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If you're a woman who's been struggling to lose weight using mainstream methods, you're far from alone. Many women struggle to lose weight using calorie deficits and cardio. This is because women gain and lose weight differently than men. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways women can tackle weight loss effectively. Check Vitamin D Levels Many women battle low energy. While many things can cause low energy, vitamin D deficiency is one culprit. If you don't often get outside or rarely eat dairy products, it's worth getting your vitamin D levels checked. You can boost low vitamin D levels by taking supplements, consuming dairy products, and getting outside. An “Individual Freedoms” bill has passed both chambers of the legislature and is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk. He’s expected to sign it. It reads in part, “A person should not be instructed that he or she must feel guilt, anguish, or other forms of psychological distress for actions, in which he or she played no part, committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex.” It applies to K-12 public schools. Democratic state Sen. Shevrin Jones said it’s “a continuation of a national agenda to whitewash history all because we don't want white children to feel uncomfortable about true Black history,” the Associated Press reported. While some in the media describe it as racist or limiting discussion about race, it “includes the most substantial expansion of African American history in our public schools in the past 20 years,” Republican House Speaker Chris Sprowls says. HB 7, filed by Republican Speaker pro tempore Rep. Bryan Avila of Miami Springs, passed the House on Feb. 24 by a vote of 74 to 41. Its companion bill, SB 148, filed by state Sens. Manny Diaz Jr. and Ray Wesley Rodrigues, both Republicans, passed the Senate March 10 by a vote of 24 to 15. Diaz, a Cuban-American, said he doesn’t want what happens in Cuba, where he says people are told what to think, to happen in America. “My parents left that country because education wasn't about creating thinkers, it wasn't about having a debate like the one we're having today. That wasn't allowed. It was about indoctrination. Indoctrination by the government to tell you what you must think,” he said. “We send our students to school to learn, to be thinkers, not to be told what to think. … No one is trying to wash out or erase history.” Gas prices are in the news again for all of the wrong reasons. According to data from AAA, the national average price for regular gas is now roughly $4.33 per gallon. In some states (like California), the average is as high as $5.74 per gallon. These figures represent a 51 percent increase from this time last year. Part of this has been attributed to the impact of the war in Ukraine. However, U.S. government policies toward spending and energy have no doubt been a major cause. And, the response of some members of Congress is to make the cost of gas even higher with a new tax. U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) have introduced legislation that would impose a steep “windfall” tax on American oil companies. The proposal would create a tax on profits that oil companies make above $66 per barrel. Those profits would be taxed at the staggeringly high rate of 50 percent. The proceeds from that tax would then be used to create another stimulus check – $240 for individual filers and $360 for joint filers. This proposal is a disaster for a number of reasons and reflects the fundamental misunderstanding many Washington policymakers have about soaring gas prices. The first is the disregard for the role government policy has had on price inflation. The U.S. federal government has spent as much money in the last five years as it did in the prior eight years. The U.S. also imposed strict sanctions after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which impacted global supply. To attribute price hikes to “corporate greed” as Sen. Whitehouse and Rep. Khanna did, is to ignore the impact of their own policymaking and to miss the point entirely. This view of Cont. pg. 5 From Island to Bay, News on the Level Volume 7 Issue 23 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 Right... All Along Cont. pg 5 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com Cont. pg 26 At the House Democrats little confab in Philadelphia this past week, Joe was the Keynote speaker and ended up yelling at Democrats, something about being sick and tired of Americans blaming his administration for skyrocketing inflation. Well, if it isn’t Joe’s administration that’s killing us, just whose is it then? The evidence is at the pumps, and it isn’t caused by Putin’s war with Ukraine. It’s Joe’s job-killing energy policy, the FED flooding markets with valueless fiat money raising our debt and the deficit, and his party’s determination to replace the US Constitution with the Marx Manifesto. Joe claims the rising inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices are not due to his administration’s policies; it’s Putin’s fault. Nonsense! Of course, they are. A president always takes the applause and the blame for inflation, gas prices, and the health and well-being of the overall economy. Immediately when Biden took his oath as president and started signing his anti-Trump executive orders and introducing his Rescue Plan for America, which didn’t need rescuing; our consumer price index jumped almost 8%, the highest in forty years. Oil, the only energy directly responsible for warming our homes, Cont pg 11 Oil Windfall Tax Makes a Bad Situation Worse They Just Keep Spinning It, But Americans Know the Root Cause Individual Freedoms Bill Headed to Gov. DeSantis’ Desk Tackling Weight Loss Effectively as a Woman

