October 27, 2023 - November 2, 2023 The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Letters to The Editor Obama’s previous Administration, which is the same people as Biden’s current Administration, wants to do away with US currency and go 100% Digital. I have been receiving alert emails for years warning about Digital money but had no idea what the hell that is…I just knew that anything Obama wants us to do is not good for us… it’s to benefit him…and that hasn’t changed, not one “Bit-coin”…get it”? Here’s the company you will be in…China is going Digital, and Iran and Russia have banned their residents from using cryptocurrencies for payments but are working to use crypto, digital money for “foreign” trade. Iran announced its first import worth $10 million back in 8/22! Foreign trade folks, is you and me! I finally know why Obiden wants Bitcoin…they can’t control our cash, but can very easily control our digital money and EVERYTHING else Digital…think about it, for Christ’s sake…you will lose what little control you think you have …over your life’s choices!! Even after Obiden has seen those collapses of Bitcoin/Digital money 4 times folks, THAT’S 4 TIMES in the last six months, causing the loss of BILLIONS of DOLLARS to MILLIONS of people…Obiden STILL, formed a committee to study DIGITAL CURRENCY and is moving forward to doing away with the FDIC insured US Dollar. What’s to study dipstick…Bitcoin is a fraud…my opinion and the opinion of many experts, including Warren Buffett?! Mr Buffet also believes it’s a Ponzi scheme! WHAT MORON WOULD WANT TO DO AWAYWITH FDIC US DOLLARS AND REPLACE THEM WITH A PROVEN FAILURE- A PONZI SCHEME! In order to do that I believe they will have to take all our guns. I don’t believe US Citizens will give up their life savings, so that Hussein can Rule! The Senate refused to appoint Obiden’s attempt to make a Chinese, DIGITAL EXPERT and former CEO of the US COMMUNIST Foundation, Chair of the FED! Do you believe the nerve of those 2? Here’s the WHY…these experts I have been receiving emails from, claim that Obama and his minion, Biden, are planning to go to a ONE bank system, the Fed, with the Fed Chairman in charge of all Digital money… they will closeout all banks, all bank accounts and digital investments we Citizens have and force us to prove all that we claim we own, deeds and bank accounts (they just cleared out) and so forth. Then devalue the dollar…and give you Digital tokens! Then shut down the Internet, cell phone and grid. Why? What will you do about it? My advice to you… get and keep paper copies of all your fiduciary statements, deeds, Titles…you may need them! Get blue ink, original, signatures for your deeds! If Hussein Obama, Obiden, China, Russia and Iran are moving to deal Bitcoin with foreign countries…that’s us, US of A…folks … in Crypto, digital Bitcoin…I want NOTHING to do with it or mining or supporting any part of their scam. Any Municipality planning on doing anything with crypto currency had better pull their heads out of the dark place they have them stuck …at least far enough for their ears to pop free! Remember Obama, sarcastically and defiantly told America that, when President Trump was telling America, he is “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, by bringing back manufacturing jobs, drilling for gas and oil, finishing the Keystone Pipeline, putting up a fence on the southern border…the arrogant Obama said, “That’s impossible. He can’t do that without a magic wand”. Well, impossible for you, Hussein but not for a Christian, non-Muslim, loyal American President, like Donald Trump… he freaking proved that in 2, that’s right two years!!!! Now if you won’t believe me …who will you believe? How about the smartest investor of all time, Warren Buffett…would you believe him? Google “Warren Buffett opinion on Digital replacing US Dollars! Then, flood Congress with emails to stop the absolute stupidity and put America first…and vote in, unanimously, for the current voted in candidate, Jordan, THEN go into the back room and air your little girl grievances…you hold outs are a disgrace, like 2 little girl fighting on railroad tracks with a freight train coming…Islam! You are worse than some of the members of Congress we arrested during the ABSCAM undercover! How unusual, Arabs buying elected officials, so uncommon! J.Gary DiLaura Retired FBI The Right Side... Cont. from pg 5 Cont. from pg 4 Letter to the Editor, Joe Biden and those pulling his strings have deliberately caused the current outrageous prices of gas!.. It’s what Joe Biden administration promised he would do and it’s what he’s done! If you look at when Biden was sworn in, the price of gas nationally was $2.09 a gallon. On that first day what does Biden do? He cancels the keystone pipeline.. On day one! What does he do a week later, on January 27th? He halts all new oil and gas leases on federal land both on shore and offshore, federal land on shore and offshore comprises roughly 25% of oil drilling. Next February 19, he rejoins the Paris climate agreement.......... notice what is happening to the price, it keeps going up! Next May 7 2021, Biden makes 30% of Government land off limits to oil and gas .... price keeps going up. June 1st he halts drilling in Anwr, the incredibly petroleum rich section of Alaska with vast reserves, a very small portion of Alaska, he shuts it down and price keeps going up! June 30th Congress reverses the trump natural gas regulation. October 7th Biden reverses the Trump Nepa regulation. October 29th the Interior Dept begins the “social cost of carbon” designed, again to drive gas prices up. November 15, a moratorium an oil drilling in the Chaco Canyon and then February 24th, 2022, Russia invades Ukraine... Biden immediately begins trying to blame Putin for the increase in Gas prices.. and some of the responsibility for the increase since the invasion is on Russia...... but responsibility for all of this ‘mentioned above’ happened before Putin invaded Ukraine, all that increase is on Biden and his administration. prior to the invasion, the average price was already $3.54 per gallon, according to March 1st, Biden releases oil from the strategic petroleum reserve March 21st the SEC proposes an anti oil rule, let’s shut off equity, by the way you combine that with the banking regulators that Biden put forth, who are trying to shut off debt, so if you have no equity for drilling oil and gas and you have no debt for drilling oil and gas..... you know what that means you have no money for drilling Oil and Gas and what happens is the price keeps going up and up and then may 12 Biden canceled the remaining lease sales this is decision after decision after decision designed to cause the price to go from $2.09 to $4.48 a gallon on average. Wake up America! This is a deliberate attack on the middle and lower class. Costs of gas gets translated into costs of goods transported and are responsible for much of the prices we all have been paying for everything. Shamus McMillin Exec. Ed. Note: Thanks for the letter Shamus, good to see that some people are awake, (and not Woke!) If we are to survive this attempt at making us a Socialist/Communist country, we need more people to wake up and see what is going on and get involved in their local government! Starting with the school boards who have influenced/directed our children into socialism for too long. Each of us are but a small voice and everybody’s voice is needed !