October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 Letters Continued on pg 6 Letters to The Editor Editorial To the Editor, Read your editorial and had this thought. People say Biden had nothing to do with starting the war in Ukraine. In one sense they are right, he did nothing to stop it, because on March 18, 2021, Vladimir Putin went on TV and said, “I would like to invite President Biden to continue our discussions, but on the condition that we do it, actually, “live” as they say, online. Without any delays, just as an open and direct discussion. It seems to me, this would be interesting for the Russian people, and the people of the United States, and many other countries.” But in his infinite wisdom, President Biden never even responded. I guess his people missed it ... or more likely, they ignored it! Now, for the past year and a half, we have the Ukraine war which may have been negotiated away from happening and thousands of lives saved along with billions of dollars saved (but the spending is the whole point, isn’t it?) I also blame the New York Times, the Washington Post and our corporate media for yielding to our military industrial complex. As your editorial of last issue said “in times of crisis or in times of war “they” increase their earnings.” Elenore Houston Exec. Ed. Note: Thank you for your letter Eleanor, with this new War between Israel and Hamas, I believe we have a bigger problem now... If we step back and anylize the current events, we find, China & Iran are with Russia, US & Nato with Ukraine. China & Russia are with Iran & Hamas and US & much of Nato with Israel. With the good possiblity of conflict brewing with China and Taiwan, we find that Russia & Iran are with China, US & Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. are with Taiwan! Topped off with a US President seen as WEAK in the eyes of the rest of the world! Unfortunately, I believe we really have all the ingredients brewing for a potential start of WW III. ........... Lets hope and pray NOT! Copyright © SBP Media LLC and Sun Bay Paper All rights reserved. This newspaper or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher. Quote of the Week AMERICA... CREATED BY GENIUSES AND RUN BY MORONS! - anonymous Dear Editor, Three years ago, I wrote you a letter explaining how Covid, riots and all the madness that was going on opened my eyes and that I had switched sides I am glad to see you back on the streets, I haven’t read anything in hardcopy that didn’t make me furiously mad at the same old crap they are slinging in other publications, so I stopped reading it. I’ve been getting most of my news online, I really like Russel Brand and Mark Levin, even though Mark ‘looses it’ every once in a while. Now that I have been a conservative for a while (can’t really call myself a Republican, they have some work to do too) I can’t believe I walked around with blinders on and drank all the Kool-Aid they were dishing out... the mind control/brain washing they are doing is so obvious now! Welcome back and good luck on your relaunch. Christine Snow Ever since Barrack Hussein Obama was elected President, I became suspicious of him as a person. My opinion was that he was hiding something, and not something small but something very big. The more I looked into his background …the more suspicious I became. His Grandmother said she was so proud, who wouldn’t be, he just became President of these United States. I saw and heard her interview… Grandmother’s don’t lie…she said he was born in what is now Kenya and “she was there and witnessed his birth”! His wife confirmed also, during a speech in front of an audience, that he was, “Not born here, like most of us but in Kenya”, during an informal gathering. Being a former FBI Agent…that did it …this guy with the middle name Hussein and wife and grandmother saying he was not born here…I was convinced something is seriously wrong…because in order to be President of the US you must be a Natural Born Citizen…born here, in the USA. Many others started a search, investigation, and the evidence, mounted, very quickly! There is too much to list here with details but I will list many, important pieces of evidence…Hussein’s Selective Service Records were altered, his college records not available, his Passport unavailable, microfiche from the US Achieves regarding certain events, missing… claims that he was born in the Hawaiian Islands surfaced from Obama. Sources found out there was only one airline, between Kenya and Hawaiian Islands and his mother was not on the roster of any flights during that time. INS records at Point of Entry showed no entry by the mother of Hussein. She showed up at the hospital, 4 days after his birth and said he was born at the house and she presented him as born there. Hence no birth certificate, only certificate verifying birth…location unknown. And on and on…every step shows more and more fraud. He had 3 social Security Cards! The last Soc Sec Card belonged to a deceased man from Connecticut , issued at a SSA office in Conn. Coincidently, out of the thousands of SSA Offices, this one just happens to be the one where Obama’s Aunt is employed! At that time, Obama, who was18 years old was 5,000 miles away…two things they missed…the Social Security Admin does not reissue the same number to anyone except the original person, when he dies so does that number and you must appear in person with a BIRTH CERTIFCATE to get a SS Card!! Do you believe Obama’s mother, paid the airfare, a round trip from Hawaii to Conn and back to get her 18 year old a SS Card? Hussein Obama admits he was born Muslim, raised Muslim, but at age 21, his wife told him if he wanted to run for office, he must change to a Christian,,,the second most hated religion, next to Jews …by Islam!? So he flipped a switch and “Walla”…emerged a Christian Hussein…who never denounced his former religion…hmm…wonder why? Because in Islam punishment for such an atrocious act, changing from a “believer” to infidel, is the worst crime a Muslim can commit and is punishable by death! Still think this piece of crap is Christian?! All during his presidency he showed his prejudice towards Islam and against all others. From … health insurance to “the most beautiful thing in the world”….is the Islam call to prayer, Hussein’s words, not mine! To leaving Millions of US dollars in Military equipment, intentionally, during his unmilitary like withdrawal from Iraq. In my opinion, Obama is responsible for the Iraq debacle and Afghanistan $ 85 Billion, debacle, in Military equipment, intentionally left for Iran/China as well as Bagram Airforce Base, again for China/Iran. Afghanistan has the largest deposits of Lithium…again for China. Obama gave Iran Billion upon Billions in cash. Is that aiding an enemy…let me ponder that! Neither China nor Iran, are our Allies, folks…enemies, yes, NOT an ally! Hussein Obama has almost succeeded in his lifelong ambition…to destroy America and give her to Allah, as a Muslim Nation, my opinion! The fulfillment of that wish is another act of Treason, in my opinion. There isn’t enough room in this Editorial Column to list all of what this despicable human being is doing, my opinion…and keeping his hands clean! He thinks he’s untouchable…by using a sick, senile old man to carry out his plan to bankrupt America, cause chaos, disrupt the world, take America’s guns away, take all their dollars and change her into a Socialist Islamic Nation…it’s still Treason, my opinion and I hope yours!! J Gary DiLaura FBI Retired