by J. Gary DiLaura

Okay folks...I have been warning you until I am blue in the face and you Democrats just don’t get it. China is staged to attack America, from all 4 sides and from above, with an EMP Device. Xi is planning to take America to nuclear war...that’s what China is planning!

Honest American Military Intel officers believe that China has 500,000 armed forces ready to invade from all directions AFTER they fire a nuclear hypersonic, unstoppable EMP device over America...ONE bomb...will destroy all the grids that are left. Remember, Obama and then Biden decimated our grid. That is not opinion...that is a fact. Then from bases in the Bahamas, South America, NW Canada, Panama, Panama Canal, and from within. FBI Director Wray has been warning about from “within”, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Biden hasn’t been doing anything to protect America. In fact, has been damaging her from intentional overspending. He deliberately damaged our security at the border by opening the borders. As we all know, by shutting down our power plants with no replacements and by disrupting the supply lines with inept and ignorant people in important positions, Biden is succeeding in causing chaos and encouraging lawlessness. Since Obama is running America through his old staff and Biden is impotent, Hussein Obama has a free hand, my opinion.

When Obama says he will “fundamentally change America” ...believe it! When he says that the “Islam call to prayer is the most beautiful thing he ever heard” ...believe it. When he says that he, at 21 years old, flipped a switch and changed to Christianity ...don’t believe it.

Obama swore on his book of faith, the Quran, “to Protect, Preserve and Defend our Constitution”. How can he, when the Constitution demands the separation of Church and State and the Quran demands One body for Church and State, Islam? What does that have to do with Biden? My answer is, EVERYTHING. Obama is running America!  

Joe Obiden is not.

Hussein has been, shall we say, speaking to Xi, in my opinion and has helped Xi to reach his current position. What do I figure it out...does Obama have financial interests in China? It seems he does, but what other reasons could Obama have to get next to Xi?

I believe Hussein thinks Xi is going to turn over what is left of America after Xi, Putin and Islam rape it. Well, you be the judge. Put yourself in Xi’s place. Xi is going to say, “Well Hussein, my country sacrificed thousands of Chinese lives and risked it all to take over America...what did you sacrifice”? Xi will then proceed to behead every single member of Obama’s family and his entire staff all as he watches, and then behead HIM! Hussein just betrayed 400,000,000 Americans...why would Xi trust HIM!?

Everybody knows Biden is not fulfilling his oath of office and is criminally negligent on a plethora of crimes.

When China attacks, Obiden will drop to his knees crying that he had nothing to do with anything, and Xi will agree and then kill his whole family and him last!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) - if you saw two people (R & D) fighting on the railroad tracks and a train is coming (China), don’t you think it’s stupid to argue about replacing your fi ghter (R) instead of how to stop the train??? We are about to be attacked by China. I am certain... and you want to replace the WRONG person. Replace the one who put us in harm’s way, Joe Obiden.

If Biden is not replaced by the 25th Amendment or an election where Trump wins, before China attacks...I am positive we will lose America! Put your energies in the right place before it’s too late!

To those who voted for Obiden I say, “THE FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE, HUSSEIN WANTED IS TO A SOCIALIST, ISLAMIC NATION,” and he thinks he’s there, BELIEVE THAT! But unfortunately for you, your families and myself and mine, we are about to pay for you Democrats who ignored what Obiden and Obama pulled. They succeeded in OUTRIGHT Freaking STUPIDITY, by turning the US into hellhole!

I hope to God that I am wrong, as well as the predictions of former and current Military Intel Officers and one current General, whose recent opinions agree with what I have been predicting...for years and not months. China is our enemy and NOT our friend. China is a Communist nation where the end justifies the means...and their “means” will be brutal, when they strike us. They know that just one of our many Trident subs can kill China and Russia with a nuclear strike...that’s correct... one Trident sub, and Russia and China and her 1 billion people will become nuclear toast.

I know just enough about nuclear subs to know how deadly they are. I have been aboard nuclear subs as an Agent conducting investigations of Crime on Government Property, nothing serious, but it was a learning experience that I cherished! My first office was a Navy Sub Station!

Knowing this, China must cut off communications between America and our Trident sub fleet...because when the fleet is alerted, we have been hit with a nuclear EMP device. It does NOT matter who did it...only four of our enemies have that capability and all want America DEAD...Russia, N Korea, China and maybe Iran. So, it makes no difference who struck first. They expect America to find who did it...and in a few days react.

There will be NO time to find who did it, and it doesn’t matter.

So, we must convince, and not bluff, as we will only have one shot. Convince Xi we will order an all-out nuclear strike on all 4 countries...if we are attacked with an EMP.

We must convince China’s Xi we will kill everybody in China and Russia and N Korea and Iran. How convincing do you think this feeble president will be...hmmmm? How about Trump? Think he could pull it off?

So, geniuses...who do you want to protect us and launch that most complicated and coordinated nuclear retaliation strike that the few of us who are left are depending upon?

Who do you want to stand up to Xi and warn him that our Trident sub fleet and all the rest of our military forces have orders that, if we are hit with an EMP devise from ANYBODY, they are to unleash a full nuclear retaliatory strike on all 4 of our biggest enemies, starting with China!

Remember, Hussein deactivated our NORAD First strike Base in the Colorado Mountains. When Trump found out after being elected...he didn’t open the borders, he reopened and upgraded the NORAD site. So, if we are hit with an EMP nuclear bomb high in the atmosphere (which is going to KILL our entire electric grid), we still can communicate with our EMP protected ships and heavy weapons, and we need that NORAD site to be functional. It now is, thanks to President Trump unless dipshit Obiden closed that too.

Keep in mind the stellar leadership Joe showed when the China balloon attacked. Joe was afraid of a surveillance balloon. What would an EMP bomb do? By the way, EMP Bombs are all nuclear bombs.

Why is Obiden still president? The Democraps say he’s too feeble to defend himself. He’s too feeble minded to be prosecuted for his enormous crime streak, but he is not too feeble minded to be President of the USA? You Democraps are as Dumb as opinion!

Our fleet must have orders to destroy all 4 ...China, Korea, Russia, Iran with nuclear weapons...nothing less will stop them than that threat and mean it! Please somebody lock up Miley with no cell phone!
I am certain that if former President Trump is elected there will be no war! Obiden MUST go or we are done, God Bless!