FISA-Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

by J. Gary DiLaura

Here’s a part of that act...
“The federal government cannot use the FISA court to “intentionally target any U.S. citizen, or any other U.S. person, or to intentionally target any person known to be in the United States,” though the National Security Agency has acknowledged it inadvertently collects information on some Americans without a warrant in the name of national security. FISA, in other words, is not a tool for combating domestic terrorism but it has been used in the post-September 11th era to gather data on Americans.

“In addition to the FISA court, there is a second secret judicial panel called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review whose responsibility to oversee and review the decisions made by the FISA court. The Court of Review, like the FISA court, is seated in Washington, D.C. But it is made up of only three judges from the federal district court or appeals court.” Tom Murse

FBI Director Wray is appearing before Congress looking to renew FISA as it is necessary to keep America safe, says he. Joe Obiden has opened the Borders and allowed some 11 to 15 million illegal aliens, unabetted, into your country. Hundreds of thousands are on various Terror Watch Lists, wanted criminal, degenerates, and more. Millions are male, lone wolf, fighting age Chinese and Islamic Muslims. What did you do about them? They shouldn’t be hard to find. Just check out some of +/-50 encampments Obama is in Binghamton NY...I drove by it... some 10 years ago!

Well Mr. Director, I don’t think FISA should be renewed least not until all those who signed the very first FISA warrant on Carter Page are brought to justice. That started a major Election Interference Case.. that’s an FBI Violation, or was!

“With” the FISA act and all its abuses, to get Trump and others, China is staged to attack America, right NOW, today, with devastating force (nuclear EMP). Either the FISA Act didn’t work, wasn’t corrupted enough, or the FBI, CIA, NSA ,etc. failed in their duties...which is it...Mr. Director?

Here’s another tidbit, the entire reason for the FISA Act, is to protect unlawful eavesdropping on US Citizens. That’s tough to do when scoundrels like Clapper and Brennan, Heads of our top Intel Agency’s, lie under oath to Congress when asked if they have ever illegally surveilled US citizens. They both said NO and then withdrew that NO with a YES, after the statute of limitations ran out.

That doesn’t make them safe if an experienced prosecutor like Rudy and an FBI Agent like me were to open a RICO case on the entire Obama and Biden administrations. That would extend the statue to 11 years from any single member of the Racketeer Organization committing just one more predicate act!

The FISA abuses I will relate are a big part of the reasons China is armed up to attack us at anytime. If these abuses by former FBI Director Comey and others I will name, were prevented ...Xi would not be ready to attack. I say that because had those abuses been prosecuted, as this writer put pen to, when it was going on/happening...Donald Trump would have been President for the past 4 years and Xi would not dare do the things Obiden (Obama) allowed.

That’s why I placed this FISA article in the Environment section. The answer is simple ...the Obiden and Obama administrations, which are almost identical ...STINK of RICO predicate Crimes...the abuses by the people who are supposed to protect citizens, STINK so bad that a Clean Air case should be opened as well. The FISA abuses before and during and after the 2016 Presidential Election are so egregious, so blatant, so illegal and so well known by those who participated in the abuses...they should all be in jail right now.

But they are not! Why? None have even been investigated. How I know that is because the illegal acts are so blatant, a blind investigator could make the cases!

Director Wray, problem is you listened to McCabe and Strzok and probably Comey...big mistakes and then to the other unqualified Agents around you. For example allowing SWAT teams go on searches for no reason. When questioned about that you said you allowed the Agents on the street to make those decisions...another mistake...they are no more experienced than the others on criminal investigations than McCabe and Strzok ...they were Security Agents, as we called them! That’s not their fault that they didn’t work criminal cases...the FBI doesn’t work criminal cases...not since 9/11! Bank Robbery, Interstate Theft, Escaped Federal Prisoner, Kidnapping, Unlawful Flight To Avoid Prosecution (UFAP), Armored Car Robberies, I worked several, great experience cases.

Here’s the problem with the FBI in a few short sentences. The FBI was a Crime Fighting Agency. We made our reputation fighting crimes, fighting subjects who resist arrest, arrest warrants, search warrants, wire taps, under cover operations...NOT hunter gather. If you don’t investigate crimes you’ll never be an investigator, if you don’t practice shooting a gun, you will never know how. If you don’t make arrests, you will never know how to or when to use the SWAT teams...they are not for show!

I made 57 arrests my last year on the NY Bank Squad in NY and a few others on my squad were right up there as well. No SWAT, most subjects were armed, many fought, ran, a few shot at us...we had 500 BRs a year and solved some 70%. That’s a lot of that to todays’ Agent. Criminal Agents solved the first and second Twin Towers. Criminal Agents solved the OKC Bombing; I worked that case and changed the Title from UNSUB to TIM MCVEIGH. You need major changes starting with back to Criminal Title 18 cases...period.

You must take back Criminal Violations, Fugitive cases or you will NEVER get the real FBI back!

It’s that simple.

Back to why we should not trust Agents to have a FISA court to go to, to sign warrants without the same evidence as the Title 3 requires. What happens is the Strzoks and McCabes are made. We would NEVER hide evidence in a desk, fail to leave an Inventory Sheet on a search Warrant search, never stop a subject who was the subject but not under arrest, from viewing the search, It’s a felony! That’s the 4th Amendment. Like I said it takes work, experience, arrests, searches. You cannot expect an Agent whose whole squad did 1 search warrant last year and no arrests, to know a damn thing about Rule 41 or any other Rules. SWAT teams attack...conduct raids and dangerous assignment. It degrades the integrity of the FBI to allow freaking CNN to go through the door with the team...I still can’t believe that one!

Around October 2015 the FISA court mandated all Agency Heads requesting a Search Warrant (wire tap) must approve in writing on the application. Around that time the first Carter Page FISA Warrant was issued. Some of those who signed were James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok Lisa Page, DOJ Rosenstein and others. They all signed swearing that the information is true, correct, to the best of their ability and any exculpatory evidence is included. In January 2016 in an interview with Trump, Comey was asked by Trump about the Steele Dossier and Comey replied it was ,”Salacious and unverified”. That being true, then Comey knew when he and all the others signed that Carter Page warrant... that the Steele Dossier was, “Salacious and unverified”.

That Dossier was the principle evidence for that warrant. Without warrant. AND the Dossier was solicited by Hillary Clinton, Candidate for President, paid for by her, as she owned the DNC and approved all payments, personally, by signed contract. The Fusion GPS business created the Dossier which was debunked in court as fabricated. That became the poison tree and ALL the search warrants, thereafter are illegal, my opinion. None of those signers should have signed, starting with Comey.

That incriminates all those who signed. Making all those signors culpable both Civil as well as Criminal, for violation of the 4th, 5th, 14th Amendments and a host of Title 18 charges related to more felonies than I can name.

So Mr. FBI Director, none of those felons went to jail, and because of all the Russia fabricated nonsense, Strzok, McCabe, Comey and other lies told by other unreliable players like Brennan and Clapper, who both admitted they lied about eaves dropping citizens...was President Trump one of them?

Director Wray...arrest AG Garland for Criminal Negligence for Failure to enforce our Laws starting with Immigration and Naturalization laws, then petition for the removal of Obiden from the Presidency under the 25th Amendment before China strikes.