Page 1 The Sun Bay Paper Jennifer Couture, a Fort Myers, Florida resident, fi nds herself at the center of a signifi cant legal challenge concerning online behavior and privacy boundaries. This case, unfolding in the Florida Federal Court, delves into the controversial practice of ‘doxxing’—the act of publishing private information about an individual on the internet without their consent. Background of the Case Jennifer Couture gained notoriety following a 2022 viral TikTok video, which captured her engaging in a physical altercation outside a Dunkin Donuts in Fort Myers. This footage, posted by TikTok infl uencer Daneesh Norvishan, known as @ThatDaneshGuy, sparked widespread attention. Norvishan, who has a following of 1.7 million, specializes in content related to ‘cancel culture’ and has recently ventured into ‘doxxing.’ In December 2023, Beach Talk Radio fi rst reported a “Sweetheart Deal” involving Fort Myers Beach property developer Terry Persaud and the Town Council, stirring signifi cant interest and debate. This global settlement, seen as a pivotal development in Persaud’s long-standing disputes with the town, has two distinct sides that merit attention. Sun Bay Paper took the initiative to delve deeper into this story, sitting down with Terry Persaud to hear his perspective. Persaud, known for his ambitious Times Square property development, including the Sunset Beach Tropical Grill and The Playmore Tiki Bar and the adjoining parking lot, shared his viewpoint. Attempts were made to gather insights from other players to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation. To present a balanced view, we contacted FMB Mayor DanAllers and TPI Properties/Margaritaville Beach Resort representatives. Acquisition and Regulatory Challenges In 2014, Terry Persaud embarked on a signifi cant property development project by acquiring the Times Square property through Persaud Properties FL Investments LLC. This purchase, totaling $3.5 million, included a vision for an additional $1 million improvements. However, Persaud’s plans were quickly met with stringent regulatory challenges. The FMB Fire Department immediately required $500K worth of work to bring the property up to code. Persaud expressed frustration, stating, “I was caught between a rock and a hard place,” highlighting the immediate confl ict between his development plans and regulatory demands. Compounding this issue was the “50% Rule” from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which restricts improvements on a property to no more than 50% of its market value unless it is fully compliant with January 5, 2024 Volume 9 Issue 8 From Island to Bay, News on the Level Right... All Along Digital Version Free Concert Series 2024 Hits Fort Myers Beach The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Fort Myers Beach are excited to announce the dynamic 2024 free outdoor concert series launch at Bayside Park. Starting January 7, 2024, these Sunday concerts from 4 PM to 7 PM promise to be the highlight of the new year. The series starts on January 7 with the vibrant sounds of Remedy, known for its captivating performances and engaging music. The following Sunday, January 14, will feature the equally impressive Simplyfii, bringing their unique blend of tunes to the beachside audience. These bands represent the best of local talent and are sure to draw crowds with their popular rhythms and melodies. Peter Ennis of Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant, a principal sponsor, shares his excitement: “Old San Carlos is the place to be on Fort Myers Beach for the Free Sunday Concert series. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community event.” Concert-goers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and leashed pets for a relaxing evening. However, outside food and beverages are not permitted. This restriction allows attendees to enjoy the local cuisine and support Fort Myers Beach businesses, enhancing the concert experience with shopping, dining, or even a mini staycation. Alongside Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant, Wahoo Willie’s Tiki Bar and Grill headlines the event, with Tri-Town Construction and Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery sponsoring the stage. The concert series is more than just an entertainment venue; it’s a community celebration aimed at rejuvenating the spirit and economy of Fort Myers Beach. Rich Luthmann As the world watches Israel battle Hamas, Iran’s Yemen Houthi proxy army is using Tehran-provided missiles and drones to wage a shadow war on the global economy. The headline topping’s on marine insurance news update states: “War Risk rates set to explode as underwriters fear more Houthi attacks.” AHouthi attack on the Norwegian-fl agged tanker “Strinda” spurred the report. As the Strinda transited the Bab al-Mandab strait (southern Red Sea) last month, an anti-ship cruise missile launched from Houthi territory in Yemen struck the ship and ignited a fi re. Some media reports called it a Houthi cruise missile. No, Iran supplied the weapon. Perhaps a Houthi leader punched the button, but Iran calls the shots, literally and fi guratively, since Iranian Al-Quds special forces offi cers’ control off ensive missile operations. Cont. pg 2 Iran’s War at Sea Targets Global Economy Cont. pg 7 Cont on pg 6 FromMillions to Mere Thousands The Jennifer Couture Case: Battle Over Online ‘Doxxing’ Jennifer Couture like everything, the view has changed since IAN

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 2 Following the incident, Couture was arrested and charged with multiple off enses, including assault with a deadly weapon. She later pleaded guilty and received a sentence of two years probation, mandatory anger management, and random drug and alcohol screening. The Legal Battle: Couture vs. Norvishan The crux of the legal battle lies in Norvishan’s action of ‘doxxing’ Couture. He released a series of videos featuring Couture’s personal information, including her contact details and employer information. This led to harassment towards Couture, her family, and her employer, Garramone Plastic Surgery. Responding to these actions, Couture and Garramone Plastic Surgery fi led a lawsuit against Norvishan, TikTok, and its parent company, alleging civil harassment-based claims and cyber harassment. The Debate: Harassment vs. Citizen Journalism A key argument in the case is the distinction between harassment and citizen journalism. Norvishan’s defense may hinge on ‘citizen journalism,’ a form of newsgathering recognized for capturing signifi cant events. This argument draws parallels with notable instances like Darnella Frazier’s Pulitzer Prize-winning recording of George Floyd’s murder. However, Couture’s legal team emphasizes the personal and professional harm caused by Norvishan’s actions, challenging the notion that his activities fall under legitimate newsgathering. The lawsuit also highlights the damage to Garramone Plastic Surgery’s business, alleging slander and economic harm due to the negative attention and loss of clients following Norvishan’s posts. Legal Questions and Challenges The case raises several vital legal questions, including: The legality of ‘doxxing’ and its classifi cation under existing statutes like cyberstalking or cyberharassment. The balance between First Amendment protections (freedom of speech and the press) and the right to privacy. The potential recourse for victims of doxxing under privacy torts and business torts. Court Proceedings and Decisions Presiding Judge Sheri Polster Chappell’s assessment of the case has been meticulous. The court dismissed the claims against TikTok and its parent company, citing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects online platforms from liability for user-generated content. However, the claims against Norvishan remain under scrutiny. The court has allowed Couture and Garramone Plastic Surgery to amend their complaints, particularly addressing the requirements for conspiracy and tortious interference claims. Implications and Future of the Case The Couture vs. Norvishan case is a bellwether for Internet law, highlighting the challenges of addressing online behavior in the age of social media. The legal community and observers are keenly watching the evolution of this case, which may set precedents for handling similar issues in the future. The outcome could signifi cantly infl uence the balance between protecting individuals from online harassment and upholding the legal frameworks governing digital platforms. Richard Luthmann The Jennifer Couture Case: Judge Sheri Polster Chappell Cont. from pg. 1