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 Here’s an easy way to help improve fuel economy and protect your automobile investment: Know exactly what type of motor oil your car uses. When the manufacturer made your car, they did tests to see what types of motor oil deliver the best performance. Using a motor oil that has not been tested on your car could lead to friction and poorer fuel economy, and it can also cause damage to the interior components of your car. Check the owner’s manual and stick to what your automaker recommends. Here's my easy way to keep toilets sparkling-clean without the use of chemicals: Sprinkle 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a full 60 minutes before scrubbing. The mixture will bubble and naturally remove stains and odors. After one hour, scrub with a brush and flush away. You can also put two denture cleaner tablets into the bowl and let it sit overnight to really remove stubborn stains like mineral buildup. Here’s a reason to start saving empty milk and juice cartons (and ask your neighbors and friends to save for you!) a few weeks before you move: They can help protect your fragile items. Just insert breakable items like glassware into the cartons. Gallon-size containers can hold larger items and quart sizes can hold thinner items like drinkware or vases. Insert, pinch closed and voila! A protected possession ready for the journey to its new home. Moving Tip Are you thinking about starting a backyard vegetable garden this year? Not all crops have to start from seed. In fact, you can grow vegetables from old produce that’s already in your refrigerator. The base of lettuces, for example, can be placed in a shallow dish of water to re-generate roots. In a few days, that base can be transplanted right into the garden, and it’ll regrow into a whole head of lettuce. Celery, ginger root and fresh herbs can be regenerated this way, too. Backyard Garden Many of us use essential oils to concoct homemade beauty and cleaning products. But if you think all essential oils are totally natural, think again. If the words “naturally derived” are on the bottle, that doesn’t mean it’s totally plantbased. On the contrary, it means that the molecular structure of whatever flower or plant the oil is from was made in a laboratory. In other words, it’s artificial. Generally speaking, essential oils from inexpensive plants like peppermint and rosemary are usually all-natural, and both are good choices for whatever you’re making at home. Essential Oils The next time you're baking, save the aluminum foil to give your dull scissors a makeover. Stack seven clean and dry used pieces of aluminum foil on top of each other and cut away with your dull scissors. The blades will be sharpened the more you cut the foil, and eventually you will be left with almost-asgood-as-new scissors. And remember, the aluminum foil is still recyclable, so crumple it up into a ball and toss it in your curbside bin. Dull Scissors Do your hands smell like onions or garlic after you’ve cooked up a storm in the kitchen? While it can seem like no amount of handwashing can get rid of the smell, one kitchen condiment can work wonders: mustard. Grab a jar of the yellow stuff from the fridge or open a packet from the junk drawer and rub on your hands. It works for two reasons: The vinegar in mustard helps break down smells, and the mustard seed itself is a rubefacient, which means it causes dilation of capillaries when it comes in contact with skin. This combination makes mustard a naturally amazing deodorizer. Mustard, Really? Sparkling Clean Fuel Economy

OBAMA / OBIDEN, IF YOU KEEP PUTTING OUT THERE… “EMP, EMP, EMP”… AND JUST LIKE UKRAINE…BEGGING RUSSIA TO ATTACK… THEY WILL… IT WILL HAPPEN AND YOU TWO ASSHOLES WILL HAVE KILLED ALL OF US… AND YOU, OBAMA, WILL HAVE NOBODY AND NOTHING, TO RULE! The instant a country initiates a missile launch we know from where it was launched, who did it, (what country), the type of launch, the direction and after minutes, a good idea where it’s heading. If you don’t order an immediate, devastating, retaliation…an annihilation… of whoever did it, there will be none…absolutely, no retaliation, and the United States will die! Airplanes and 500,000 people in the air, will fall from the sky. All electric will stop and cease to exist for years…decades! You buffoons will have not only killed America but will also have killed many who were traveling in computer controlled vehicles…there will NOT be anyone for you to Rule as Socialists…you will have eliminated any future for anything that was! Anyone of your advisors who is/are telling you otherwise doesn’t know shit! Nobody will die from the blast or blasts nor Radiation. We will all, eventually, revert back to the dark ages…no refrigeration, no fuel, no food, no generators that survive an EMP, no banks, no FDIC, no Rule of Law because all the enforcers (police and military) will be fighting to save themselves and protect their own families! No food except what we kill, no water except what we purify, nothing… you morons have no concept what devastation will take place, from your greed, stupidity, recklessness. AND, if you two geniuses shut down our grid, as I personally believe you will try to do (and blame someone else)…it will have the same effect as an EMP! Making you two…our enemies!!! UNLESS…and I am very serious…UNLESS…you park our Trident fleet of Submarines in close proximity to Russia, China, N Korea and …Iran with orders to completely destroy which ever one launched, that attack on us…and then make certain those morons understand that our Subs will launch an attack on all 4 Nations if there are no orders to step down… because we cannot transmit or don’t want to! In other words …if we get hit from an EMP device, from anybody…we will kill them …if we cannot identify who did it, within the few minutes we will have…we will launch an all-out attack on all 4 Nations that we believe has the capability, because we know they will attack us if we’re hit with an EMP from anywhere!!! Let them understand, that they will be committing suicide! Keep in mind, just one nuclear missile, from a Trident Sub, carries numerous, GPS guided war heads and once locked on, cannot be stopped! Just one missile can wipe out every major city in either Russian, China, Iran or ALL of N Korea… 4 missiles…4 enemies gone, too…see you in Hell! You, Obama, are out of control…we know what you are doing! Cloward and Piven said to weaken the US…not destroy her! If you leave us helpless, without electric power, you will never be able to repair what you did! Certainly, not enough to make Allah proud of you…not if there’s nothing left! Besides…what makes you think, that with all the millions of armed Americans, who hate you, that you will even survive to rule, after you have destroyed our Republic? Listen, here’s the deal, Venezuela is an oil rich country, albite, their product needs cleaning. It’s still valuable and they need a Commie leader, like you. Why not go down there with your black ops and do your thing there? We’ll let all the damage that you have caused go and let bye-gones be bye-gones…but if you destroy much more…we won’t be able to forgive and forget…get it? P.S. take Soros with you! therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 The Right Side THE EMP THREATS!

