much more! This year there will be the band KaBeGL from Germany and also the return of the Maselheimer Musikanten, the big band that captivated the community in 2017. The event will also showcase local favorites, including Deb & the Dynamics (Saturday Night), The Boots (Saturday Eve) and award-winning acts such as Pitbull of Blues (Friday Night). This year, they will also feature Cape Coral’s own Hafenkapelle and Manni Daum Trio, (both play Saturday and Sunday Day). You can expect non-stop foot-tapping music on three stages, including the tent, the gardens, and inside the Edelweiss Hall, catering to all musical tastes. In addition to the lively entertainment, you’ll find outdoor exhibitors, food vendors offering a delectable range of German and international cuisine, and an option for a sit-down dinner in the Von Steuben Hall. Oktoberfest promises an abundance of experiences. While you’re there take advantage of a great photo op, and remember to stop by and snap a picture with Lissette Ortiz-Teleweck, Ms. Oktoberfest 2023, or with some of the previous Ms. Oktoberfest winners, elegantly adorned in their dirndls and blue sashes. Our dedicated GASC members, all volunteers, are the driving force behind the region’s most successful event. They invite you to immerse yourself in German heritage. You can find the German American Social Club at 2101 SW Pine Island Rd. Cape Coral, FL please call 239-283-1400 or visit: German American Social Club Does It Again! Cont. from pg. 1 Hafenkapelle from Cape Coral, Fl. Maselheimer Musikanten from Maselheim, Germany

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 Mold! What Is It, Why Is It Important, and What to Do About It Mold, mold, mold! That is all a lot of us have been hearing about lately. What is mold and what is the fuss? Mold is a type of fungus that can grow both indoors and outdoors. While mold plays an essential role in nature by breaking down organic matter, it can also have negative health effects on humans if it grows indoors. Exposure to mold can cause a range of health issues, especially for people who are sensitive or allergic to it. Mold grows in warm, damp, and humid environments (sound at all familiar here in Florida?). Common places for mold to grow include bathrooms, kitchens, crawl spaces, and voids between walls. Mold also can grow on organic materials such as paper, wood, and textiles. The health effects of mold can vary depending on the individual and the amount of exposure. Some people may experience no symptoms, while others may develop a range of symptoms, including: Respiratory issues: Exposure to mold can cause respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. People with asthma or allergies may be particularly sensitive to mold and may experience more severe respiratory symptoms. Allergic Reactions: Mold can cause allergic reactions in some people, including sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. Headaches: Exposure to mold can also cause headaches, particularly in people who are sensitive to it. Fatigue: Mold exposure can cause fatigue and a feeling of general malaise. Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat: Mold can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, causing redness, itching, and soreness. Skin irritation: Mold can also cause skin irritation, including rashes and hives. In addition to these symptoms, exposure to mold has also been linked to more severe health issues, such as respiratory infections, neurological problems, and even cancer. Long-term exposure to mold can also lead to the development of asthma or other respiratory conditions. The severity of health effects related to mold depends on several factors, including the amount and duration of exposure, the type of mold, and the individual’s sensitivity. Children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems may be more susceptible to the health effects of mold. If you suspect that you have mold in your home or workplace, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. Here are some steps you can take to prevent mold growth and reduce your exposure: Keep humidity levels low: Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent. Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens: Use exhaust fans to vent moisture and steam from bathrooms and kitchens to the outside. Fix leaks: Repair any leaks in your roof, plumbing, or windows to prevent moisture from accumulating. Clean up spills and leaks immediately: If you have a spill or leak, clean it up immediately and dry the affected area thoroughly. Use mold-resistant materials: Consider using mold-resistant materials such as drywall or paint in areas that are prone to mold growth. Clean and dry wet or damp areas: If you have water damage or flooding, clean and dry the affected area within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. In conclusion, mold can have a range of negative health effects, especially for people who are sensitive or allergic to it. If you suspect that you have mold in your home or workplace, it is important to have it tested by a Licensed Mold Assessor or Industrial Hygienist as soon as possible. If mold is found, proper remediation is important to ensure that there are no further health complications and to help prevent mold from returning. If there is no mold, taking the steps listed above can help prevent mold growth and reduce the risk of exposure to you and those living and working around you. Troy Conner First Priority Restoration. A report from Japan brings hope for new natural remedies against the ever-evolving COVID-19. A humble cup of tea—green, matcha, or black— might wield unexpected power against the Omicron subvariants of the virus. Tea’s Unveiled Potency A recent study from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine indicates the role of tea polyphenols, particularly the dynamic epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), in impeding the virus’s ability to infect human cells. Volunteers consumed candies infused with green, black, or no tea components in one of the study’s more unconventional experiments. Post-consumption saliva samples from the tea-infused candy groups demonstrated a short-lived yet potent ability to neutralize the virus, effective for approximately 5-15 minutes. Traditional tea lovers might also find validation. When freshly steeped black tea, green tea, and matcha were pitted against the virus samples, most Omicron subvariants saw their infectious capacities slashed drastically, nosediving to under 1%. Even the everyday bottled green teas adorning store shelves and refrigerators worldwide stepped up to the plate. However, these commercial beverages displayed significant antiviral effects with a few noteworthy exceptions. The Polyphenol Spectrum: Variants vs. Efficacy This research underscores the need to understand variant- specific treatment responses in a world where the phrase “The virus has mutated” sends shivers down spines. While tea polyphenols are generally potent, their effectiveness varies across virus subvariants. Tea’s antiviral properties aren’t a recent discovery. Historical texts and studies have long championed tea polyphenols for their potential to curb virus replication. Alongside blocking a virus’s current assault, these compounds might also hamstring its future proliferation endeavors. Enthusiasm Meets Caution World-renowned American virologist Dr. Sean Lin, former director of the Virology Department at the U.S. Army Research Institute, weighed in on these recent revelations with a balanced viewpoint. While he acknowledges the encouraging lab results, Dr. Lin emphasizes the chasm that sometimes exists between controlled experiments and real-world scenarios. Nonetheless, Lin pointed out that tea leaves contain essential immune-boosting nutrients. Vitamin A protects respiratory mucous membranes and prevents infections. Vitamin C stimulates the production of antibodies and immune cells. Vitamin D regulates proteins that combat pathogens and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E helps maintain cell membrane integrity. Iron supports the production of enzymes that enhance immune cells, while zinc supports the immune response. Supplementing these nutrients appropriately can improve immune function. The East’s age-old tradition of tea drinking has serendipitously intertwined with cutting-edge science, offering a glimmer of optimism. While it’s essential to approach these findings with a blend of excitement and scrutiny, one thing’s for sure: our daily brew carries more weight now, blending comfort with potential health safeguards. Tradition Meets Science: The Rejuvenated Importance of Tea in the Age of COVID-19

October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 Sunset Photo Contest Photos taken in the highest resolution will look sharper, so they will have a better chance of winning. If you are using your phone, use the highest resolution! We are receiving many GREAT pictures that we can not use due to low resolution! Winners will be awarded Bragging Rights, knowing they won amongst all the entries that week, if you didn’t win, you can submit your photo again or take another! Simple contest rules: 1) Photo must be taken in Florida 2) Photo can be landscape or protrait and should include: location where the photo was taken from. Include your full name & phone # in your email. 3) You can only submit photos you yourself have taken and have full rights to, it must be previously unpublished & by submitting any photo, you are giving Sun Bay Paper full rights to publish in print and on the internet. send to: Please send in your Photos.... This week’s photo by : Carol Matthai “Long Rough Road ahead of us at the end of the day”