Page 3 January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Controversial biometric cryptocurrency project Worldcoin, founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is expanding its eye-scanning digital ID system. Despite concerns about privacy and potential exploitation of vulnerable groups, Worldcoin aims to extend its global digital ID system to social welfare users. The project asserts its mission is to foster equal opportunities globally by contributing to the creation of the world’s largest identity and fi nancial network. It envisions a public infrastructure serving as “proof of personhood” for socially vulnerable individuals. Worldcoin argues that the necessity of combating fraud in social benefi t programs justifi es the collection of biometric data, specifi cally iris scans. The platform cites an unsubstantiated claim on its website that India saved over half a billion dollars in social welfare and subsidies using a biometric anti-fraud system. Despite concerns, Worldcoin insists its “decentralized proof of personhood,” known as World ID, is a safe scheme and encourages its global implementation. The project vaguely references countering economic power concentration through anticipated advancements in AI. In a bid to address security and privacy challenges, Worldcoin is integrating its eye-ball scanning protocol with popular platforms like Minecraft, Reddit, Telegram, Shopify, and Mercado Libre. This move follows upgrades with Discord, Talent Protocol, and Okta’s Auth0. Digital ID systems, like WorldCoin’s, raise substantial privacy concerns due to the sensitive biometric data they collect, making identities immutable. Unlike traditional fi nancial systems where creating a new wallet is possible, replacing a unique biometric identity, such as an iris scan, is challenging. Worldcoin introduced World ID 2.0, emphasizing improved bot-human distinction in the digital realm. Tiago Sada, head of product for Tools for Humanity, highlights benefi ts such as Reddit moderators assigning unique permissions to World ID users to combat spam. Sada also notes that Shopify merchants could use World ID for anti-fraud measures or promotions, showcasing the platform’s potential. Despite limitations in the system, Sada believes it can help curb misuse of various platforms. While Worldcoin expands its presence in Mexico and Singapore, challenges arise. The Kenyan government, citing privacy concerns, has banned Worldcoin from scanning its citizens’ eyes, adding a hurdle to the project’s global expansion. And everyone.......... should be concerned! Expires 1-31-2024 Worldcoin’s Ambitious Eye-Scan ID System Faces Scrutiny and Privacy Concerns

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 Letter to The Editor Editorial To the Editor, We picked up an edition of this paper in downtown Ft Myers the other evening. As I was reading the articles I was literally reading my own thoughts. We are conservatives and have expressed your opinions to the T about how our government is being run and even about Michelle O being put in as a candidate. Can we subscribe and get the paper in the mail? Thank you for publishing this and getting it out there for others to read true journalism. Dianna Hillebrand Copyright © SBP Media LLC and Sun Bay Paper All rights reserved. This newspaper or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher. Quote of the Week “Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.” Roy T. Bennett. To the Editor, What a disapointment, the new Margaritaville Resort on FM Beach doesn’t accept CASH, which tells me that are supporting the new digital currency agenda! SAD... I won’t be going there and recommend all locals and visitors who have a braincell to avoid any restaurant or business that doesn’t accept CASH! This push to a cashless society will be another way the Govt will be able to control us! WAKE UP PEOPLE! NO CASH = BAD Alexia Chappy Exec. Ed. note: I agree with you that a cashless society is bad, especially for anyone that is already fi nancially burdened. Your letter inspired the article “Cashless” on page 14, hopefully it will explain to non-believers the pitfalls of going to a completely digital currency, thanks for a great lead to an important current topic. Fort Myers Beach Flips the Script? From Legal Spats to a Charted Course The recent resolution of Terry Persaud’s long-standing dispute with the Town Council marks more than the end of a contentious legal battle. It represents a watershed moment, an opportunity to “turn the page” and wholeheartedly commit to revitalizing Times Square, the Pier, and other vital tourist attractions in Fort Myers Beach, the most popular site in Lee County after the beaches. We universally recognize that tourism is the lifeblood of the FMB economy. Persaud’s confrontation, stemming from concerns about the dynamics between local businesses and larger entities, mirrors a more signifi cant issue. He perceived an uneven playing fi eld between diff erent developers, echoing a sentiment prevalent among smaller business owners in the community. Persaud’s insistence on equitable treatment and opportunities for all businesses, regardless of size or infl uence, is a call for fairness that resonates deeply in a tourist-driven economy. Persaud’s journey has been marked by challenges and breakthroughs, from the acquisition of the Times Square property in 2014 to the recent settlement. Confronted with stringent regulatory demands and the limiting “50% Rule” from the National Flood Insurance Program, Persaud’s story is a testament to the resilience of small businesses in the face of signifi cant obstacles. The recent reduction in fi nes isn’t the “sweetheart deal” some say is. The town could have ended up owing Persaud money if he showed that most fi nes were unsubstantiated. Persaud claimed the Town couldn’t produce an accounting. Hopefully, this resolution signals a potential shift in the town’s stance towards his and similar development projects. For the last decade, FMB taxpayers have been hemorrhaging legal fees against serious developer lawsuits like Persaud’s and James Jamieson’s. The win rate has been about 50% for the town but 100% for the lawyers. This pivotal moment goes beyond settling fi nes and compliance issues. It’s a chance to engage in a broader conversation about the future of development in FMB. What is the role of small businesses, especially in a tourist-centric