by J. Gary DiLaura

We gave it the old college try to generate enough business to survive the off-season, however, we did not expect the poor IN-SEASON. The “un-recovery” that is going on in Fort Myers for a multitude of reasons...the reconstruction, just wasn’t there! Therefore, the people weren’t there...it’s that simple. Santini Plaza, condos on the beach, homes all over the beach, Charley’s Steak House...and much more. Gone... probably forever...but we hope not! You’ll be able to find us online at sunbaypaper.com.

We will not do a print edition of the paper this off-season for that very reason...no businesses to advertise EXCEPT Margaritaville...and they are NOT sharing their success... with anybody!

One gas station open ...on the Island!

When one project flourishes and all the others disappear, there has to be a reason. I know what it is! MONEY! Maybe too much for one and not enough for the others. Well... who controls the money for the Island? Who made that dumb ass deal? How much was FMB paid for giving away the biggest money-making part of the Island?

Don’t get me wrong...we are glad someone is making it. We’re just sad that nobody on the Board had the brains to structure the project so it would benefit the entire Island instead of just one person!

When you find out...fire him/her/them and hold them accountable. The problem with what the Democraps have done to this country (just in case you didn’t get the memo, Hussein Obama has been running the country), is they allow crime to go unpunished. Why? I’ve told you why and will again! Hussein Obama...he and he alone is responsible, MY OPINION!

Let’s start at the top... 2 Professors at Columbia U taught Hussein how to “fundamentally change America” from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist, Islamic, Communist nation... they are Cloward and Piven. They even wrote the book...sort of DIY! Hussein followed their book to a T. Open the borders and flood the country allowing everybody in so that they bankrupt our social systems... spend, spend, spend on everything and anything. Let criminals out of jail, disrupt and create chaos, cut off their electric power, cut off their fuel supply ...then declare Martial Law and the Ayatollah Hussein Obama will come to the rescue. Does any part of that sound familiar? If it doesn’t, you better pull your head out of that dark place you have it stuck!

China currently has the USA surrounded with hundreds of thousands of regular, heavily armed soldiers...from the East Coast to the Caribbean to Mexico, the West Coast spread around the US and even our ally, Canada, with Russian and Chinese troops training in Canada’s northwest corner. Hussein allowed China to BUY 80% of all our ports, East and West Coast, as well as millions of acres of farmland to control food supply by...NOT FARMING. Who buys millions of acres of farmland but doesn’t farm 1 acre!? China...that’s who! China replaced the loading and unloading cranes on BOTH coasts... booby trapped them to be remote controlled and self-destructed. In my humble opinion, Hussein, through Howdy Doody (Obiden), has pulled the biggest acts of Treason, Sedition, Espionage and Fraud the world has ever known.

Three of our Aircraft Carrier Groups have been and are diverted thousands of miles away from US waters thanks to Hussein/ Obiden allowing Russia to create a diversion...so who/what is protecting America, Joe you dumb SOB?! All your Intel Agencies, with FBI Director Wray the most recent, last week, have told you that China IS staged to attack America and not with balloons fitted with cameras!! They are threatening an EMP attack FIRST...ask Hussein what an EMP is!

If you lose all power ...grab your gun, food and family and take cover in that “go to place” you have. If you don’t have one...it could be your home, but plan on defending it!

Obiden, you know, the guy who is too senile to defend himself in court but is just perfect to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CEO of the biggest corporation in the world, America, and carries around the Atom Bomb Suitcase...just in case! OMG!

Every single thing those scoundrels do is to make America an Islamic, Sharia Nation to be run by Ayatollah Obama. We were energy independent, President Trump had industry returning to the USA, the border was under control, there was no war, just the same old Islam trying to take over everything...nothing President Trump couldn’t handle! Then a moron who was interested in making money...the thing he loves more than life itself... Obiden...of course...with a promise from Hussein to keep him propped up even if he is dead ... Joe was off to the races cutting deals with every crooked nation, every Enemy that would listen to his gibberish! In my opinion Obama told Obiden to take care of China and allow them access to whatever they want...surveillance balloons...to take pictures of our missile defense sites, allow China access to our utilities, “ to see that they’re secure” to sneak fighting soldiers into the US illegally and hide, and if they can’t, then send planes to Mexico, Venezuela and pick them up and spread them throughout the US... until it’s TIME!

Did you know that not even the President of the United States can allow aliens to enter our country ILLEGALLY? He can stop anybody from entering BUT he CANNOT break the law. Not allowing ICE, BORDER PATROL, INS, CUSTOMS from doing their jobs by enforcing our laws are felonies and then some!!!! The Attorney General’s criminal negligence, misprision of felonies, Treason, Espionage, Sedition, “High crimes and Misdemeanors” are all against the law...Mr. AG??! Un-fortunately, being as smart as carp is not a crime. Why hasn’t Obiden removed AG Garland...because he is doing exactly what Hussein told Obiden’s staff, which told Obiden, what to do !!!