October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 16 Islam is at war with the entire INFIDEL World (disbelievers in Islam), not just Israel and Joe Biden is intentionally trying to bankrupt America, in order to make America a Socialist, Nation! All… by following Hussein Obama’s leadership…into that Islamic Nation! Keep in mind Obama’s favorite Columbia Professors are/were Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. They wrote the book on how to flip America, from a Constitutional Republic, Free Enterprise Nation into a Socialist Nation…”Bankrupt her by over spending her to death”…overload every social, welfare program, orchestrate crises, supply shortages, fuel and food shortages, power issues ( you cannot possibly deny they have done all of that). The purpose is to force chaos and hence, Government intervention resulting in Socialism…a Communist Agenda…(from “The Weight of the Poor”, 1966. The theory here, to force change through chaos)! ”We are from the government and are here to help you… and oh… hand us your guns”! All that, will come from the chaos they intentionally caused. Obama told you that; “I will Fundamentally change America”, how do you like it now…and they are not done! The only problem is “guns”…Americans have guns and will fight unlike the poor Israel citizens who were disarmed by their corrupt government…unable to fight, suffered from being defenseless. Those home owners WITH guns…fared well. One home owner defended his home and killed 6 terrorists and that is a fact! Remember, “From my cold, dead hands…” That may have seemed not possible but look at us now.. to some of you how ridiculous would you think I was …had I told you these UNBELIEVABLE actions that Biden ordered… were coming? Well …they are here…so now what? I said, after Biden took office…this President is going to stop all Border Agents (INS, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, ICE) from doing their sworn duties by opening the entire Southern Border to everybody , totally un-vetted, including human smuggling, drug trafficking Mexican Cartels, Terrorists, Criminals released by Mexican authorities? It gets worse…without ANY idea who they are, or why they are here. They were/are handed US dollars and continuing welfare benefits that US Citizens can’t obtain… like $2200.00 per month. That, even I, did not expect, $2200…WOW?! How much is YOUR Social Security benefit after the 40 years of your hard work, to earn those benefits?! They are transported, by a free plane ride …without any TSA checks, baggage checks, unknown health problems, unknown diseases to…(you will definitely not believe this)… to Manhattan and into $1500 per night hotel rooms owned by Islam, the country of Pakistan! The FIX must have been in… Obiden is shameless. Oh man there is so much more…but how about just that… would you have believed it then …I wrote MANY columns on many of those issues …before they happened! You would have said,” This guy is just ranting…has no idea what he’s talking about”. I heard that and wished it to be true…I am really concerned about having to defend my family and my home! I worked very closely with the Border Patrol, US Customs, Coast Guard…all Border Lawmen and women and did Interdiction Patrols on the Northern Border… on Lakes Erie and Ontario and both the upper and lower Niagara Rivers. The Northern Border was and still is extremely Border Controlled by all Federal and State and County law enforcement agencies…just try to enter illegally on the Northern Border (either Canada or the US)…any place and see what happens. So why just open the Southern Border and not the Northern Border? How about this…the Southern Border shares the Border with Mexico. I never worked with Mexican cops but had the pleasure to work with the RCMP and other PDs in Canada and can attest … they will never violate their Oath Of Office…try smuggling something into Canada like a gun… According to reliable sources the Cartels might as well wear Mexican Policia Federal Uniforms…some do! Now look at what this absolutely insane President Biden has intentionally done to your Oil and Natural Gas wells, oil reserves that were producing millions of barrels of oil and millions of cubic feet of natural gas, that were ALL licensed and working. The oil/gas companies spent BILLIONS getting 1 well to operation, permitting, test wells, researched and Obiden just shut them down just to spit in the face of a real President Trump …the man who got them going…that’s who. Why didn’t you Oil and Gas Companies bring law suits against Biden for violating your Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment to the Constitution, “The unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”? God gave us those resources and Obiden/Obama , took them away to force us into a Socialist Agenda. Oil and Gas Companies are owned by people ,who worked their way up, in the fossil fuel business and don’t deserve to have their Rights taken away by a senile mentally ill, incompetent , corrupt President being maneuvered by Hussein Obama… a Felony, by the way, if true, my opinion! J. Gary DiLaura Retired FBI Agent The Oyster Ed pearls from the muck PUBLISHER’S NOTE: HAMAS BOMBED THE BAPTIST HOSPITAL WITH IRANIAN MUNITIONS…INTENTIONALLY! Tlaib should keep her mouth shut about things she knows NOTHING!