economy, and the importance of fair treatment in light of larger projects in the town’s recovery and growth post-Hurricane Ian? As FMB rebuilds, ensuring a balance of interests and a commitment to transparent governance is essential. Our current reconstruction eff ort off ers an opportunity to reinforce the community’s economic foundation. Supporting small businesses is crucial in creating a diverse and robust tourist economy. Equal treatment of all companies, regardless of scale, is vital in attracting tourism dollars and fostering a vibrant, inclusive community. Persaud’s dispute and resolution can serve as a springboard for positive change. Acknowledging the challenges small businesses face and addressing issues of unequal treatment can set FMB on a path of collaborative and fair rebuilding. The focus should be on creating a destination that appeals to a wide range of tourists, where local businesses can thrive alongside larger enterprises. Times Square’s reemergence is symbolic of the community’s resilience. But it is an opportunity to not only rebuild but also to reimagine a top tourist destination. Collaboration between the town, developers, and local businesses will ensure that the redevelopment benefi ts the entire community and aligns with the town’s unique character and needs. The town must embrace sustainable and inclusive development strategies catering to the broad spectrum of tourists. This involves creating accessible spaces, supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs, and ensuring a transparent and inclusive development process. Let’s work together to rebirth a town that is a premier tourist destination and a model of community spirit and resilience. This is our moment to turn the page and chart a new course for a prosperous and inclusive future for Fort Myers Beach and the broader Lee County community. Richard Luthman Editor in Chief Correction: Last week’s sunset photo was submitted by Rod Smith, my apologies to Rod for mispelling his fi rst name. (Ron)

Page 5 The Sun Bay Paper January 5, 2024 Obiden has done it! He announced he will eff ectively put an end to using US power plants that produce/release methane gas and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! That is a liar’s way of stating he will ELIMINATE all “60%” of fossil fuel power plants ...SOON...without any replacements. Those are Obiden’s words. That goes to show you how ignorant Biden is! He knows nothing, and his “advisors” know less about the grids and fossil fuel plants. They currently supply over 80% of your grid’s power...not 60%! So, there won’t just be “brown outs” and periods of no electricity will be permanent! Coal plants cannot be fi red back up once they go cold! They will be gone, as will millions more jobs, and all the low cost and clean power plants that are essential to your survival... read on! Some moron who knows nothing about our power grid, coal and other fossil fuel plants and most important...what will follow... is shutting down your grid! Why? To stop climate change! He will then walk on water...feed thousands with one fi sh and one loaf of bread, and personally speak to Jesus and have him stabilize our climate change... because the fact is only Jesus or his father, God, can do that! According to the NY Post, 12/23/23, Biden said he will close all fossil fuel plants. He said that in words that he, himself, doesn’t realize what he is saying! I say that because I do know what will happen and the devastating impact he will cause with fi ghting words and fi ghting threats to deny us the unalienable God given rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That’s in the Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution! Well, all three grids are unifi ed, tied together by computers that automatically fi ll in when a plant goes off grid. Shutting down just a few critical locations could cause permanent damage to overheated transformers, transfer stations and other electric switches... devices. I hope none of those who know those locations, including newspaper “journalists”, would even think about divulging those locations. If they do, they will be responsible for the deaths that will follow! You know-it-all journalists... “Keep your mouths shut” because it will be the death of our grids, and ultimately your own families...just as bad as an EMP attack by China or Russia. If these scoundrels do shut down the grid, China and Russia WILL attack with EMPs to seal our fate. The US will be defenseless if this moron gets away with it and Congress doesn’t STOP him dead in his tracks! Enforce all the laws that require removal of a president who is nuts and turning on his country...! When the FBI takes down Biden for Treason, don’t forget who directed him to cut off the grid...Hussein Obama, and I hope he resists arrest! No electricity means no refrigeration for life-saving drugs like insulin, Repatha and other refrigeration required drugs that save millions of heat, no drinking water (powered by electric pumps), no gasoline, no natural gas which is pumped to your house by electric pumps, no propane (made with electric pumps), shall I go on? Anybody who tells you that we can “get by” without fossil fuel is somebody who knows, me, our country cannot work, move, make anything, without fossil fuels. Keep in mind that only about 15% of your/our electricity is made with other than fossil fuel...that’s an undeniable what’s left? The rest comes from fossil fuels! It sounds to me like Obiden and his co-conspirator Obama, may have worked out deals with Russia and China to remove the teeth from our military strike capability, my opinion! Now you see what I’ve been saying? Why do you think they fi lled the Military with sexually confused Soldier-ettes and Leader-ettes and intentionally reduced our fi ghting, scratching, and bighting “force”!?? The Right Side began issuing that alert softly... going back to when the scoundrel Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008, up to present! No more SOFT... we are telling it as it is! The fact is I have addressed that issue in my new Sun Bay Paper many times already! It’s the reason I bought this paper, and started my website to alert you, the public, of a disaster that is coming! It’s called TREASON! Don’t think this is new... you just didn’t listen... Hussein started to shut down coal plants, stopped drilling for oil, closed the largest oil fi nd in the world, Green River Colorado. ...and the Keystone Pipeline, and started closing natural gas plants, in his fi rst term of destruction!! He said it was for ENVIRONMENTAL reasons... Global Warming and such...that’s pure BULL! Obama weaponized the EPA, with ridiculous executive orders, and lies! He also closed or tried to close, The Right Side JOE MUST GO... HE CROSSED THE TREASON LINE ONCE TOO OFTEN... HE IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN OUR GRID! Cont. pg 6 The Sun Bay Paper PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL (Correspondence & General Inquiries): 16970 San Carlos Blvd., Ste 160, Fort Myers, Fl 33908 MAIL (Billing & Payments): PO Box 471, Sanborn, NY 14132 E-MAIL: WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: PRODUCER: J. GARY DILAURA EDITOR IN CHIEF: RICHARD LUTHMANN EXEC. EDITOR: BOBBY MIMMO The information contained in this publication is for educational, general information, and entertainment purposes only and is never intended to constitute medical, fi nancial or legal advice or to replace the personalized care of a primary care practitioner, fi nancial or legal expert.