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration has undertaken a vast scheme against Russian economic actors, which it characterizes as "sanctions." The scheme consists in seizing assets, freezing assets, and prohibiting lawful and constitutionally protected commercial transactions. All of this is aimed at dissuading Russian President Vladimir Putin from his determination to use extreme state violence to neutralize the government of Ukraine and install a government more favorable to the Kremlin. Yet, the targets of these sanctions are neither Putin nor the Russian state. Rather, his friends and political supporters, as well as Russian banks and commercial entities, and even American banks and commercial entities, have been targeted -- and hundreds of millions of consumers and investors have been harmed. By prohibiting the use of assets and international money transfers, the sanctions have severely harmed folks in Russia who have nothing to do with Putin's war by radically reducing their purchasing power and eliminating many everyday choices from their spending options. All of this was done by presidential edict. Can the president constitutionally prevent Americans and foreign persons from the lawful use of their own assets and from engaging freely in lawful commercial transactions? In a word: No. Here is the backstory. The Constitution was written to establish the federal government and to limit it. The same document that delegates to Congress the power to keep interstate and foreign commerce regular also prohibits the states in the Contracts Clause from interfering in private contracts. But there was originally no comparable prohibition restraining the federal government. In 1791, James Madison, the author of the Constitution, argued as a member of the House of Representatives against legislation establishing the First National Bank of the United States because he feared federal control of commerce. Of course, it became law, caused recessions and was sunset 20 years later. Yet in 1816, shortly before the end of his second term in the White House, Madison caved to corporatism and signed into law the Second National Bank of the United States. After its constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1824, the feds insinuated themselves into all sorts of economic activity, none of it enhancing personal liberty, all of it favoring their patrons. While still a congressman, and fearing federal insinuation into commerce, Madison authored the Bill of Rights -- the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. He crafted the Fifth Amendment to protect life, liberty and property from the government. By requiring due process -- a trial at which the federal government must prove fault - The bill “upholds the American belief that all people are created equal with provisions to ensure that education materials and instruction in Florida’s schools and workplaces are consistent with this shared value,” Sprowls said. The bill revises requirements for required instruction on the history of African Americans in public schools and requires the state Department of Education to prepare and offer certain standards and curriculum, according to the bill summary. It includes a range of guidelines for instructional materials and requires the department to review school district professional development systems for compliance with certain provisions of law. It also states that subjecting individuals “to specified concepts under certain circumstances constitutes discrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin.” Sprowls says the bill will ensure “we can have healthy instruction and conversation about race and diversity without losing sight that we are first and foremost individuals. Importantly, the bill provides assurance for parents that some of the most difficult lessons about our nation’s history and current events are taught without imputing false blame or guilt on their children.” The bill includes “a call to share the stories of Americans who overcame all odds, including racial barriers, to make history and to inspire the next generation of achievers.” Avila said the bill was designed “to address instruction and trainings that distort historical facts or push students to adopt the personal or political viewpoints of teachers or textbook authors, including divisive ideas that factors such as race or sex primarily determine a person’s character or potential.” Notably, the bill calls for a new “Stories of Inspiration” curriculum to be taught about influential African Americans who made invaluable contributions to the United States under incredibly difficult circumstances. Inspired by the New Hampshire video series produced in coordination with the Woodson Center, the bill directs the Department of Education to oversee the curriculum. The popular New Hampshire series has been profiled in local news outlets. During Black History Month, The Nashua Telegraph published a “Stories of Courage” series profiling notable African Americans in collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Education and the Woodson Center. The Woodson Center’s K-12 Black history and character curriculum “tells the stories of black Americans whose tenacity and resilience enabled them to overcome adversity and make invaluable contributions to our country. It also teaches character and decision-making skills that equip students to take charge of their futures.” Its lessons are free and available to the public. The most recent profile was of Bridget "Biddy" Mason, an early American pioneer and philanthropist who won her freedom in court in 1856. She became one of the first prominent citizens and landowners in Los Angeles in the 1850s-1860s. Born in Mississippi, she would later walk 1,700 miles behind a 300wagon caravan to Salt Lake Valley in Utah in 1848. She eventually received her freedom in California. She founded the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles in 1872. Another profile is that of Booker T. Washington, who was born into a slave family on a Virginia plantation. After the Civil War, he pursued educational opportunities and later founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, now Tuskegee University in Alabama, in 1881. He later hired George Washington Carver to teach agriculture at Tuskegee in 1896. Carver, an agricultural scientist who invented hundreds of products using peanuts, was also a freed slave. His educational pursuits led him to earn a master’s degree in agricultural science at Iowa State University. Washington also founded the National Negro Business League and advised Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. The legislature hopes the new curriculum will inspire Florida students. Senate Majority Leader Debbie Mayfield said Florida students “should be learning about important historical facts and movements, not divided by educators with a political agenda that blames young children for horrible historic events they had nothing to do with. “Likewise, required workplace training should include elements that focus on respect and celebrate diversity and inclusion. Employees should not be subjected to required training that tears down and divides people based on race. To reinforce these principles, we passed meaningful legislation to protect individual freedoms and prevent discrimination in schools and the workplace, while supporting factual educational instruction and materials for students.” Bethany Blankley The Center Square The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 Cont. to pg 15 Individual Freedoms Bill Sanctions on Russia Violate the Constitution Cont from pg 1

