by J. Gary DiLaura

 Why in the world would you jump into a tub of boiling oil when you are leading in all honest polls, nationwide? What you should be doing is forming Audit Committees, NATIONWIDE, to keep the voting venues honest. How? By doing audits comparing the paper ballots cast to the Dominion Tapes. Equal numbers for both Dems and Republicans. When discrepancies are found, the auditors must shut down the machine involved and keep the cast ballots separate, both of which are now evidence and must be sealed. The FBI was responsible for investigating voter fraud when I was an Agent, and I don’t recall ever running into fraud at any of the voting venues. Those were paper ballot times and worked well ...but that would have been some 40 years ago. I don’t believe we cannot find and pay auditors, train them, and swear them in to keep the venues honest. Nonsense, like what was pulled in Georgia with phony reasons to send everybody home for broken water pipes, should have been investigated and those responsible charged with Election Interference.

You, Mr. President, are entering a trap that you will not survive, as you will not be allowed to all. They will shut you down every time you speak using ways you can’t think of to make you look foolish and use the time for Obiden to “gibberate” (that’s my new word for Obiden) ...he “gibberates”!

In order to bring out any points, you will have to start every sentence, especially to Obiden, with a question.

For example ...Joe, when did you and Obama work out the details on how to cheat in the last election? Which individual on Obama’s old staff do you rely on the most? When was it you first started working with Xi to work out their plans to take over America? Is it true that you sent three carrier groups to Israel; is that a diversion?

Make your responses to Joe fast without hesitation and make everyone a trap. For example, do you still have hidden money in the Cayman Islands? Are there better places to hide your money? When you do away with the US Dollar, where will you hide your money?

Do you still believe you won’t be charged with Treason for Aiding China, our enemy? What are your best holdings in China? Is Hunter still your bag man?

My advice to you Mr. President is:

1. Don’t do it...nothing good for you can possibly come out of this trap.
2. You are ahead. Don’t F it up by taking on an unranked contender Dipstick Joe Obiden... who is not a contender you have to beat...just get MONITORS in all the voting venues!
3. Refer to Hussein Obama as Hussein, and every chance you get, find a way to get him to tell how oft en he uses “your staff ” to pass your orders!
4. Ask him whose idea it was to open the Borders?
5. Whose idea was it to stop drilling for our God given oil?

Mr. President, I wish you would make a demand, not covered, and when they say No, you say see debate!