October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 I investigated many fraud cases in my career as an FBI Agent. Most involved people who needed money, most were desperate, trying to save a family owned business. Some were the cleverest, most deceptive, schemes involving the most professional “setups” I ever saw! Others were “sounds too good to be true” schemes …and there were some that were check float, KITE schemes or PONZI schemes. Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest Ponzi scheme in history, that is up to now and Digital currency and digital real-estate transactions!! Just to show the extremes, thieves will do, to pull scams…this has nothing to do with digital anything but to show you how daring people can be… In August 1977, the month we lost Elvis, my wife (who also was an FBI employee) and I were on a FBI Special in Indianapolis… the biggest fraud case in FBI history…to that point. This case involved hundreds of subjects pulling well-coordinated fraud schemes all over the world. These thieves conned Elvis Presley’s father out of Elvis’s plane to “replace and update the interior seats”. In reality, they were after the Avionics! They took the plane to an abandoned hanger on a private runway and a ‘Team” of highly trained technicians, carefully and professionally removed some 3.5 million dollars’ worth of Avionics and Electronics, and walked away. We did recover the plane and eventually arrested most of those subjects. I would liken the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme as comparable, in my opinion, to digital currency…taking in new investments to pay interests to previous “investors ‘. You see, if you sell investments that are worth nothing to start with, you end up with noting, when the domino effect starts. Bernie could take funds in from “investors” which bought nothing. Then took the new funds to pay the “interest” or “dividends” to the others. As he took in more, he was able to expand, take in more… kept most and payed phony interest until… many investors wanted to cash out. Consider these observations about our currency, the US dollar, from various sources on the internet… “For its first 200 years as an independent nation, America functioned on some version of a metallic standard”. From 1792 to1834, silver served as the primary backing. In 1834, the U.S. began transitioning to a gold standard, which became official 1873. FDR took the US off the gold standard on 6/2/33 and now this is important…and the FDIC was formed 6/16/33! Less than 2 weeks AFTER we came off the gold standard! From 1933 to present, there has never been an FDIC insured bank that failed to pay their depositors 100% of their money. The US dollar has been backed by Silver, Gold, and then Full, Faith and Strength of the United States of America…the FDIC, since its inception America, and the US dollar have been backed by something, for some 200 years! Only a nefarious elected official would replace the dollar with nothing… wait a minute. Didn’t those same, nefarious people do the same thing with coal and oil power plants with no comp replacements, reducing the US electric power by 45%. Something very fishy is going on, in my opinion. IF IT AIN”T BROKE DON”T FIX IT, especially if Joe Obiden and Hussein Obama are pushing it…remember Obama Care? How’d that work out? The MIT founder admitted they had to LIE to America to get it passed… and then laughed… at you! What backs digital, crypto, or Bitcoin …? Answer…Nothing! Absolutely nothing, except the NEXT guy who is dumb enough to do the same as you…who unwittingly, is paying the previous sucker his “interest”…think about how stupid that really is. But it gets worse… MUCH…worse! Ask some of the millions of investors who lost EVERYTHING in the past six months when Bitcoin went into the tank… at least 4 times, costing investors… suckers…BILLIONS each time. Millions of suckers lost their life savings, totaling billions!!!! Keep this in mind as we move into DIGITAL internet, imaginary, money… Experts have been warning us that this Administration, (Obiden’s) and The Right Side BIT COIN-CRYPTO US DOLLARS Cont. pg 6 The Sun Bay Paper PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL (Correspondence & General Inquiries): 16970 San Carlos Blvd., Ste 160, Fort Myers, Fl 33908 MAIL (Billing & Payments): PO Box 471, Sanborn, NY 14132 E-MAIL: WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: PRODUCER: J. GARY DILAURA EDITOR IN CHIEF: RICHARD LUTHMANN EXEC. EDITOR: BOBBY MIMMO The information contained in this publication is for educational, general information, and entertainment purposes only and is never intended to constitute medical, financial or legal advice or to replace the personalized care of a primary care practitioner, financial or legal expert.