Farmers Hit Hard by Price Increases as Food Price Spike Looms The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Goods and services around the country are becoming increasingly more expensive, but farmers may be among the hardest hit as inflation, supply chain issues, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine are expected to send food prices soaring even higher. That impact is being felt by farmers around the country. “The cost of fertilizer is up as much as 500% in some areas,” said Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron. “It would be unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it for myself as I priced fertilizer for our farm in southern Indiana. Fertilizer is a global commodity and can be influenced by multiple market factors, including the situation in Ukraine, and all of these are helping to drive up costs.” Ukraine is a significant supplier of both crops and fertilizer materials, adding to the concern that the invasion will likely lead to shortages and price increases. Fertilizer prices for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, called NPK, have exploded since December 2020. “Because of the seasonal aspects of … this agriculture industry, it takes about six to nine months for the impacts felt in the impact market to really work its way through the supply chain and reach the consumer,” said Nathon Carson, head of supply chain operations for Chemical Dynamics, a multi-million dollar fertilizer supplier based in Florida servicing 12 states. “The crazy thing is, fertilizer prices for NPK, especially nitrogen, the most important nutrient, went up by about … doubled essentially in Q4 of 2021, which means we are not really going to see those impacts until this coming summer.” That fertilizer price increase is one of several factors expected to push food prices up even higher this year. “Food prices are going to continue to go up dramatically,” Carson said. “I was expecting food prices to go up about 10% in the U.S. before midterms, so around August, another 5 or so percent to follow by the end of the year …You could see 20% food price inflation by the end of the year in the U.S. That is a possibility. You won’t see famine in the U.S. Our food system is very, very resilient, but you will see shortages. You won’t have the same product selection that you’re used to.” These food price issues have only been egged on by runaway federal spending, which has helped send inflation soaring in the past year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that the Consumer Price index, a leading marker of inflation, rose 7.9% in the past 12 months. BLS said that the food price index rose 8.6% over the last 12 months, the largest 12-month spike since April 1981. “Inflation has hit agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and equipment, which will contribute to the increasing cost of food,” said Chris Hagenow, vice president of Iowans for Tax Relief. “Inflation is dangerous because it is a hidden tax and it destroys the income earned by both farmers and workers. This inflation is a direct consequence of the out-ofcontrol spending that is plaguing the federal government. Our national debt has hit $30 trillion and President Joe Biden and the Democrats believe that spending and printing money has no economic consequences. Farmers and consumers will continue to see higher prices and it will damage the economy.” BLS found that in February, those price increases hit all kinds of foods on grocery store shelves. “The food index increased 1.0 percent in February as the food at home index increased 1.4 percent over the month,” BLS said. “All six major grocery store food group indexes increased in February. The index for fruits and vegetables had the largest increase, rising 2.3 percent, its largest monthly increase since March 2010. The index for fresh fruits increased 3.7 percent over the month, and the index for fresh vegetables rose 1.3 percent. The index for dairy and related products rose 1.9 percent, its largest monthly increase since April 2011. “The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs increased 1.2 percent in February as all of its major component indexes increased,” BLS added. Kron said the problem isn’t going away anytime soon. “The problem has been developing for several years, so unfortunately, the solution will take time, too,” he said. “Farm Bureau is urging the Biden administration to look for ways to bring fertilizer prices down, including resolving supply chain issues and removing import duties. These rising input costs will have a major impact on all of us this spring as we prepare to put crops in the ground and they will eat away much of the profit we might have expected to make from higher commodity prices.” Casey Harper The Center Square March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 A few years back, Eric and Donna Reed shopped for groceries and household products just once for an entire year. How on Earth? I know. That was my reaction, too. The Reeds got the idea after reading a column in USA Today wherein the writer confessed to his weakness when it came to buying clothes. So driven to buy new sweaters, slacks or shoes every time he stepped inside a clothing store, he publicly announced he was giving up buying anything for one full year. Eric and Donna wondered if they could do the same. Their minds went to grocery stores and discount stores, the mall and Amazon. And what about restaurants and home improvement stores? they pondered. How would they handle gifts and seasonal items every household needs through the course of a year? The Reeds, like most of us, don't simply stop at the store to pick up milk. Or eggs. No, they buy the milk — along with a basket of other stuff. It's expensive to be a frequentbuying consumer. But could they plan ahead well enough to make it through a whole year without spending? They decided to see if they were up for it by trying it for one month: one month with no exceptions, not even gifts. Could they do it? They bought supplies for the month and then gritted their teeth. They reported that the first two weeks were smooth sailing. It was exciting to approach life like pioneers. They were self-sufficient and resourceful. But by week three, they were drinking powdered milk and making creative salads, as the lettuce was gone. In week four, Donna ruined her last pair of pantyhose and opted to wear pants to work to finish out the month. Just when they were ready to give up on this crazy notion, they tallied the results. They'd spent less than half of what they normally spent in a month's time. Wow. Imagine that: They cut their overall expenses in half! Could they expand this way of life to three months? They could, and they would. But not without some strategic planning. They calculated how much toilet tissue, cleaning supplies, dry goods, meat and other food staples they would need for three months based on past usage. And then they contemplated what you've been wondering: What about milk and produce? Gasoline? And what if they really want a meal out, or a drive-thru experience? Their compromise: gift cards. They bought a strategically planned number of $10 gift cards for their favorite drivethru, gas station and supermarket, and put the cards in a safe place. Making it for three months was not nearly as difficult as they worried it would be — even with Thanksgiving landing in the middle of that time period. They'd planned ahead with a turkey in the freezer. By the time the three-month period was ending, they were asking themselves: Can we make it a year? Soon they were plotting a big onetime-only buying spree for the week after Christmas, when lots of things are on sale. The Reeds did complete a full year without spending, and the fringe benefits were astounding. They put the initial purchase on a credit card but paid it off within three months. Over the next nine months, they were able to pay off all of their unsecured debts with the money they were not spending. They finished the year with only their mortgage debt. And all because they went a year without buying anything. Could you go a year without spending? What about three months? One month? One week? How about a day? Mary Hunt Could You Go a Year Without Spending?