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 current fl ood regulations. For Persaud, this rule presented a unique dilemma. Although he purchased the property for $3.5 million, the existing structures were valued at only $800K. This valuation meant his budget for improvements was eff ectively capped at $1.2 million. The Fire Department’s mandated improvements cost $100K more than the amount required to make the site operational. Faced with these constraints, Persaud sought relief from the Town Council in October 2014, but his appeals were met with no reassessment or relief. This denial set the stage for a prolonged battle between Persaud and the town authorities. Legal Struggles and Permitting Issues Persaud received relief from Lee County, which reduced the scope of needed work. The primary issue Persaud faced was obtaining the necessary permits for development. He initially secured a DEP Field Permit to begin work in February 2015. However, this progress was abruptly halted when the Town issued a “Stop Work Order” in May 2015, demanding a more comprehensive “Full” DEP Permit. Refl ecting on this setback, Persaud stated, “The Full Permit takes much longer. I lost another four months.” This requirement signifi cantly delayed his plans, as the Full Permit process was considerably more time-consuming than the Field Permit. Moreover, Persaud had a legal battle concerning revoking his liquor license for beach service. The Town’s decision, based on a code that labeled his property as “abandoned,” was fi rmly contested by Persaud. He argued that his property was not abandoned but “Under Construction.” This dispute escalated into a lawsuit against the Town, which initially did not rule in his favor. However, in a turn of events, Persaud stated, “Initially, we lost in Lee County in 2018. But the Second Circuit District Court of Appeals reversed the decision in 2019,” marking a signifi cant victory for him in asserting his property rights. Allegations of Discriminatory Treatment and Fines Persaud’s challenges escalated into allegations of discriminatory treatment and unfair imposition of fi nes by Fort Myers Beach authorities. These issues, emerging alongside the permitting and legal struggles, added another layer of complexity. Persaud alleged he faced signifi cant fi nancial penalties, which he argued were imposed in a retaliatory and discriminatory manner. Persaud’s frustration with the town’s approach was evident in his statement, “I was receiving fi nes of $250 to $500 per day based on the dumpster, parking charges, and beach chair and umbrella rentals.” Many of the imposed fi nes are related to the parking lot. Persaud claimed that the requirements imposed on him were more stringent than those for other property owners. “The parking lot has been there since the 1970s. All they need is a Use Permit per the Town Code for any other restaurant. For me, they required a Full Order, which is much more time-consuming and expensive and would have reduced the lot capacity by 30 percent,” Persaud explained, highlighting the discrepancies in treatment. Persaud sued the town for lost revenue, claiming that the town’s actions amounted to discrimination and a violation of his equal protection rights. However, this case was ultimately dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge John Badalamenti in February 2023. Recent Developments: ASweetheart Deal? In December, the Town Council off ered Persaud what has been termed a “sweetheart deal,” substantially reducing the fi nes he was required to pay. Initially facing a staggering $2.7 million in penalties, the Council proposed to lower this amount to $250,000. A“good faith” bond of $500,000 was included in the deal, which Persaud would be eligible to release if he maintained compliance with the town’s regulations for one year. Persaud said he told the town attorney the original fi nes, if pressed, would face court challenges. “They would be challenged, and they don’t have the backup” the developer stated, suggesting potential issues with the legality or enforceability of the penalties. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the prolonged dispute and the nature of the agreement, Persaud said, “This has been going on way too long. I have gone above and beyond to create an agreement I don’t agree with.” This sentiment was met with concern fromMayor Dan Allers, who responded, “That was a little concerning. You’ve done this before. For 4-5 years, we’ve been dealing with this. It’s been a matter of compliance. It’s the simple things that you agreed to do.” As part of the agreement, Persaud must remove a large tree stump from the property, a point of contention for years. The Council mandated a strict timeline for this task, giving him 60 days to apply for the permit and 30 days following receipt to remove the stump. Code Compliance and Property Inspections Persaud’s battle with the town over the use of his property was central to the compliance issue. Initially, Persaud faced allegations from the town for renting beach chairs behind his restaurant and operating an “unauthorized” parking lot adjacent to the Sunset Grill Restaurant. Town employees were even sent in “undercover” to rent beach chairs and pay for parking, a move aimed at proving his violations. Persaud objects to the legality of this practice. “Town employees are not authorized to do undercover investigations. That is a job for law enforcement, and all fi nes based on that practice were invalid,” he said. Addressing these concerns, Fort Myers Beach Operations Manager Frankie Kropacek confi rmed a positive change in Persaud’s compliance status. Kropacek stated, “Persaud is now 100 percent in compliance.” Furthermore, the town revised its stance on the legality of Persaud’s parking lot. Previously declared illegal and restricted only for restaurant customer parking, the lot has since been opened to the general public. This change aligns with the varied usage of the lot, which has historically catered to the beach-going public with seasonal rate changes. As part of the settlement agreement with the town, Persaud’s properties will undergo regular inspections to ensure continued compliance. If Persaud fails to adhere to the regulations, he will be issued a courtesy warning notice to rectify the violation. FromMillions to Mere Thousands The Right Side Cont on pg 11 Cont. from pg 5 the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD Center and it was reopened when Trump realized that if we are hit by an EMP attack, we will lose all communications with most of our military, so the NORAD complex was updated and repurposed to be able to contact our fl eet no matter what happens. I hope our Trident Sub Fleet has orders that if we are hit by ANY EMP Strike to make China and Russia disappear, as no matter who hits us with an EMP, Russia and China will nish us off , my opinion! I hope I have your attention. There has never been a Global Warming threat...NEVER...did ANY of those predictions, threats, that the Gore-ites put out there, come true? No and they never will. The same is true about climate, climate change, CO₂, methane