Keep Lee County Beautiful Presents Community Champion Award to FMB Chamber President Jacki Liszak

by Richard Luthmann

Tisha Bayne, Communications & Special Events Manager for Keep Lee County Beautiful (KLCB), recently honored Jacki Liszak with the Community Champion Award. Liszak is the President of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce and a dedicated volunteer board member for KLCB. The award ceremony highlighted her significant community contributions and role in promoting environmental initiatives.

Founded in February 1990, Keep Lee County Beautiful is a national Keep America Beautiful, Inc. certified affiliate. The organization was created by community leaders from both the public and private sectors and focuses on enhancing the environment primarily through litter prevention, waste reduction, and community education. KLCB holds a 501(C)(3) nonprofit status and operates within Lee County, Florida. The organization has been a local force in environmental advocacy and community improvement.

Under the governance of a volunteer board consisting of 18 directors and a 5-member advisory board, KLCB works across various sectors, including labor, government, and business. These members represent a broad spectrum of environmental, civic, and professional groups, reflecting the organization’s wide-reaching efforts to foster a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable community.

At the award presentation, Bayne highlighted the importance of dedicated volunteers like Liszak. “Her tireless eff orts and leadership within the chamber and our orga-nization signifi cantly contribute to our mission,” Bayne noted. This sentiment echoes KLCB’s focus on fostering a collaborative environ-ment where community members can actively participate in making Lee County a better place.
KLCB is recognized for employing the three “E’s” of community engagement: Education, Environment, and Events. This approach integrates educa-tional initiatives with environmen-tal stewardship and community events, creating a holistic eff ort toward sustainable community development.
The organization off ers
a wide range of service projects suitable for all ages, encouraging volunteers from various back-grounds to contribute to their community. These projects address immediate environmental concerns such as litter and waste and aim to instill a long-term commitment to environmental stewardship among participants.
Jacki Liszak’s award from KLCB underscores her commit-ment to these ideals. Her dual role as a business leader and environ-mental advocate allows her to uniquely bridge the gap between economic and environmental inter-ests in Fort Myers Beach. Under her leadership, the Chamber of Commerce has actively participat-ed in numerous KLCB events and initiatives, amplifying their impact throughout the community.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofi t, Keep Lee County Beautiful re-lies heavily on local support and donations. All proceeds from their activities are reinvested into the community, underscoring their commitment to local impact. Com-munity members are encouraged to support KLCB through donations, event sponsorships, memberships, or volunteerism.
For those interested in contributing to the cause or seeking more information, KLCB can be contacted through their offi ce at PO Box 9244, Fort Myers, FL 33902-9244, via phone at (239) 334-3488, or through their website at www. Engaging with KLCB provides a unique opportunity for residents to signifi cantly impact their community.