ASK THE DOCTORS The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body, and originates in the lumbar spine. It then runs down through the buttock area and continues along the back of the leg and branches off to the tibial and common fibular (peroneal) nerves down to the foot. Piriformis syndrome is a condition that causes the sciatic nerve to be irritated or compressed by the piriformis muscle. It is a deep muscle in the buttocks that is primarily responsible for rotating the leg outwards. It can irritate the sciatic nerve because of stiffness, tightness, and pain. Massage therapy can be a very effective in relieving Sciatica when Piriformis Syndrome is the cause. In most people, the sciatic nerve passes underneath the piriformis muscle so damage to the piriformis can potentially cause symptoms in the sciatic nerve. A small amount of the population has their sciatic nerve pass through, or split, the piriformis muscle. Symptoms of Sciatica * Pain, tingling or numbness that radiates through the lower back, buttocks, and down the back of the leg possibly as far as the foot. * Pain starts slowly and worsens after standing, sitting, bending backward, walking or sleeping at night. * Difficulty walking, bending and or sitting. * Muscle weakness in the hip and/or leg. Unfortunately, when you are suffering from sciatica it can be painful to sit, lay down, walk or even lift your leg. “The fear and anxiety associated with pain is more debilitating than the pain itself” Pain causes us to do less physically, when you reduce physical activity through lack of movement, the blood flow is reduced in the hip, this starves your tissue of the necessary oxygen and nutrients thus not removing lactic acids and metabolic wastes which then accumulate in the muscle tissue... Sciatica and the pain associated with it will alter your body mechanics. Adjustments to your gait from sciatica affects your knees, hips and lower back due to over compensation. The longer your injury endures, the greater the risk of running into serious overcompensation injuries and a permanent change in gait. Armando’s is well known for their massage, located at 2101 Estero Blvd on Fort Myers Beach. in the same location and family owned for over 21 years You can reach them at: 239-483-1200, go to: www.armandosdayspa.com Search “Best Massage” on the web. Dear Doctor: My Type A husband, who naturally falls asleep for about 25 minutes on weekend afternoons, complains that he's wasting time when he does so. How do I explain to him the benefits of napping? Dear Reader: Millions of people throughout the world take a daily nap. In many cultures the afternoon sleep break is built right into everyday life. Businesses close shop and everyone heads home for lunch and a bit of shut-eye. Here in the goal-oriented United States, though, napping carries a bit of stigma. It sounds as though your husband has internalized that feeling, which is too bad because you're correct -- a daytime nap is often a good thing. Studies show that napping does more than just reduce fatigue. It can elevate your mood, improve productivity and make it easier for you to learn and retain new information. However -- and this is where things get a bit tricky -- not all naps are equally beneficial. It turns out that what time you nap and how long that nap lasts make a difference. A nap as brief as 10 minutes and up to 30 minutes can leave you feeling energized. Sleep much longer than half an hour and chances increase that you'll wake in a mental fog. The reason for all this is that sleep is quite complex. Not only are there several different stages of sleep, they occur in distinct cycles. When you first drift off, you move from light sleep, from which you can awaken easily, into stages of ever-deeper sleep. Your brain waves and even your brain chemistry change. It becomes progressively more difficult to awaken. People in the stage known as "deep sleep" show no muscle or eye movement. The other stage of sleep is known as REM sleep, which is short for "rapid eye movement." This is the cycle during which you dream, and in which the brain registers significant electrical and chemical activity. Fall short on REM sleep and it's quite possible you'll wind up feeling cranky or irritable. Which leads us back to the question of optimal napping. First -- what time to close your eyes. Sleep experts agree that mid-afternoon is optimal. Your body clock is naturally primed for a break, and it's far enough away from bedtime so as to not interfere with your night sleep. Next, the reason why a brief nap feels best. It takes about 90 minutes for your body (and brain) to go through a complete sleep cycle. Sleep too little and you've barely grazed the surface of light sleep. Sleep too long and you're swimming up from the groggy depths of deep sleep. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes, which puts you into the earliest stages of REM sleep and lets you wake up easily, feeling refreshed. For the best naps, choose a location that's dark and quiet. Lying down results in better sleep than sitting or reclining. Setting an alarm will let you relax into your nap and assure that you'll wake up before deep sleep takes hold. When you wake up, take a moment to stretch and take a few deep breaths. And enjoy. A good nap is one of life's real pleasures. “Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome” AMid-Afternoon Nap Is One of Life's Great Pleasures Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? Call Bobby at: 239-267-4000 Low Tide High Tide Tide Chart License # 20205 239-463-1200 Fri, Mar 18 Tide Set One 01:53 AM 2.36 ft 08:34 AM -0.00 ft Tide Set Two 02:28 PM 1.97 ft 08:33 PM 0.26 ft Sat, Mar 19 Tide Set One 02:38 AM 2.23 ft 08:56 AM 0.23 ft Tide Set Two 02:43 PM 2.17 ft 09:17 PM -0.03 ft Sun, Mar 20 Tide Set One 03:27 AM 2.03 ft 09:18 AM 0.52 ft Tide Set Two 03:04 PM 2.40 ft 10:04 PM -0.23 ft Mon, Mar 21 Tide Set One 04:22 AM 1.80 ft 09:37 AM 0.79 ft Tide Set Two 03:29 PM 2.59 ft 10:59 PM -0.36 ft Tue, Mar 22 Tide Set One 05:30 AM 1.54 ft 09:51 AM 1.05 ft Tide Set Two 04:00 PM 2.76 ft ----- --- Wed, Mar 23 Tide Set One 07:17 AM 1.28 ft 12:04 AM -0.43 ft Tide Set Two 04:39 PM 2.79 ft 09:41 AM 1.21 ft Thu, Mar 24 Tide Set One 05:27 PM 2.76 ft 01:23 AM -0.43 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- ---