gas.... it’s all Bullshit to scare you into allowing them to take over America by force, violence and intimidation...all while they burn more fossil fuel fl ying to fossil fuel summits to stop you from using God’s gift to us, FOSSIL FUEL. God intended Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for all of us...not just Gore, Obama, Obiden, Kerry and on and on! They burn more fossil fuel than small cities with their mansions and 747 private jets. Do you really believe that any of these scoundrels will stop using natural gas, oil, diesel fuel, electricity produced by fossil fuels including the fi replaces in those mansions? Listen...there is no other way, no other fuel that ANYBODY has, reliable enough to power a single light bulb reliably and indefinitely...except fossil fuel Even our nuclear power plants have backup ELECTRIC generators, from other fossil fuel sources to pump cooling water to the reactor room, just in case the plant is fl ooded by a huge the Japan tsunami. Their backup diesel generators were on the ground fl oor...fl ooded. Our diesel backup generators are not on the ground fl oor! I am not just talking “through my hat”; I know what I am telling you to be very real. The earth has been the victim of climate change for 4-5 billion years...use your head! What can we do to have any eff ect on the climate...? The sun controls almost 100% of what happens to planet Earth...not CO₂ or green gases, or Governor Cuomo’s “cow farts” ...for real...he wanted to do something about cow methane! Cont from pg 1 J Gary Dilaura, FBI RET

Page 7 The Sun Bay Paper January 5, 2024 The Strinda’s crew — all citizens of India — fought the fi re. A French Navy frigate shot down a suicide drone that was “menacing” the Strinda. A U.S. Navy destroyer showed up to render aid. Meantime the Houthis engaged the world on the propaganda front. Houthi spokesmen claimed the Strinda was carrying crude oil to Israel. They reiterated a statement that henceforth Houthi fi ghters will attack any vessel they believe is heading for Israel, no matter the ownership and nationality. Commercial maritime sources reported the Strinda was carrying palm oil from Indonesia to Italy, possibly by way of Malta. The Houthis have attacked other vessels they claimed were going to Israel and facts proved the Houthi information was either dated or wrong. The Houthi attack on the Strinda represents a major escalation in Iran’s proxy war with Israel. The U.N.’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) also expressed “grave concern” for the safety of international shipping. Some other obvious facts: The Strinda Incident involved three NATO nations, Norway, France and the U.S. Since Indian citizens crewed the ship, India, which is on the verge of becoming the world’s most populous nation, was also involved. A Norwegian government offi cial, Eivind Vad Petersson, told media that Norway is working closely with the U.S., France and Great Britain “both politically and militarily — to ensure free and safe navigation at sea.” Note he mentioned military cooperation, perhaps an international naval task force. Safe transit in the Red Sea matters. The Red Sea connects the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean. Annually around 19,000 commercial ships transit the waterway. That’s a lot of money. Iran knows it. So does the Joint War Committee. The JWC has members from Lloyd’s of London insurance and The International Underwriting Association of London (IUA). They represent organizations that underwrite “marine hull war business insurance” worldwide. The JWC evaluates the risks faced by ships carrying cargo. Higher risk raises the insurance cost. It is a detailed business involving products carried, geography traversed, crew training, shipper safety records, specifi c ships, specifi c cargoes and very complex politics. The JWC determines Listed Areas — areas where ship owners must notify underwriters their ships will traverse. War is ultra-risky. The Strinda Incident means the “war risk” insurance premium for vessels transiting the Red Sea and the shipping lanes within missile range of Yemen will rise. That means the price of their goods spikes. Many vessels already avoid Suez and sail around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. That takes more fuel and transit time — which costs more money — but avoids war risk. To the delight of Tehran’s ayatollahs, its Houthi proxy sea war infl icts economic damage on its Western enemies, including the U.S. But that damage is slow -- felt over time. To many Americans the Red Sea remains safely distant. Houthi missiles hitting freighters and U.S. Navy ships shooting down Iranian suicide drones -- that’s stunning televised imagery but it occurs in faraway places. But this is one way Iran and China wage incremental war on the America’s economy and will to fi ght. The cynical argue only Pearl Harbors and 9/11s drive Americans to take eff ective collective action. Battleships burning, toppled skyscrapers, dreadful loss of American life. After those shocks glazed eyes see galvanizing threat. The U.S. Navy and Air Force are powerful forces protecting North America. Unfortunately, they have global commitments. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) -- a great institution -- is tasked with defending America’s sea borders. But the USCG is overworked and under-resourced -- meaning it doesn’t have the ships and aircraft to adequately patrol America’s seacoasts, much less protect them. We know U.S. seaports are vulnerable to terrorist/saboteur attack. An enemy nuclear weapon hidden in a hold was a Cold War fear. But here’s a hard fact: U.S. coasts are vulnerable to proxy attack using 21st-century unmanned air and sea vehicles launched a hundred miles off shore. The U.S. has 12,480 miles of coastline -- equivalent to about half the Earth’s circumference at the Equator. Twenty-three U.S. states have ocean coastlines. Alaska (No. 1) has the longest: 6,640 miles. Florida (No. 2): 1,350. America’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extends out 200 nautical miles. The seabed is immensely valuable -- minerals, food. Oil and gas platforms off the shores of Louisiana (No. 5), Texas (No. 6) and other Gulf states provide nearly 20% of America’s daily energy requirements. In 1942 these platforms did not exist, otherwise they would have been easy targets for Nazi U-boats. Today they are easy targets for Russian and Chinese subs or for terrorist/proxy forces. Austin Bay The History of Christmas In 497BC after building a temple to Saturn, god of the harvest, the Romans began celebrating Saturnalia. As time went by traditions of gift giving, role playing, excessive eating and drinking became part of the harvest festival. The week long festival ending on December 25th, the birthday of the Roman diety Sol Invictus, In 392AD, after the christianity became the offi cial religion of Rome, all Pagan festivals were forbidden; including the Olympics in Greece, as it was in honor of Zeus. Being such a big party at the darkest time of the year, Saturnalia was well loved and the Romans refused to stop celebrating. The church then decreed that Jesus was born on December 25th and that the celebration was about him. The Romans accepted that and the festival is still celebrated, though rebranded as Christmas. The party was there 5 centuries before Christ.. sent in by Nico Chaménos Iran’s War at Sea Targets Global Economy The “USS Carney” guided-missile destroyer defeats a combination of Houthi missiles and suicide drones in the Red Sea Cont. from pg. 1