To the Editor. Enjoy your paper, how about a crossword and sudoku? Tommy Benson Ed. Note: We added a crossword puzzle and ran it for 4 weeks earlier this year, we asked for input if we should keep it or not and the letter above your was our only response. We need more interest to give up half a page to it, if we get more letters in favor of it, we will bring it back! Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics shared on Twitter a local horror story from the Chicago area. His fifth grader came home from school with a vocabulary assignment in science class. The words included "transgender," cisgender," "nonbinary" and "consent." The last word carries the most irony -- because the educational elite in this country isn't interested in the consent of the governed. Resistance to LGBT indoctrination in our public grade schools is not recognized as part of a democratic, governing process. Just like the cause of critical race theory, the parents are not simply irrelevant; they are seen as an impediment to essential progress. The other words sound ridiculous in a science class. They are at war with science. They are at war with common sense. And they are at war with religious Americans who feel that God made the human race male and female, not some unscientific blur. The LGBT lobby does not believe in democracy or debate. They believe that all dissent is "hate speech," and any opposition to their treacherous goals leads to youth suicide and emotional torture. They fight dirty, always assuming the worst of their opponents and always engaging in character assassination. They can count on their staunchest allies for support -- for Hollywood's cultural shapers and the "news" media. You can see it right now in the way journalists have mangled and maligned a bill in Florida to prevent teachers from pushing their gender-bending ideology on children in kindergarten through the third grade. Failing to push transgenderism on a 5-year-old is presented as "horrific." To the left, an abortion at nine months isn't horrific, but failing to suggest to children that they might be gender-fluid is a tragedy. "CBS Evening News" argued that the school should be a "safe place" for LGBT children, insisting that their homes are often "unsafe" (i.e., places of dissent). It's Orwellian to define a "safe place" as a school where it's safe to lead children down a dark path to the left's gender deconstructionism. On ABC's "The View," Sara Haines suggested opponents are unhinged and ignorant, and that teachers are "first responders" for kids from abusive homes -- as in parents who disagree with the left. ABC's "World News Tonight" insisted LGBT education is to help children who may feel bullied or ostracized. But their actual goal is to bully the people with traditional values and have (SET ITAL) them (END ITAL) feel ostracized. Notice that no one says that parents can't teach their young children at home about the birds and the bees, or, in this case, how birds can be bees if that's how they want to identify themselves. It's mandatory that all children in schools be taught one ideology. I know that when I was a student, I would have been a nightmare for an indoctrinator. I would have fiercely spoken up with opposing arguments. This makes it seem obvious why the LGBT lobby thinks it's so important to push their garbage on grade-school children, before they can offer the withering critique this deserves. Tim Graham The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 Letters To The Editor Guest Editorial PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper To the Editor, When will we learn? I mean really.... WTF? Why are we giving Putin and the Russian military hourly updates on what is happening in Ukraine? The news announces Zalensky is handing out guns to civilians, the Russians start bombing civilian targets and has justification because now they are weaponized and thus targetable.... so why tell them? The media announces an increase in military equipment being sent to Ukraine... The Russians attack the airfield that was the most likely the way we would have delivered said equipment? Really? Today the media reported people are headed back to Kyiv, tomorrow aerial bombing will increase there! All the media is doing is giving intel to the enemy, they need to stop ! Gary Santos Ed. Note: I have to agree with you Gary, To the Editor: I really enjoy your paper. It's the only true news in print. In you household tips section you recommend putting hair spray on recipe cards. Bad advice. Hair spray is flammable and if you a box of recipe cards coated in hair spray sitting next to your stove could be dangerous. I knew someone who would put a bath towel over her shoulders before applying hair spray. After several uses and never laundering it, the towel caught fire from being too close to the stovetop. May want to reconsider this tip. Thanks and keep the true news coming Jack Oris Ed Note: Thanks Jack, those are written by author Danny Seo from one of the syndications we subscribe to.... We did a little more research and info on the web is mixed on this subject, some say the only flammable quality of current hair spray is the areosol gas that propels the liquid out of the can. Some say the liquid itself is still flammable, I would say to follow your advice .... Better to be safe than sorry! We certainly appreciate your feedback and kind words about our paper. Quote of the Week “Why is "phonics"...... Not spelled the way it sounds? - anonymous The Autocracy of the Gender Benders To the Editor. I enjoy your crossword puzzle and was happy when it appeared. I hope you will keep it. dvkorcs@.............