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 “Hunter Biden lashes out at GOP,” a recent USA Today’s frontpage headline. The real news was in the subhead: “Flouting subpoena, he may face contempt vote.” Yes, the president’s son refused to testify under House subpoena -- he said he didn’t want to testify behind closed doors, but that’s not his call -- as he nonetheless felt free to give a tongue lashing to House Republicans. During the press conference, Biden took no questions from the press. Hunter Biden admitted that he had addiction issues, which he disclosed in painful detail in his memoir, “Beautiful Things.” Then he suggested he was a victim of the “MAGA Republicans.” There’s a pattern here. Talking heads often frame the House GOP’s look into Hunter Biden’s curious income by maintaining Republicans have failed to link the son’s huge paydays to President Joe Biden’s record. They’re blind to the fact that, legal or not, when the son of a then-vice president and later presidential hopeful rakes in some $7 million from 2016 through October 2020, much of it from foreign interests, it makes Team Biden appear as if it is for sale. That’s not just a GOP talking point. During the 2016 campaign, The New York Times reported that Hunter Biden “lacked any experience in Ukraine and just months earlier had been discharged from the Navy Reserve for testing positive for cocaine” in 2014 -- yet somehow found himself on the payroll of Ukraine energy company Burisma, while his father was supposed to be fi ghting corruption, in Ukraine. While Hunter Biden wants to focus on the House investigation, I can’t forget Special Counsel David Weiss’ Dec. 7 indictment of Hunter Biden on nine federal tax fraud charges. The president’s son pleaded not guilty. According to the indictment, the 53-year-old Georgetown and Yale Law School graduate failed to pay his taxes as he splurged on an “extravagant lifestyle.” To wit: “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.” The document claims Hunter Biden spent $10,000 on membership in a sex club, identifi ed $1,500 for an exotic dancer as a business expense, and told a personal assistant to pay his boat loan payment, not his taxes. Weiss noted that in the year 2020, after Hunter Biden “had regained his sobriety” and was paid more than $1.2 million, the younger Biden still did not pay off his tax liabilities. If I recall correctly, his father ran for president in 2020. Apparently the son thought he could short the U.S. treasury, and get away with it. Debra J. Saunders Beautiful Things, Extravagant Lifestyle USE YOUR BOAT CHART! Bring new customers to your door, advertise! The Sun Bay Paper You should have a waterproof paper chart on your boat, even if you have a GPS system. Nautical charts are the maps of our waterways and are a vital navigational tool! Electronics can fail, and a Paper chart can help you plan a trip in advance. You can set up your way points and turns and know the depth of the water all planned at home. The tide chart of the Area is also vital, as the tidal change aff ects the depth of the water. The tide swing in our area is about 3 feet and this can make a diff erence when traveling in unfamiliar waterways! The local chart of our area is NOAA-11426 (Estero Bay to Lemon Bay, including Charlotte Harbor and the continuation of the Peace River). Charts aid us in traveling safely by drawing course lines on our chart and using TVMDC to compute a compass course to follow. TVMDC stands for True course plus or minus Variation on your chart, which equals Magnetic course plus or minus your boat Deviation to your compass equals the Compass course you should follow on your journey. Charts list all the channels, numbered buoys, numbers on markers, depth of water at medium-low tide, landmarks, and much more valuable information for Mariners. Look for the latest date on the chart and use the “Local Notice to Mariners” in your area to update your chart. It is available by applying for it at, and it will be emailed to you weekly. Charts are available at Marinas, Boating stores, and online. TAX TIME !!! Just a quick reminder that if you have a Mortgage (Loan) on your boat and it has a Head(Bathroom), Galley (Stove and Refrigerator) and Berth, you may be able to deduct the interest charged on the loan. Check with your Tax Advisor for details. Questions or comments--- E-mail me at: Frank M. Ferraiuolo

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 9 2023 Rearview Awards As the days begin to lengthen and 2023 is one for the history books, the time for the annual Rearview Awards is upon us. Books of the year: Drew Thomas Allen’s: “America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024.” Allen pulls no punches and cuts through the partisan and bureaucratic chaos that plagues American politics. If you love America, this book is a tour de force and a must read as we enter into a presidential election year. “How Covid Enabled the Expansion and Abuse of State Power” by Ramesh Thakur is the most documented takedown of the COVID lockdown published. Nonagenarian Thomas Sowell’s “Social Justice Fallacies” breaks down the consequences of pursing equality at the expense of merit that is fundamental to the social justice agenda. Sign of the times: Maxim magazine named a biological male to their “Hottest 100 Women” list, while a transgender professor will teach a course on Taylor Swift at Harvard. The alarm has been sounded: The recent congressional testimony of the three college presidents should be a first-degree wake-up call for academia. How much more shame must universities endure before something is done? Ms. Bitter, USA: Megan Rapinoe calls playing for U.S. Team “Worst Job In The World” as she kneels for the National Anthem. Note to Rapinoe: It wasn’t a job but a privilege that paid well. Racist medal: Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu. Wu invited only city council members of color that excluded whites to her yearend “holiday party.” Racial equity is becoming what it was bound to become – the return of racial segregation. Metaphors of the Year: The White House Christmas tree toppling over was followed by Jill Biden’s Christmas video that resembled The Nutcracker on crack. Endorsement: One financial analyst recommends we buy canned food and ammunition. You know one and they vote: An ABC News/Ipsos poll says more than 75 % believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 25% believe the opposite and admittedly you know at least one of them. Time travel: After Paul McCartney released the Beatles’ final song: “Now and Then” the next day the Rolling Stones’ latest album topped the charts. When we turned the clocks back in November just how far