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 How Flawed We Humans Beings Can Be It’s difficult for me to step away from the humanitarian crisis on our tiny planet. My attention and creative emotions are wrapped up in little else. When I begin writing down my thoughts, my mind runs in too many different directions. When I express horror at the senseless brutality brought down on innocent people, my religious upbringing conjures thoughts of how flawed we human beings can be when left to our own devices. I appreciate that reminder and express thanks to our Founders that our own government tried to compensate for those flaws with a myriad of separation of powers with checks and balances. When I foolishly entertain thoughts of “the good old days” I do the best I can to slap away those ideas. Man’s inhumanity to man has been everlasting, since humans emerged to occupy and attempt to control God’s creation. That self-righteous analysis ends appropriately at a dead end. History moves from one incredibly brutal episode to another, with intervening periods of limited levels of goodwill. Since the Founding of our great nation the eyes of the world have looked upon much that one can’t forgive: slavery, Hitler’s death camps, and the killing fields of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, for example. And now we constantly observe Russia brutally, and without provocation, crushing a country, a culture, and the Ukrainian people’s dreams of peace and freedom. We’ve seen in almost “real time,” the bombing and shelling of maternity hospitals, shelters, and apartment buildings. We’ve witnessed Putin’s Russia change in ways few will recall. As an example, I looked up something I recalled from a couple decades ago. Russia “is part of European culture,” Putin stated to David Frost on BBC in 2020. He even seemed to be hinting about joining NATO. Putin continued, “I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilized world.” Regarding Ukraine joining NATO, along with other former Soviet countries, he said, “It’s none of my business.” British politician and former NATO Secretary General George Robertson recalls that Putin did want Russia to join NATO but didn’t want to go through the normal application and approval process required of “a lot of countries that don’t matter.” Assuming Putin wasn’t totally lying in expressing his disinterest toward Ukraine joining Europe’s mainstream, it’s obvious, and shocking how much the Russian situation has changed since the end of the cold war. Changes in cultures frequently reflect the rejection of established standards for opinions and actions. A true culture must possess a level of philosophical consistency, with moral and ethical absolutes. I see nothing resembling my definition of culture at the end of whatever path Putin and Russia have chosen. Historically proven standards have been progressively ignored. Old fashioned search for common sense seems lost – not just in Russia, but to varying degrees all over the globe, including America. Nevertheless, there are some positive developments. While Russia creates a new iron curtain, many countries are uniting in a common desire to resist Russia’s genocide in Ukraine. Maybe civilized societies are desperately searching for some common sense. This new unity is represented largely by NATO. Hopefully, this stronger more committed group of U.S. allies will find a way to manage the new form of conflict that is occurring in Ukraine. This pregnant mom and unborn baby both died after being evacuated from a maternity hospital targeted by the Russians. Providing military armaments to Ukraine is important, and nothing should be off the table in that regard. Our response so far has been slow and smacks of indecision. And the path to success in strengthening Europe includes using American energy resources to supply their needs in the long run. This is all related. We must promptly and effectively stand up to evil in the world, otherwise we will face evil’s many ugly faces again and again. If we don’t take a stand, we must question how much we are willing to do to ensure our own freedom. If either side in this conflict fails to find their way through the peril looming before them, they do so at their own serious peril. Let us pray that both sides find the path leading to peace. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers Credit: A Privilege, or Civil Right? Dear Mary: I've just discovered that my parents are being discriminated against because they don't have a credit card. It's a huge injustice if you discriminate due to color, race or religion, and this is totally unacceptable in our society. If you don't own a credit card, you are not allowed to get a rental car; you cannot fly on an airplane; and I'm sure there are more issues of this nature that I just haven't uncovered yet. Cash is not an option with these services. Isn't this unacceptable? -- Jonathan W. Dear Jonathan: I understand your frustration. It does seem unfair that some companies these days are averse to cash. However, I don't think this is a matter of civil rights. Credit, like driving a car or owning a home, is a privilege, not an entitlement. The same goes for air travel and car rental. Those are not rights guaranteed to us under the laws of the land but opportunities and privileges. Businesses, in my opinion, should have the right to offer their services under any lawful terms and conditions they choose. I'm such a capitalist and fan of free enterprise, I cannot imagine enacting laws requiring companies to accept cash or that force banks to extend credit as a matter of civil rights. Living with cash alone is possible, even for your parents. It's just a little more difficult sometimes. Take your examples of renting a car or buying an airline ticket. You cannot do either on the spur of the moment without a credit card. You have to plan ahead. I just called randomly five travel agencies. All five will accept cash for airline tickets. And most car rental companies will accept cash as well. You must be prepared to put up a sizable cash deposit, refundable upon return of the car. That seems fair to me. I recommend that every family needs one good all-purpose credit card for the reasons you cite, as well as to establish a good credit score. For those who have trouble qualifying, there's the option of a secured credit card. To get the card, you must deposit cash into a savings account (typically about $300), which is held on deposit to guarantee payment in the event the cardholder defaults. A secured credit card is a good way to establish credit because after a couple of years with a good track record, it can be converted to a regular card account. To find a list of companies offering secured credit cards including terms, look at IndexCreditCards.com Mary Hunt

Fix Your Sleep Schedule Another cause of low energy is not getting enough sleep or having an erratic sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation can lead to daytime sleepiness, mood swings, depression, or a lowered immune system. Where possible, aim to create better sleeping habits. If you can, go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. Remember, adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night to function optimally. Invest in New Athletic Wear Buying new athletic wear can be a great way to boost your confidence and help motivate you to work out. The right clothing can also make exercise easier and more comfortable. Three popular types of comfortable athletic wear include leggings, sports bras, and sneakers. Choose leggings and sports bras that fit well but aren't too tight. Purchase sneakers that feel comfortable and offer plenty of support when you're on the go. Set Small Goals Setting weight loss goals can generally lead to better results because it gives something concrete to work toward. However, setting small goals can be even more effective because it creates a sense of achievement throughout the weight loss journey. This is an excellent idea if you have a lot of weight to lose or find it hard to stay motivated. Balance Cardio and Strength Training Although cardio is an excellent way to shed a few pounds, balance it with strength training. Many women are afraid to lift weights because they don't want to bulk up too much. However, women don't build muscle in the same way men do. Instead, weight lifting helps tone your body and make you stronger. If you're worried about building too much muscle, consider doing bodyweight exercises instead of weight lifting. Aim for two or three days of strength training and three or four days of cardio each week, depending on your current fitness level. Always start slowly and add extra days or increase workout intensity as your body adjusts to higher activity levels. Use These Tips to Lose Weight as a Woman Using the tips above can help you lose weight as a woman. Check out the Sun Bay Paper if you're looking for ideas on fun ways to get outdoors around the Gulf Coast of South Florida and boost your vitamin D. hauling food to our markets, Chinese-made junk to our dry goods stores, and sushi to our gas stations, jumped 38%. That raised the cost of everything. I don’t even want to hear about EV transportation as the solution. Government-subsidized electricity for EVs doesn’t come from the sun or the wind; it exclusively comes from fossil fuel or nucleargenerated power stations. When bird-killing windmills and cloudcovered solar panels are frozen solid by extremely cold weather or stopped for maintenance, their production is hardly missed because they’re inefficient. I wonder why the idea continues to cloud our judgment? Maybe one day, but, it’s not ready yet, and still, we’re being coerced into believing the unreliable, almost like being forced to mask up at home or submit to vaccines that may kill us. When Joe killed the Keystone pipeline, 11,000 pipeline workers lost their jobs, meaning they couldn’t support their families or the local communities where they lived. Joe opined, “then they can get coding jobs.” Why can’t folks on welfare get coding jobs? Why is tax money spent supporting illegals while our homeless population, including many veterans, subsist in the squalor of our city streets, cold, undernourished, or drug-addled? Joe hasn’t a clue. Neither does Kamala. Used vehicles were once a readily available item for low-income folks or teens looking for inexpensive transportation to get to their jobs, school, or welfare offices. But today, the price of used vehicles, once an affordable transportation convenience, has jumped out of sight, a whopping rise of 41%. Government travel by rail schemes fails because they don’t go where most riders want to go when in fact, they service the growth of crime in suburban areas. A major comfort item we all need is not to wonder where our next meal is coming from, but food, if it’s even available in our markets, has jumped almost 9%. Fixed-income seniors or retirees with health problems are going to have a big problem. That’s okay; Joe wants to authorize Medical Doctors to participate in assisted suicides without violating their oaths to do no harm. That should fix the problem. Kill babies at the beginning of life and our elders at the end. Gee Joe, what a guy! Speaking of little children, those that still attend public schools will find the cost of their meals up 53% because homeschooled children have dropped out, and the lower headcount from fixed formula cafeterias means poorer fare and higher prices. Remember Ronald Reagan? He told jokes, and people laughed, and nobody hated each other. Humorless Joe, on the other hand, is the joke, and he doesn’t know it, so he feigns outrage, waving his arms in the air, squinting at his teleprompter to read what’s next, and whispering like a conspirator. Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! George McClellan Tackling Weight Loss Effectively as a Woman The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 March 18, 2022 - March 24, 2022 cont. from pg 6 Cont from pg 1 Americans Know the Root Cause