back have we gone? Things that make you go hmm: It took the American Republic until 2007 to accumulate the amount of debt we have run up the last four years. Most flamboyant opening: The Las Vegas Golden Knights raised their 2023 NHL Stanley Cup banner to commence their season using a giant slot machine. With Vegas now a first stop destination of the professional sports’ leagues, the odds for the next great sports’ gambling scandal has increased exponentially. No pads or helmet needed: By 2027, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s career earnings will be more than double what any player has ever made in the history of the NFL. Snake bit: The New York Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Era ended after just four plays when Rodgers ruptured his left Achilles tendon. Rodgers is still collecting his $31million salary. Only Judge Judy gets paid more to sit on the bench. Most notorious envoy: Dylan Mulvaney rivals the late Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy as alcohol’s most infamous spokesman. Charlatan cup: The Democrats ridiculed Sen. John Kennedy for reading pornographic material in a Senate hearing. Yet, they are the same books Democrats want in public schools. Best signage: Peddling on two wheels a bed and breakfast caught my attention: “We Do Not Provide Wi-Fi – So Pretend Like It’s 1980.” Worst Trade: The Biden administration’s release of billions dollars in sanctioned Iranian funds for the release of five wrongfully held U.S. hostages. Such diplomacy only emboldens our enemies to kidnap more Americans. A drive for the ages: Southern Columbia drives its way to seven-straight state Class 2A titles with a 21-20 win over Westinghouse going 99-yards on the team’s final drive of the season for the program’s 14th Pennsylvania state football title – the most in state history. There is so much more to grouse about, but space and ink are limited. However, don’t fret. In order to keep this New Year’s party going, part two is next week. Best wishes in 2024. Greg Maresca 6 Things You Will Regret Throwing Out Decluttering and reorganizing any space starts with the most diffi cult step: deciding what to keep and what to discard. Some items are easy to part with, but others much more diffi cult, especially if you don’t have a use for them. There are several vintage family heirlooms that I hastily sent off to a new home with distant cousins that I regret to this day. When simplifying your space, consider the value of each item and think about potential future uses. You can always store them, and if you change your mind, discard them later. NO. 1: BIG BABY ITEMS If you’re not absolutely sure you won’t have another baby, keep the crib, stroller and other big baby stuff . Getting rid of them might be costly if you end up needing them for another child. Check the condition of each item you want to keep; a fi ve-year-old stroller is fi ne if it’s still in good shape. Also, check recent recalls on baby items to make sure what you’re holding onto is safe and not on the recall list. NO. 2: VINTAGE CLOTHING AND FURNITURE Here, I’m speaking not retro things you bought at the thrift store but rather vintage items you inherited -- anything from old dinnerware to high-quality clothing to furniture pieces. It’ll never be out of style forever. And if you absolutely do have room to store, take them to a consignment store for evaluation. Making sure they are re-homed rather than sent to the landfi ll will give you peace of mind. NO. 3: AWARDS AND MEDALS Medals, trophies, certificates and other awards mark a signifi cant achievement in your life or perhaps your childrens’. They may seem like clutter right now, but they’re also irreplaceable. Someday, you will regret getting rid of them. These are not items that should you change your mind, you can just run into Walmart and pick up another. If you can’t decide about tossing out your athletic medals or other irreplaceable personal mementos, pack them away in a safe place. Then revisit them in a few months. If you’re still wanting to trash them, you’ll easily be able to do that without regret. NO. 4: PHOTOS Hold on to your photos. Even if you’re going to scan them into a digital format, keep physical copies of your favorites. Photos don’t have to cause clutter. You can put them in a memory box and then store the box in a closet, on a shelf or in another out-of-the-way spot. NO. 5: ELECTRONIC CABLES, ADAPTERS There are functional items you should keep -- electronic cables, adapters and cords. Take the time to label and then organize by type and use. Separate headsets from phone chargers: USB-A from USB-C, etc. The point is to store these items in a way that everyone in the house knows exactly what you have, and can actually fi nd it. NO. 6: APPLIANCE ACCESSORIES I’m referring to the extra shelves that came with the refrigerator or the attachments for the vacuum cleaner. If you own a specifi c appliance, it’s a good idea to keep all its parts -- especially the power supply, which easily becomes disassociated with its appliance if it’s something you use only occasionally. Even if you’re not using them right now, you might need these things in the future. Getting rid of a part for your dishwasher or vacuum cleaner could be a big hassle and possibly prevent you from selling or donating it later. Mary Hunt Never throw out old photos, even if you have a digital version of them!

January 5, 2024 The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 Environmental In 1971, President Nixon created the EPA by executive order and directed the FBI to have agents with science backgrounds establish whatever is necessary to create a criminal agenda for investigations with the EPA until EPAAgents could be trained and or hired. My trade was metallurgy with chemistry and was assigned the Western District of NY...all 17 counties! I attended all the EPA training sessions regarding environmental crimes like the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts that became Laws enacted as part of the big eight laws Congress passed. I established the Environment Crimes program in the Western District of NY, all counties, and at least 100 diff erent law enforcement agencies, prosecutor jurisdictions plus chemistry labs, all in WDNY! Western NY had the cleanest coal plant in the US, the Somerset. I never observed black smoke in the air during the many drivebys, but Obama closed it and an oil-fi red plant that was small, the Huntly plant which was...old ...but performed a necessary service... until Hussein was elected. All of a sudden, a guy who never took a science course in a college that anybody could recall...including his knows “what’s best for us” ...that’s what Socialism its worst! Remember his Health Care disaster where he had to hire a college professor to lie to us to get the bill signed?! Remember the “End justify the means” ...that’s NOT freedom America, for Christ’s sake wake up!! This moron, Joe Biden made climate change the number one danger America! That, in and of itself should have been enough to make you wonder... “Is Biden nuts” ...along with his inability to walk up stairs, not fall off the stage, or trip over a box, or put two sentences together so they make need a “re-boot”! if you couldn’t fi gure that out now!! Do you believe how low his ability to reason must be to believe that? How about the non-scientific advisors who are leading him around by the nose or ...he’s as crooked about climate change as he is about his political career, my opinion! I’ll bet his mental capacity is so diminished, he doesn’t know what climate is, has no idea what climate change is, where his “advisors” obtained their info... because the Planet Earth has had “Climate Change” since its conception...4-5 billion years what’s changed and how?! By the way, we are still in an Ice Age that started some 10-12,000 years ago!? Surprised...aren’t was I! I k ow where these geniuses get their “scientifi c”’s the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC). Remember how Hillary hired Fusion GPS to create the phony Dossier, that the FBI used as Probable Cause (and she actually paid for that dossier) to apply for and get a wiretap on Carter Page. That started the whole scam on Russia –Trump collusion...all phony, made up by Fusion GPS and others, and FBI Comey said was “Salacious and Unverifi ed” ...AND he still used it for the wiretap warrant, two months AFTER he says he knew it was phony?!?! Well... look at the UN IPCC as providing the same service to the left that Fusion GPS provided to Hillary...” tell us what you want the Earth’s temperature to be, and we’ll prove lie to it, and we’ll (IPCC) swear to it. My opinion...possibly very close! There is no scientifi c evidence that climate change is any more a threat than a seagull crapping on a sailor’s hat while at a submarine! Besides that, even if there is severe change in the climate coming...only God and the UN IPCC can “predict” that?! AND, in my opinion, nobody on Earth has found a way to speak with God, and the UN IPCC has never been correct about anything, a FACT! In 2015, after NASA drilled thousands of test holes in Antarctica, they reported the Antarctic land ice mass is thicker, colder, and bigger than it was 10,000 years ago and the UN IPCC model studies of 18 years on Global Warming are useless...prove absolutely NOTHING. Yet Al Gore made insane predictions based upon those 18 years of IPCC studies and announced all those ridiculous things he shared you with... Global Warming must be stopped, glaciers will melt by 2015, (well it’s 2023, IPCC... WTF)! The IPCC study was more accurate predicting how many UFOs would appear in our sky, than if there is Global warning! In 2015, after NASA all but destroyed IPCC’s credibility, the IPCC admitted that the books on Global Warming were “inaccurate” (to say the least) ...and several “scientists” resigned. By the way...there were no scientists in the IPCC according to Weather Channel creator, John Coleman. Mr. Coleman, a scientist himself, compared the 18-year IPCC Model that predicted temperatures to the actual temperatures and there was no correlation whatsoever...NASA declared the IPCC Model and study “useless”! The millions that the UN sp nt on the Global Warming model were a waste...nothing more! That includes Global Warming, the glaciers melting, Manhattan fl ooding and the Polar Bears dying...none were accurate! Now these morons are doing the same thing, with climate change...weaponizing it! They are going to try to force us into a Socialist, eventually Islamic, nation ruled by Hussein opinion! That’s Treason! If they cut communications, cut the internet, cut the power, LIKE THIS “president” Biden said he WILL do (the electricity he says he will cut, drives all that I just mentioned...soon) ...he MUST BE STOPPED! We will be in trouble! So Congress, Republicans AND Democrats, listen and listen absolutely MUST prepare for the inevitable and prepare Court Orders for Injunctive Relief to Federal Districts to restore anything these Traitors do to force us to submit to their Socialist’s also Treason if they cut our Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, AND aid our enemies the same time!! This country CANNOT survive WITHOUT fossil fuel! What he is planning is to intentionally weaken the US and make us susceptible to our enemies. He is disarming America, what powers our Military...fossil fuel!? YOU and I cannot survive without fossil fuel...this is not a game. This imbecile is doing what Obama tells him to do, my opinion, and Biden’s words are through Obama’s old staff . AND Impeachment cannot come fast enough along with enactment of the 25th Amendment. Biden has lost all sense of reason if he attempts to do what Obama is directing him to do! Cutting off electric power is an act of Treason and whoever assists is guilty of the same crime as if they fl ipped the Grid switch OFF themselves...the penalty is death! To deny us what God gave us to survive, from the beginning of man, is fossil fuel. No Government can take that away thereby denying you and me from Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, provided by the Constitution of the US, ERA, and the Bill of Rights. The Government, EVEN with their “Bull” argument, cannot change the climate of Earth! CONGRESS MUST STOP THE TAG TEAM OF Obiden/ Obama before they do irreparable damage. Trump can fi x what they have done so far...nobody can fi x what he/they say they are going to do...fossil fuel is the blood that keeps America alive...kill it and you kill America, you, your kids, family and everything we know... smarten up before it’s too late. You must contact all Major Grid Operators and DIRECT them to disregard any orders from anybody, Department, Agency, elected offi cials, including this President, to stop production of any electric plants without fi rst appearing before Congress! This action is necessary as President Obama reduced your capacity from approximately 120% by about 45% by closing coal and other natural gas plants thus endangering and reducing our grid to about 85% of the full capacity necessary to operate without any cushion! To simplify what I am stating...THE ONLY RELIABLE MEANS OF PRODUCING ELECTRIC POWER, SUITABLE TO POWER A COUNTRYWITHOUT RELEASING “ANY GASES” OF SOME SORT, HARMFUL OR NOT, IS HYDRO POWER! THE NEXT BEST CHOICES ARE FOSSIL FUELAND THEN NUCLEAR! SUN AND WIND ARE NOT VIABLE TO POWER A CITY! FOSSIL FUEL IS THE LEAST EXPENSIVE, THE SAFEST, THE MOST RELIABLE, MOST PLENTIFUL, GOD GIVEN, THE LEAST INTRUSIVE TO LIFE, AND RELEASES GASES THAT ARE ENHANCING LIFE INCLUDING CO₂, METHANE AND OTHER GASES...WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, EXCEPT DOING WITHOUT ELECTRICITY! MAKE YOUR CHOICE... BUT FIRST SPEND AWEEK CAMPING IN A CABIN WITH NO POWER...NO FIREWOOD, NO FOSSIL FUEL OR SUN OR WIND ...NO POWER...DO IT IN THE WINTER! THAT’S WHAT OBIDEN AND OBAMAWANT ...SINCE “GLOBAL WARMING” DIDN’T WORK, THE DANGER IS NOW “CONTROL” OVER “CLIMATE CHANGE” ...THEY CANNOT CONTROL THE CLIMATE...SO THEYARE GOING TO CONTROL YOU...IF YOU ALLOW THEM!!! THEY HAVE WEAPONIZED THE CLIMATE AS THEY DID GLOBAL WARMING!!! By J Gary DiLaura FBI Ret, EPA/ FBI Environmental Investigator, Metallurgist-Material Science Bachelor of Science Degree